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NH moment

P1000717 (1)

New Hampshire on an early morning walk.  It is May, I’m taking my time enjoying the fresh morning air, not thinking about anything else but the moment.


Only now am  getting to see some of the pictures I took during our time away. A holiday is time for me to wander, some pictures were taken with my Lumix, others with my iPhone.  Slowly I will get to them, for tonight, I wanted to drop in and say hi… I’ve missed you all.  It wasn’t till we were on our way back today that I gave in and bought an Acer Notebook, sorry to all you Apple peeps, I simply can’t work away on an iPad like I can a Windows/PC…

P1000718 (1)

You won’t see a lot of sunshine, just a lot of fresh mountain air, and the fresh new buds of new sprouts. When the windows were open we could hear the crystal clear water cascading down the mountain side through the gorge.  Looking out from out two side windows, all we saw was the drop down to the forest floor.  Already the bears have started to stir, one guest who stayed in one of the back “cabin/rooms” saw a bear wandering in the wooded area, in back of the Inn a few days before we arrived.  We were advised not to let our dogs off leash or unattended.


We did drive down one day into the southern part of NH, where the bigger cities are, we didn’t stay long, a few hours. that was all we needed before we high tailed it back up north into the National Forest area, where we were staying,  Holidays are never long enough, but, we know we will go back, and really, I missed being home, and chatting with you.  Go figure. I love my time with you.  Makes me feel good.  Now I’ll be able to catch up on what you all have been doing.

It is late in the day, but to all the Mother’s out there, Happy Mother’s Day.






Where did Saturday go

Hogs back water 1 (6-5-2016 1-02 PM)

In Ottawa, we have an area we call Hogs Back, no, sorry I don’t know why, it has just always been called that.  On one side of the roadway, the water rushes, tumbles and crashes over rocks, the view and the sounds can be very exhilarating.  Yet the park land around it, is tranquil, peaceful and a joy to experience.


I found this beauty parked just sitting there while driving down the highway.  Obviously I couldn’t just drive by, I wanted a closer look.  Usually when one is drawn to something, there is a reason, for it.

P1000067The owner was not around, I did enquire, so I couldn’t get a story on this particular car, but I did discover that this car and others that I will use over the while, belong, or are in the charge of a company called  The Sports Car Factory (restoration and fabrication)  how cool is that.  Their address and coordinates will be found at the end of this blog.


Old cars/trucks tell a story.  I love finding one, the workmanship, the detail, the lines. they aren’t merely functional, often the car will have its very own story to tell.


What we see, is not always the full story, our eyes focus and see what is before them, we will look around us,  and then settle on the view that is most pleasing to us. When I visit Hogs Back, I tend to walk over to the water, I like to gaze down at the swirling mass of water that is travelling at its own pace,  going along with the pull of nature, to wherever it will lead.  I can’t see beyond the upper layers of cascading foam and liquid motion.  But I know it is there, under the water that I see, lies another world, it is there even though I cannot see it.

The same applies to the cars.  In whatever state I find them, I know that their  sum total is only part of what is there.  So why as a human do I often find myself accepting what appears obvious, but in reality is only 1/2 a story, or one of many possibilities.

There you are, Saturday in part, I have so much to assimilate and discover… the  lens captures one second of the day,  the rest will make its way to the top, sometime, somewhere along the way.

It was a great day

it made room for today


namaste      –       oyashikiri

PL Principle # 3  I will live with a mind of appreciation towards others and things

The Sports Car Factory  ( john@hallville.com )

10489 Kerrs Ridge Rd, Hallville, Ontario


art by Jeremiah Morelli, aka jerry8448

Finding our way in life is always an adventure.  Sometimes it is a mystery and we find ourselves asking the mirror “why? how? what happened?”  Some paths we traveled on have been smooth and well-worn, others if there ever was a road, it had long been reclaimed by nature, and you had to tread carefully and watch for openings in the growth around you to make your way through to find a clearing.  You needed to focus and be present.

art,conceptart and situations, by alexandre chaudret

Today with virtual worlds, gaming and concept art forms, we are taken into wonderful imaginary worlds without leaving the comfort of home.  Still, always, one should be present and aware of all that is happening around us.

art Tung Ngoc on ArtStation at www.artstation.co

If an explorer starts out with preconceived notions and ideas about what lies ahead  he/she will not be open to the wonders that are there to be discovered all along the way.  If you find yourself on a road you’ve not been on before, take it all in,  This is where you are, so enjoy it, discover what there is to learn from the moment and then move on. Every day is a blank canvas

art, found on tumnlr

Where will you go, and what will you discover today?    God bless and keep you safe what-ever your do, 

Namaste      –      Oyashikiri


*artwork by Jeremiah Morelli, aka Jerry8448,Bavaria,Germany

** concept art & situations by Alexandre Chaudret on Behance.net

*** landscape, Tung Ngoc on ArtStation at http://www.artstation.com

**** Pinterest and Tumblr.com



Challenge yourself with New things.

Challenge yourself with New things.

Choose to be loving, positive and affirmative.
Allow yourself to feel and express spontaneously the love of God that dwells within you
Life is interesting, we are always encountering unknown or new situations.
Don’t be afraid of failure, proactively challenge each new situation. Give complete awareness to “Divine” direction.

Realize the perfection that is within you, give expression to it as faith, hope,wisdom and understanding. Know that God is directing you, healing and enriching your life in a myriad of ways.

Claim your freedom by knowing that through God’s spirit within you, you will have the strength and wisdom to live a life where you can proactively meet each new situation with confidence.

Practice being spiritually aware.

In our travels yesterday we discovered this pumpkin farm,  It was unexpected and a delight to explore.  Let  your unique SELF shine through.  Bring colour into your world, enjoy the diversity and challenges life throws our way,Allow your Creativity to radiate the potential that is on stand-by, waiting to be utilized, expresss yourself.  LIFE IS ART…

AND have one of your best days ever. humming “love is in the air” =^_^=   GOOD MORNING everyone!

2013-03-22 9.9.2013 fall is coming 001

photos – local colour -Q

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