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Thursday Doors 11.2.17

abandoned 7

Hello on Thursday!  This is the door I’ve tried to get to for the last month or so.  I remember when this house was occupied and the welcoming decorations that adorned the door in years past.

I chanced the drive up the long  drive way, but no… there was no  way I could closer or move the brush to take a clear picture of the door.  Such is life, it looks like the homes on the next door lot have also been purchased, and are being left to… waste away as the weather does its work on them.

Eventually  the contractor will come, tear them down,  some new buildings will go in, condos, or another type of multiple family building, with little to no green space for the children to play.  It is happening all over, I’m sure not only in our city.

A door was often a welcoming part of the home, during times of celebrations, or events, they would be  a place to decorate, with festive colours and maybe even a banner. Welcoming guests,  just being plain neighbourly.  People know their neighbours, children played with each other, learned about how each lived.  Learned to respect and enjoy another’s culture if it was different from their own, and even if it was similar, no two families were carbon copies of the other.

My doors today, have had life take over, and are no longer the symbol of welcome they once were.  Please, visit   Norm 2.0 for his blog and a link to other Thursday Doors

Does your door open to new possibilities, on a regular basis?

Every day we are blessed with new opportunities. For a healthy life, it is our responsibility to keep our passage way/doorway  uncluttered.


PL Precept #7  Everything exists in relativity.



Inspiration – ginger or garlic

Inspiration - ginger or garlic

Hmmm ginger or garlic, what has that to do with Inspiration. It is about choices, Garlic is such a wonderful little plant. Not only does it add flavour to food it is healthy for us. The same can be said about ginger, Each one has its own taste, and its own uses (as health benefits) and depending on how it is used, will determine our acceptance of use of it.
Interestingly, both are roots (bulbs) the most known remedies and uses are of the part of the plant that is underground.
When out in the woods, unless you know what you are looking for the wild garlic goes unseen.
If my husband comes into the kitchen while I’m preparing a meal, he reacts to the smell of garlic (in the negative) and it in turn affects his pleasure in the meal when it is served.
IF he does not see me cooking, he enjoys the meal with much more gusto and appreciation.

On the surface, life can be tranquil and peaceful, but when we look, really look, often what we see changes our initial perspective.
All this to say, there are so many layers in life, and often we are only dealing with the top layers.
When Inspiration comes to us, it is because the Universe has cut through the layers and has given us a quick glimpse at the heart or core of that moment and blessed us with an option.  I’ve used the word option, because. we are guided, it is up to us to make the choice of listening or doing something different.
Listen, accept the thought and if action is involved, do it. Go for it. Believe in your inner voice for it belongs to YOU, Have faith in yourSELF. me, myself and I, we are all ONE connected to the Universe, The Divine connection is always there, sometimes we simply are not listening. GOD/TAO is ever present.       A L W A Y S

PL Precept #18   Each Moment Is A Turning Point.

“They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.”  Isaiah   40:31     2013-03-22 9.9.2013 fall is coming 017




One day follows the next. With the cooler weather, now when you are walking around downtown, the outdoor patios are taken down, the street huskers have gone inside, and the market vendors are dwindling down to the the last of the ” die-hards”. People are hurrying rather than lazily taking in the day, and some are already bundled up warding off the cold.
We can look out at the world or we can participate.

Mishirase > Divine warning, in the form of an illness, a misfortune, an accident, pain or suffering

PL teaches about “Mishirase”, which appears in our lives in the form of illnesses, injuries, hardships and natural disasters.  These Mishirase that could be considered unlucky, are in actuality, warnings given by the “Universe” to show us that we are  having a poor understanding of the “material/info” that we are being given, thus, we have difficulty expressions our “true” selves.  God may be showing us that we are overly attached to our own thoughts and are expressing ourselves “unnaturally”

Human beings are born with the ability to experience pain so they can avoid pushing their bodies beyond natural limits.  If you bend your finger too far back, you will experience pain,  a warning that to continue to push your finger past the point of pain would result in a broken finger.  In the same way, the “pains” we experience in life are “reminders from “God” that you are pushing something beyond what is natural.

