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April 11.

It is all about the ice, the ice … it is all about the ice, the ice.

It can be so decorative, so beautiful, just a pain to drive or try to walk on.

You ever wondered .. or asked yourself… how come you can never see your head, (only through a mirror)? or how you look from the back when you are walking away.?

The past leads to now and now leads to the future. Life is an accumulation of moments … cherish each one.

Perfect Liberty 2021.11

Sandhill Crane, heard my first one yesterday at Mer Bleue.


Sunday 29th.

Heavy snow made it hard to see much, I basically decided it would be best to not attempt too much driving. When I left snow was falling lightly, but by the time I was back where the crows were, it was falling heavily.. temperatures were such that ice formed on the windshield blades.. and crusted on the windows making it hard to see.. the wipers left big crushed ice arcs just where I needed to see the road ahead. I had my Nikon today, didn’t do me much good tho’ you can see the snow was falling so heavily it was like trying to get their picture through a shower curtain of wet sticky snow.

The crows on my second visit waiting patiently for me to get out of their way.. they saw where the food landed, circled the area, but waited.

I did get pictures of the grosbeaks but… they were too blurred or distorted… I erased them. There was a whole host of the smaller birds (finch) that look like smaller evening grosbeaks today, they were all over the area grabbing up what they could. In fact, at both P23 and P22 it was the smaller birds that took over the diners.. they simply dived down and began to clean up. The doves and the squirrels stayed out of their way. It was interesting. The pesky little squirrels stayed clear of where the ground feeders were.

A couple of the little red squirrels are no longer really afraid of me, in fact, they like to tease me… waiting till I’m almost at them.. then lifting their little chins and giving me a little chirp before moving away only to wait for me to move on.. their little eyes watching me.. I swear sometimes I think they giggle.

The roads are messy, if you are tempted to go out… be careful.

PL Precept # 20 Live maintaining equilibrium between mind and matter
PL Precept # 7 Everything exists in relativity

Just because you can … doesn’t mean you need to!

breakfast companions

this little guy came for breakfast at Dewberry
fox sparrow -? @ Mer Bleue
taken today with new camera
same area with old camera (different time and day)

“To do” or “not to do” There is only one way. Although we may have many choices in front of us, in the end we must all make a single decision. Once you have made up your mind, move forward without hesitation.

Perfect Liberty 2012.20

traded Canon and my Nikon in for a newer Nikon -=^_^=



Everywhere one looks today, you can visually see that the seasons are changing. Summer has begun its departure, the colours of fall are slowly taking over. The air is fresher and cooler especially in the mornings and evenings.

Let’s respond clearly. Giving a proper response shows consideration towards others.

Perfect Liberty 2021.27


Multitasking reduces your joy by half. when doing something give it your all. There is joy in everything.

Perfect Liberty 2021.23

Watching the ducks lazily bob along yesterday, was a reminder that there is no need to always “be busy”. They took their time, they would drift along, letting the current take them, then shift slightly to grab another little wave, they were focused like the families of geese on land, on just enjoying the day.

A good reminder to me, I need not rush around doing, I can just take my time and enjoy the day/afternoon/evening.

Love is unconditional

Being and end each day with a prayer and love in your heart

thanksgiving – appreciation

roots – family -life

Express your appreciation with enthusiasm. appreciation is the driving force for progress and development.

Perfect Liberty 2021.21

I am an abstract artist, I love texture, form, and how everything in life intertwines, when I paint, I enjoy working with acrylic and other materials that I can sculpt as well as shape, with whatever tool I am working with. Life is a series of exchanges with other people and energies I meet along the way and during the day. When I engage I listen with every fiber of my being. I drink in all that is presented to me. Challenges are opportunities… I absorb and digest and later, I reflect and meditate. The world is dynamic and ever changing, sometimes there is just too much activity, and it is only hours or days later when something will reappear in my “preview” window …

This morning reading another blogger’s sharing, I saw his wonderful capture of birds he’d posted.. the yellow reminded me that while I was walking yesterday in what I termed mosquito alley, a bird flew past me, it was a hit and run, it came out of the wooded area, across my path just over my head and into the trees on the other side, it happened in seconds. What struck me was that it appeared to be dark with yellow under its wings. It all happened so fast. Not the dark ” orange” of a robin more of a ripening banana. With all that happened with the rest of my day, I lost that moment, thanks Tim for bringing it back to me.

