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More birds

Meet photographer Brian Waterman https://www.instagram.com/bird_bri/ There have been so many birds signing in the woodlands it has been a treat to meet up with Brian who has graciously shared photos with us. He has a wonderful selection of birds for you to explore and enjoy, I have a few favourites that I will use from time to time because he has captured the personality of the birds that I’m drawn too. Right now the leaves are filling out so quickly, I hear the birds but I don’t see them. I appreciate Brian’s patience and his ability to find and “catch” the beauties. Check out his Instagram, make sure you have time to doddle, you’ll love what you find,

Cherish this moment, this time, this day. People keep growing as time goes on. Cherish your self expression.

Perfect Liberty 2023.30

heat in the 80’s

No taking a morning break, the destroyed bench is gone, but another has not appeared, when we get to the section of the boardwalk we are met with pylons.

With the pending heat of the day, even the ducks are retreating to find a place to chill.

Others are taking it all in stride. Enjoying the day come what may. That will be my focus for the day, start slow and simply let the moments flow one into the other. I’ll head out now while the morning is still fresh. Have a chill day everyone!

Put Makoto even into small things. Don’t let things go with “oh well”. You will have a different outcome if you put Makoto into everything you do. (sincerity)

Perfect Liberty 2023.27

Friday 26th.

Which path to take… I’m learning from the turkeys… at first .. I was ” pleased” .. yes that would be the word … they charmed me by coming to eat when they saw me.. now I’m spending more time with them, I am learning, it is their world, and they really do have their own way of navigating the woodlands and surrounding fields. I am humbled that they accept to interact with me when they do. I stay on the paths, while they get to roam free under the overgrown or tumbled over branches and vegetation. Their stamina and ability to travel great distances in short periods of time is teaching me (reminding me) to focus and be in the moment. Live it.. appreciate the moment and move on.

I am a visitor in their world.

Smiles are the world’s treasure. If you smile more, there will be more smiles in the world. Be one of those who makes more smiles

Perfect Liberty 2023.26

Yesterday I really felt that I should make more of an effort to be like the turkeys .. I should walk the trail enjoying the walk, not focus on getting the walk done … Looking at the trail is not walking it.

new beginnigs

Sitting out in the sunshine yesterday, I marveled at how in just a few days the trees had doubled their foliage, even the magnolia seemed happy in her spring frock of pink/purple blooms. The long week-end just past, traditionally is when the gardeners plant get their summer gardens going, but this year, due to the frost warnings still in effect (overnight).. I heard many are waiting for another week or two for the warmer weather to really take hold.

For me, sitting out on my deck… it was wonderful, cool enough there were NO biting insects.. my guests and I could simply sit and enjoy the sun’s warm rays and the clear sky. I did see the pollen flying about, I’m sure allergy suffers are having to cope. Sending out healing vibes and a happy wave to all.

Today’s calendar

Being asked for a favour is a chance. When someone asks for a favour from you, this is a chance for you to help others. Face the chance proactively,

Perfect Liberty 2023. 23

” Making memories with you, is my favourite thing to do” I found this small card on my studio work table a left over from a card making project I had. I love the thought, and was going to send it to a special friend… then.. the thought came to me that the saying made me smile and think of YOU… so I am posting it here so anyone finding it, and enjoying the sentiment… can share it too.

I feel so blessed, sharing with you over the years… you are locate in far off places some just minutes away, others oceans away, yet… you are all part of the community that I am blessed to have in my life. thank YOU!!

Photos above.. Shirley Keen, NZ.

Wed. 17th.

The magnolia is trying, it really is… the up and down temperatures, the aging of the tree, and the lack of proper nutrition in the soil… It is doing the best it can. the blooms come and seldom last more than a day or two…

The ducks are happily regrouping on the water, and along the shores.. they are loving the sunshine and the feeling of the fresh spring breezes ruffling t heir feathers. There is promise in the air.

The path to achievement is “TO START WITH WHAT YOU AN DO” Try to find out what you can do towards challenges in your own situation. This will pave the way for achievement.

Perfect Liberty 2023.17

Mid week everyone… have a productive and happy day!

16 May

Work happily with good Rhythm. If you take on your ta sks willingly, you will enjoy the task and you may even be rewarded with a more positive outcome.

Perfect Liberty 2017.14
Photo Chantal L.

This is Tulip season here in the Nation’s Capital. Aren’t they beautiful. the tulip festival is celebrated every year with an amazing display of tulips that come from the Nederland’s. All over the city, you can see tulips in the parks and in gardens.

Make the best use of materials and money. You can do different things as materials and money play their roles. How to make them work is important.

Perfect Liberty 2023.16


life is

Enjoy what happens. People who can enjoy anything happening to them receive wisdom for the next step. try to work on things without being overly concerned.

Perfect Liberty 2023.10

crazy antics

Good morning dear friends… It is a sunny day in the woods, and the little squirrels are up to their usual mischief. This little one, is determined to show me her skills and determination at getting at the bits of suet she can get at. We have an ongoing conversation, with her ignoring me most of the time, she no longer natters at me but she does come right up to me and give me the twinkle tease.. in other words . . I can almost hear her saying.. “OK watch, I’m going run up the tree, I saw what you just did” and then she whips around and dashes up the tree on the back side of it only to show up in seconds hanging from the suet feeder. She IS funny, she could just run up the tree and do her thing, but no she actually comes over to where I’m standing leaning against my car… looks up at me and then dashes off to show me her “stunt”.

