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May 13th.

sorry couldn’t resist, it must be the heat…
my walking companion this morning

I see this fallen tree every time I walk the trail at Mer Bleu.. and always I stop and ponder… could I walk across it. I want to try, I’ve looked at the distance I would fall if I lost my balance, not that far a drop, altho’ I am no longer in my twenties.. 30’s even.. so I hesitate. Maybe if I have someone with me when I attempt it… we shall see.

You can only change yourself. Before you start telling peple how they should do things, think of how you can be more flexible.

Perfect Liberty 2022/13

Today was today, how profound is that..!.. tomorrow will be a brand new day…


Thursday fun…

The best timing is when you notice. When you notice something, it is God sending you a message. Act right away so you don’t miss good timing.

Perfect Liberty 2022.5

One never knows what will catch your attention when you are out wandering.


I love this time of year. Today I actually heard the buzzing sound of mosquitos .. we are experiencing warm weather and the next 5, 6, days will be more of the same, actually it is said that this year we will have an unusually warm summer.

Always be cheerful, happy and good humoured. When you make effort to be cheerful and happy, you will naturally begin to feel that way.

Perfect Liberty 2020.12


photo – David M A O’Neill

YOU are the results of your daily efforts. Put your whole heat into everything you do in your daily life. Your true self will shine through.

Perfect Liberty 2022.20


It’s easier to adapt to something when we find it interesting. No matter how enjoyable a situation is, a slight change in our attitude can make it boring. Let’s face any situation with curiosity and enthusiasm.

Perfect Liberty 2022.10


The water is cool, the sun warm,-a contented moment on a lazy day

The best time is when you notice. When you notice something, it is God sending you a message. Act right away so you don’t miss good timing.

Perfect Liberty 2022.5


Unlikely pair to find on my way to the woods. I have to turn off a country road unto another very rural road that leads to one of the conservation area… I drove by the two chickens just sitting on the road (opposite side from the side I was driving).. at first I thought, my eyes were deceiving me.. I stopped looked in the rear view mirror to find two heads turned my way. I backed up. what else could I do.. stopped beside them, turned my flashers on and got out. They watched with interest .. didn’t move… just waited for me to???

I got seed from the back of my car and put it on the other side of them.. hoping to lead them off the road itself. they didn’t hesitate they began pecking and moving to the side of the road. What to do.. I didn’t want to leave them the woods there are full of coyotes and other critters that could do them harm. In the end I did drive to the parking lot and got the phone number for the NCC (National Capital Commission) the land owners … who in turn assured me they would get in touch with someone from the conservation team. And a ranger would come to the rescue… I sure hope they did.

Are you overdoing things? Not only do you harm yourself when you overdo things, but you may be imposing on others as well.

Perfect Liberty 2022.29

New encounters can help you change. BE up for anything even if its out of your comfort zone. This is a chance for you to improve yourself as a human being.

Perfect Liberty 2020.30

btw. no I don’t think the chickens came from somewhere near by.. it is in the woods there are no farms in that area.. it is all protected land. It snowed last night.. there were no tracks in the snow.

For everything there is a reason .. maybe not at the time … will you know why? … but there will be an aha moment when something will “relate”

Till soon..


Friday 25th.

Arrived at an empty parking lot and was greeted by the sound of a busy woodpecker. In the distance I could hear the honking of Canada Geese. I got to the water’s edge in time to see them taking off from an open patch of water on the distant shore. It was cool enough, I tried to find the porcupine that used to bide his time up one of the very old and tall evergreens near by, but if he was there, he was well out of sight.

Use Money and things usefully and enthusiastically. Money and things are materials for self expression. Use them joyfully with appreciation.

Perfect Liberty 2022.25

I came across a video the other night on YouTube… it was a woman talking about her life experiences and how at over the age of 60 – life was different, her thoughts were different and she was offering advice on things that one should never do after the age of 60. Curious I hit play to see what would be so different. She did offer a couple of good suggestions (I only listened for a few minutes) DON’T LIVE IN THE PAST was her first offering, Personally I don’t see this as wisdom to be practiced only after you reach 60. Your thoughts?

Overcast and gloomy here, but.. I don’t care. I’m off to the woods. Till soon.


mid month 15th.

Being silly can be fun

Here we are mid month. If you were asked, if you take life far too seriously, do you know what your answer would be. Just wondering.


Face the speaker, make eye contact and listen carefully. Listening to people is also a form of expression. Listen with Makoto (sincerity)

Perfect Liberty 2022.15

The above picture is of my elder dog making like he is listening to what is being said. It is always interesting to watch how intently he can become aware of something, listen, and then dismiss what he’s heard based on ??? We may smile, but how often in the day do we do the same or a close facsimile of this same behaviour.

Till soon everyone.. have a great day!


Female spent all this past fall and winter on her own with other birds but no other Grosbeaks.

female evening grosbeak being shy

Think of the timing before you say.. “but… ” When stating your opinion, make sure you are being respectful of others’ opinions. Be mindful of this when you speak.

Perfect Liberty 2022.14

How do we know .. myself and another “birder” went every day to where she was.. waited for her to come out of hiding.. and watched until she ate. Then went on our way. We hoped another Grosbeak would come along, spend time with her.. but none came.. I did hear that there was a sighting of a large gathering of Grosbeaks over on the Quebec side across the river from where we were.. but none ventured away from the group.

With the warmer weather, I am wondering if she will eventually move along – so far, she is staying put.. she has done well, still healthy looking and spends her time eating with other “ground” feeders. all smaller birds.. but she seems at ease with them.. Interesting how she has won our hearts – simply by being “herself”… She has become a “little star” for the photographers who are lucky to catch a glimpse of her.



Good Morning, can we adapt, of course we can. Is anything possible, well……. honestly speaking….. yes, but things don’t happen by themselves. The example I often use, is because I bought a vacuum cleaner, a pail and a mop doesn’t mean that I am going to suddenly become a good little domestic. I may have had good intentions when I bought said items.. but if I don’t change my attitude and/or make a sincere effort to change how I feel about doing such “chores” not much will happen except that now I walk around a pretty pink vacuum cleaner that sits waiting to be used, and the cleaners use my mop and pail when they come once a month. See =^_^= … I did find a way to tidy up .. dust, vacuum etc. just not the way I first thought it would get done.

really! me vacuum… geesh at least I did give it the old college try.

Ancestors Day is tomorrow Friday March 11. service at 10: a.m.

to those of you who know me…. some things… are hard to change… I did try.

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