They had their appointments with the Vet yesterday, with social distancing, they get to go in for their check up, parent gets to stay in car in parking lot, or go home till you are called to come pick them up. Velcro is 13, I expected I would get a call about his growths, his teeth, his over all condition.. but I wasn’t ready for a call about Keeper’s condition. She had a bit of a procedure, requiring a sedative be used.. (unexpected) her heart has a murmur that should be monitored, and her thyroid had enlarged, she needs to go back on medication, which will be ongoing etc. Dr. M did her first, so I had all he had to say about her health to take in, when I got a second call about Velcro.. not only is his hearing going, he has cataracts that have progressed to approx. 50%. So much to take in. It was overwhelming.

NOW here is where you come in…. if any one has had experience or know of what I’m going to say next, I would appreciate hearing from you. The Vet wants to put Velcro on an eye drop that has had very good results in stopping further growth and in some cases, creating shrinkage of the cataracts. In one case (his personal experience with another client) the cataract disappeared completely. Taken back, I asked how come if there was such a medication it wasn’t used with humans…. he replied that it is not approved in Canada, but is used in other countries. The cost on top of everything else was not something I could do yesterday, and I wanted to ask for opinions??????

I did call my wonderful breeder friends, (where both Velcro and Keeper come from) and they will also look into this for me.. Is anyone, out there got information to share with me on this subject?

I am headed for the church this morning, and I will pray for guidance – I love and appreciate the blessing of having these two precious energies in my life… last night we were all exhausted from the days events. It was an early night!

It is Friday everyone… in Canada we are heading into a long week-end. The garden centers are open, this is the time when everyone would be opening up their cottages, here in the city we would be sprucing up our gardens, temperatures are going into the 80’s.. and here we will have high humidity to go with it.. groan.. lots of inside for me. I wilt in the heat.

be safe, be happy!

Church service on Sunday 10: a.m.


Mr. Grump

When I first met Mr. Grump, I was struck with the thought that had I had a pencil I would have drawn a smile on his face.. of course I could not, and would not do that, that would be like writing on someone’s walls, or walking up to someone and putting a happy face on their forehead. Mr. Grump had that look that said, I need a hug. Humans as we mature, are much better at hiding when we/they need a hug. and… of course these days, hugs are hard to come by.

Do everything willingly and joyfully.. your upbeat attitude will make things more cheerful and enjoyable.

Perfect Liberty 2021.18

Discover the joy of transforming yourself. When you realize how much you have changed for the better, it fills you with true happiness. Strive each day to improve yourself.

Perfect Liberty 2014.8

Vida e arte Life is Art Vida es Arte.

the moment comes around only once.

what did I find today?

I walked past this area not that long ago, and never saw these remains, I would have been just feet away. I saw a path I had taken before, saw that there was a veering off to the left, I took that, last time I stayed on the right. Hello.. at first I wasn’t sure that my eyes were seeing what I thought were remains, but as I looked more closely, I knew it was the remains of ??. At first I only saw a few bones, but when I looked around I discovered the rest of them. I did look for more, but this is what I found today. The bones were well bleached and very light.. so I suspect they have been there for awhile.

My mission today was to look for moose scat (poop).. I did find droppings, but not like I saw the other day (when I didn’t take a picture. .$%^ horseradish#$# these droppings are different and not the same colour …

Was out there early, but not the first, I had a chat with the chap who was already back from his “hike”. he has seen at least 4 moose along the road I was going to explore over the last years. He is a regular, and happy to tell me about his discoveries, the area I was in the other day is where he came across a mid size black bear. (when it was up on his hind feet, it was about his height)… I forgot if he told me when that was.. sigh.. I was more intent on finding out if he had seen any moose scat during his morning walk. No he had not.. just dragon flies.

PL Precept # 1 life is art

yes there were a lot of mosquitos, they got worse as the sun began to warm things up.

If you know what that scat is that was found today, don’t be shy, even if its a guess.. I can look it up..

return to P23

I knew it was time to head back to the car when the mosquito repellent was loosing its effectiveness.

when the sun is in the right place, and the reflections in the water are crystal clear

A cheerful smile and expression makes everyone around you happy. When you do everything with a smile, not only you but the people around you will feel good. Always remember to put on a happy face.

Perfect Liberty 2014.15
till soon

new adventure

today I’m going back to meet up with a wildlife nature photographer who has a new idea for capturing what our forest friends are up to. He has invited me to join him to show me what he has been up to.. yeah! except I’ll have to cope with the mosquitos, Eliza has thoughtfully offered up what she uses… guess who is going to pause here to see if the product can be found here. We are on lock down, only essentials are open. fingers crossed.. (note to self, save to draft)

Perceiving equals doing. Each time you notice something, it is a gift from God. don’t miss the opportunity to act.

Perfect Liberty 2021.15


every day is a new beginning
  1. the OFF worked.. Thanks Eliza
  2. no wild life nature photographer was harmed in the making of this blog =^_^=

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