The location is on NCC (National Capital commission) land, and maintained by the NCC staff and their contractors. The wildlife in the area is protected, much of the land is conservation land.

Not so for the shameful display I’m going to post next.. please skip over if you are sensitive to trash and misuse of public space.

Disgusting, you bet.. .. I found out yesterday by speaking to personnel on the other side of a fenced off area (the tracks are actually in use by VIA rail), trains go by daily for passengers to see this eye sore. I was also informed that the city has been called with complaints numerous times..to no avail.

Today’s calendar…

Perception is important. Take immediate action once you suddenly perceive. You might discover something important in what you perceive.

Perfect Liberty 2023.9

How many people are turning a blind eye to what is happening in this small area of the city. (Not far from the airport, and in an area that is very much travelled daily by commuters) Would you care if this was happening near you? These pictures are not made up, they were taken yesterday morning. This is minutes away from a public beach and park one of the city’s tourist picture post card areas. yes, really.

PL Precept #15 All is Mirror

could this happen near you?

Who is responsible, the city of ottawa… ??? our mayor is Mark Sutcliffe for anyone interested.


Photographer – Matt Benson – Instagram https://www.instagram.com/matthewjohnbenson/

Under the clearest of blue skies yesterday, I had the pleasure of meeting a new photographer, we were standing on a lookout watching beavers sleeping in the sun. So unusual to find two beavers, happily having their morning siesta on a big comfy nest they had made for themselves. They were totally undisturbed by the humans who were standing feet away from them (separated by 10 – 20 ft. of water.)

Matt had his camera at the ready and got this great shot of the beaver when she/he turned over to do a bit of grooming. (Matt’s Instagram link is above) The other beaver had a different shade of colouring they were such an adorable sight.

I am often asked why I get up every morning and head out into the “world” to spend time with the wildlife and various other “wanderers” like myself. It is because I am blessed when I do with meeting and interacting with wonderful like minded humans who enjoy nature and follow their dreams/instincts and roam and explore the world around us.

I saw my first red fox yesterday, I was off on a side road looking for more rocks for my rock garden I am working on… when I saw a movement at the side of the road, I slowed to a crawl, et voila, out came a beautiful little fox. She/he was out for a morning stroll.The car now stopped, I waited and watched as it ran across in front of me and then slowed to sit by the fence of the business it was now in front of. We casually looked at one another…. it was very early barely 7 a.m. I tried talking to it… not understanding a word I was saying, it decided i was not worth spending more time on and moved on.

The encounter made me feel good tho’… I had seen my first fox of the year. I have known them to be around when I am walking the trails, but this was my first sighting. Then to later come across the beavers sun bathing… well … it was a good day. Add to it I heard Matt telling another photographer about the picture he got of the bird taking off.. (I asked to see it too… seeing it I knew I wanted to share it with you all..) I had such a sense of freedom … the sun, the drive, new sights, sounds and people, It was a feel good moment, the bird taking flight was a great visual.

Today’s calendar…

Give importance to listening, looking, thinking, doing and speaking. Look and listen carefully before making a judgement. Assumptions and hasty conclusions can lead to misunderstandings.

Perfect Liberty 2023. 7

Have a great day today everyone. remember… PL Precept #1 Life is Art!

what ?

Black billed cuckoo

I was searching for the the Northern Flicker, it was persistent with its calls, It wouldn’t let up, the Blue jays, Chickadees even the red winged blackbirds were having something to say, after all, finally a morning of sunshine and no rain. A white throated sparrow joined in along with a Snow goose.. I was wandering, listening and searching through the tree tops for the flicker when another voice joined the cacophy of sound. my reader told me it was a red tailed hawk, this had me really searching the trees. AND then I saw that in all the singing there was a black billed cuckoo joining us.

The purple finch, the house sparrows, evening grosbeaks, yes.. I had a lot of company, but the black billed cuckoo, that was totally new to me.. I began my search in earnest. Alas.. except for a flash of movement and a receding tail end…. (without my Nikon or binoculars) I was doomed to listening. I’m off again this morning with the binoculars this time… to see if it is still there.

I spent over an hour at one site, clearing dead branches and preparing the area for next fall. I needed to get some clearing in .. the new growth once it starts will be strong …. the rain has kept this season a little behind. My Magnolia I saw yesterday … is not enjoying this start to the season. I saw few buds, I hope it pulls through.

If you are wondering, I use a sound recorder, The Cornell lab, Merlin .. I have the ap on my cell phone. It has helped me a lot.. it is very educational.

Make happiness with willingness. People who like to make an effort can enjoy anything. those who spare no effort for anything and anyone know the joy of making art. make an effort with willingness.

Perfect Liberty 2023. 6

observation. I spent over an hour clearing dead branches, fallen logs, etc in a public area, a nature trail, yet I can look at a messy counter in my kitchen and not do dishes till I’m good and ready. when I got home I even got real comfy and lay outside in a new deck chair watching the buds slowly drink in what was left of the afternoon sunshine. A lazy ME moment. Keeper joined me (female whippet)…. the mood and moment carried on into the evening. I call it turning off. Do you do this from time to time? Its healthy for us!

Northern Flicker has been dropping in now and then.. There is something about this woodpecker that makes it adorable. but then I’m a woodpecker “fan”… however, I now know from its calls yesterday… it can be very vocal.

bird images today were from the internet

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