Who belongs to the face that is looking out, or back at you?  In Canaille’s picture, you see her, you can tell she is a dog, if you look really hard, you can see Velcro in the background.  But the picture is of Canaille, its a face, who is she, and what does the face tell you/us.  I ask only because I have been faced with seeing the face that looks back at me every day.  Does the face you see, really tell you about who a person is, or was.  Yes I say was, because in life, whether we want to or not, we are constantly changing, some changes we orchestrate ourselves,  others are made for us.

For instance, can you tell when you look at me now that I was one of the first “Eurasians” (not even a term heard today in 2013) in television back in “my day”… I was a model, it was live TV, we had to run off stage and change behind a (barely private) screen.  My hands opened and closed a weekly show, each slice of bread was a credit.  I was Miss Jade East, somewhere there is a photo to attest to that.  Media was different back then. I’ve written for magazines and journals that are simply non existent now.  Too short for the high fashion runway, I was also considered too short for the assignments in the fashion houses, however my “look/beauty” was exotic for that time/period.  I was too young to know that I was part of a ground breaking era, television was new and exciting business to be in.  I simply lived it.

Living in the moment has been a super huge blessing in my life.  When one lives in the moment there are a lot of advantages in life, we live the moment and we move on.  Because we appreciate each and every moment, often the past is really “history” for us, and when we look back at what was, or what “personality/character” was playing the leading role, it is often with interest and curiosity, much like watching a rerun on television.

While out with a friend, she took a picture of me and later sent it to me.  That was weeks ago now, I’ve actually looked at it a few times now, each time I look at it, I wonder who I was on that day.  I look familiar, but I can’t say for certain it is me.  Yet physically it is, I’m sure Christianne didn’t snap a picture of a stranger that happened to be in her space at the time..

When I read the Pl teachingLet’s first Accept and Appreciate Things as They Are.  Even when dealing with someone you don’t like or when you are facing an uncomfortable situation, take a moment to first accept whatever comes your way.  There is always something that you can learn from these situations.  I take a look at Canaille’s picture, and of the one Christianne sent me, and muse out loud to you, hmmm is this woman really me,  Can I accept and appreciate all the “things” she is to me?  A good meditation for me today.

Thank YOU for sharing this moment with me… sigh, OK, I’ll post the picture of me.  why not… I have to stop hiding from the face that other’s see.

photo (3)

Drat haven’t found or learned how to make the picture smaller when I load it.  (see the part of me that wants to control is being over ridden by the Power that IS..)

UNBOUNDED BLESSINGS – now and always

photo of Canaille – Q

photo of Q -Christianne M  (Kemptville)

Did you know?

If you rub a potato on your snow goggles before you start your descent, do it when you get on the ski lift.  rub raw potato over the goggles, and your ride down should be nice and clear.

Out of silver polish, take a few potatoes and boil them up.  Remove them from the water and save them for another use.  Put your silverware in the potato water, let it sit for about an hour, then remove the silverware and wash.  Tarnish should be gone.

One more.  Use slices of raw cold potatoes over your eyes, to make the puffiness go away.

Calorie free uses of the multi- purpose  potato.   smilePencil

http://www.pinterest.com/pin/66639269459829037/   come on now, click on the link, let me take you to a different place…..

Lessons can be learned through awareness.  If you think of the hardest thing for you to do and how much you resist it, then you are looking at your greatest lesson at that moment.  don’t let resistance stop you from making changes.  Observe yourself, watch how you resist, then go ahead anyway.  Here are some non verbal clues, of how our actions often show our resistance…   Changing the subject  >> Leaving the room >> Going to the bathroom >> Being late >>> Getting sick >> Procrastinating by doing something else, doing busy work, wasting time, etc….

Then of course there are the verbal clues – “I’m waiting for the stars to say it’s OK….>>>>>>> This is not the right environment >>>>> “they ” won’t let me change >>> It’s all “their” fault.>>>> how many more can your fill in here.

