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Sunday Greetings!

kayaking,iceEver tried ice kayaking………….. I certainly haven’t, nor had I even heard of it …  There is so much of life beyond  what we know in our own personal  worlds. So much to see, do and explore.  Question begs, do we do them, do we even get up out of our comfort zones and  travel the roads, or are we arm chair travelers.  No answer required, you know the answer in your heart.  Recently I had a “blue” patch, I had a yearning for a good cry, had no idea why.  It just washed over me. To me this is a sign from above, means something is happening in and around me and I’m not reading the clues, I’m missing something.  The Universe has been obviously sending me subtle messages and I’ve been missing them. We all have such ahHA moments.  In our own way, we are faced with a challenge and for some reason, either we follow the same old patterns at dealing with them, or we stumble through the process and really come no closer to resolving the matter.

Tao say, a wise man/woman knows when to stand still.  Go neither forward. or sideways..  stand still, retreat  step or two.. stop. Practice being still.  Pray, meditate.. don’t just do it.. you have to put our whole effort into being still, listening to your inner voice.  Really listen.   Sometimes we reach a point where change is both necessary and timely, but we cling and try to hold on.  Nature is every changing, trying to hold on to something is futile, spring, becomes summer, and summer fades into fall, our lives move forward, whether we want them to or not.   PL Precept. #11   Always be with God.

michigan,Glen arbor, crystal lake by forestladt flickrThe photographer of this picture, managed to show us the fish in the water, and the stillness of the lake/stream…. I’m winter wearing, =^_^= and long for the sounds of spring/summer and fall……  but today is here, and I will embrace what the day has to offer.  Starting with saying my good morning to each and every one of you.  Thank you for sharing this moment with me.  I so appreciate and love each and every one of you.  God Bless…………Oyashikiri    

Remember to smile…                         smilePencil   psst  do you know what fish symbolize?


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