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Alone, adrift, lazily following the current, ….. no…. if I were to pan out you would see my companions and fellow nature lovers…. we are all ONE, sometimes we need only raise our heads and look around.

Don’t let circumstances sway your decision. It does not help to overthink things. sometimes we just need to make up our minds and move forward.

Perfect Liberty 2022.6


It is the moment you wake up and realize it isn’t a dream – there is a camera in your face – you are not alone – someone has intruded into your personal space. Geeesh…

The best timing is when you notice. When you notice something, it is God sending you a message. Act right away so you don’t miss good timing.

Perfect Liberty 2022

Sunday Silence

There is a hush … a quiet that reaches in and stills the restless mind.

No matter how hard you try to foresee the future, you really don’t know how things will turn out. Do your best and see how it plays out. Trust in your instinct, take action without thinking too hard.

Perfect Liberty 2022.4

Thursday door

Life is fragile … a moment comes and goes in the blink of an eye. Today was December 1st. and at the PL church we had a 10 o’clock ceremony (every 1st of the month) where we pray for world Peace and dedicate ourselves to live as peaceful human beings in our own worlds. On the 11th. we have a ceremony to express our gratitude and appreciation for the love and virtues of our ancestors … asking for their protection and guidance so we can continue to live the PL Way.

The church is a building where we come together to pray and share the values and the philosophy of the teachings. Without people it would an empty building, it is the people who come to share in community that makes it a special play to be.

When I come up to and walk through the doors into the church, there is an immediate calm and a sense of “quiet comfort” … the doors our symbolic of “passage”… they are not ornate, but strong& sturdy, their presence give a sense of “security”… when we enter, we pass through from “the outer world” to the “spiritual” world of our true “selves”

To visit and explore the world of doors, please visit Dan’s No Facilities site, where other “door lovers” have posted their door(s) for you to appreciate and enjoy. https://nofacilities.com/2022/12/01/barns-and-news/

Bom dia

Be a messenger of Peace… Always think “for the sake of others and society” and express yourself for the happiness of all people.

Perfect Liberty 2022.1

I did something different…

Aggghhh I did something today that I’ve never done before.. I intentionally climbed over a barrier that was put there to prevent people from going on the boardwalk. I knew the risk.. I was told, the sign was there to protect the people responsible for the conservation area. Anyone who goes beyond the barriers is doing so at their own peril….. the weather has been cold but so far there is no snow and ice on the boardwalk, I had my walking stick… big waterproof boots … and I knew I would be extremely careful.

Can one capture “cold” I tried…the ice is forming on the water, it is still open in some areas… I have walked the trail in the winter before, I’m not sure why they have shut it down this winter. I will enquire. For sure.. I had the place to myself.. only met someone when I was on the trail that leads back to the parking area.

I wanted to be alone. I wanted to experience the quiet and the complete solitude of being in the open space of the bog that would be devoid of other humans. I wanted to hear my own thoughts, to listen to the distant sounds of the world happening around me, but not near me. My wish was granted.

Are you overdoing things? Not only do you harm yourself when you overdo things, but you may be imposing on others as well.

Perfect Liberty 2022.29

I’m late….

Some days we just need more time…Like what is the rush….

Be in tune with the feelings of others. Let’s start by trying to understand other peoples’ feelings.

Perfect Liberty 2022.22

Have a banner day everyone,,, Sit by the banks of a river and watch it flow.… take it slow.. be still


Heron -Japan

These pictures were taken by Mariko Inagaki, the bottom one is of the “holy land” in Japan (PL Peace tower in the background).

Put your heart into your words. Do you tend to speak in just a matter- of -fact tone? It is important to put your heart into your words

Perfect Liberty 2022,19

“When you meet your friend on the roadside or in the market place, let the spirt in you move your lips and direct your tongue ” (the Prophet, Kahlil Gibran)

Nov 18 Evening Grosbeaks

Happiness is … finding that the Evening Grosbeaks have come to dine. I have learned to really appreciate the wonderful talents of photographers like Dan (Dan Cadieux) who can patiently wait in the cold for just the right moment to capture a moment in time that you may or may never see again. Dan’s photos are simply put … awesome.. https://www.instagram.com/dancadphotography/ his photos are works of art… I asked if he could capture part of the group that had gathered to feed.. and he did.. he is a walking “wonder” et voila…. I got this in my morning mail. Brightened the day! Thank you Dan!

Help the people around you smile more. Always strive to make those around you smile. That will bring you joy too.

Perfect Liberty 2022.18

There is a quote from a book called the Prophet “speaking of talking – you talk when you cease to be at peace with your thoughts; and when you can no longer dwell in the solitude of your heart you live in your lips, and sound is a diversion and a pastime. And in much of your talking, thinking is half murdered. For thought is a bird of space, that in a cage of words may indeed unfold its wings but cannot fly” ..(the Prophet, Kahlil Gibran)

Dan also has a website…https://www.dancadphotography.com/blog/

First Snow

There is a quiet that transcends all else when you can stand in the middle of the forest and simply take in the moment. The birds are eating .. they are busy off in the distance, the snow is still falling, you are alone on the trail, everything is fresh and covered in a blanket of white. I love these moments… it was true, roads were a mess, driving wasn’t the best… but.. all of you at one time or another has had such moments where you have simply been awed by nature and her all encompassing beauty.

Start today with a fresh outlook. Even though people and situations may look the same, they are constantly changing. Start each day with a fresh mind.

Perfect Liberty 2022.17


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