Oh and let’s not forget the self concepts >>> Too old >>>>Too young >>>> Too fat>>>> Maybe its just all too much >>>> and if we are honest with ourselves, there are the delaying tactics, denial and fear.  Truth is… the  process begins the moment we begin to think about making a change.

TAO ..The only constant in life is change …

PL .. Have the courage to take the first step. break free, start something new… believe in yourself and take the first step…

photo 2 (2)

Travel on past the line of trees…

Have a great day, set your mind free…

Good Morning everyone!  =^_^=   one potato, two potato, three potato, four.…  Give me a hug, and I’ll want more!   Now to church I’m going, I’m out the door!

picture 1 is from Pinterest,  Picture 2, was taken by Q

It is my pleasure to introduce to you another member of PL

Perfect Liberty is an International church, therefore members who will share with us, at times will do so in both their languages.  I do not change their words, or thoughts, but share them with you as they are offered.  I love PL so much because as a community we share and grow with the encouragement and support of not only the ministers but fellow members.  The Japanese terms are commonly used in PL,  You should be able to find the words and their meanings on our website, (link on right)  However I will work them in if I can do so without changing the expressions of the writer

Meet Harry  (USA), Harry attended Kyososai (the celebrations I wrote about in August)  this past July/August.   =^_^+ in fact, you will see Harry carrying the Canadian Flag for Canada (he became an honorary Canadian to help me out!  True gentleman!!)(see prev. blog)

This was a fun picture taken when we met the actors who perform in the PL children;s theater

Harry and cat

Each Kyososai is unique and every year is distinct with the mix of different people
attending. Often for me I try to absorb as much as I can all that goes on at Holyland
during my stay there. The whole time spent there is the rensei training, not just the
official part of the program …. Listening to lectures, taking every opportunity to pray at
the himorogi, conversing, sharing testimonies with the Brazilian members, breathing the
air and working up a sweat just being outside.
But reality hits when I get back from the Holyland. I always seem to receive my
blessings thru Mishirases and intuitions that that help me realize my short comings, last
year it was a nasty bladder infection that haunted me from getting good rest and sleep.
It’s like god is giving me another chance – blessing and salvation after my prayers at the
Himorogi. This year it was a flu symptom that bothered me physically, but also the way
my wife told me what a pest I was to her. I never thought I was a pest probing and
inquiring about what she did and did not do. I always thought I gave her a lot of latitude,
but apparently not. My mishirase brought me to church and the consultation for
oyashikiri helped me realize that I needed to back off and give her more space and not to
probe unnecessarily. It was the words my minister spoke that triggered my intuition. I
have always prayed to try to understand my wife and I never could, I was being a pest
and suffocating her. All this time I could not realize that my actions were killing her
spirits. Thank you, Oshieoyasama.

Mishirase: Divine warning from God, in the form of an illness, a misfortune, an accident pain or suffering

Oyashikiri Prayer– The special prayer to receive the blessings of Oshieoya-sana’s Shikiri

Shikiri PL’s unique way of prayer, asking God’s blessing with a sincere promise to accomplish what we have to do

Oshieoya-sama – Honorific title of the spiritual leader of PL, Rev. Takahito Miki

Thank you Harry for sharing your testimony with us.

Blessings to each and everyone of you, now and always…

photo taken in Japan July 2013 by Q


Learning is a Lifelong Process

Learning is a Lifelong Process

“No matter your age, there is something to be learned and there is always room for improvement. Always remember that there is wisdom to be gained from any situation.”

The day I had today, had me coming home and digging through my PL teachings, till I found the above lesson. Life doesn’t always provide me with a clear picture. I have to come home and process the feelings and emotions I picked up along my journey (running errands)

I just finished reading Louise Penny’s the Beautiful Mystery. the story line takes place in a remote part of Quebec in a monastery where two dozen cloistered monks live in peace and prayer. By suppertime today I was ready to transport myself to the serenity of the chapel or one of the cells. Where I could sit/lie down and turn the “chaos” of the world out.. .. simply take, long deep breaths in gathering in the calm, then holding the quiet before letting out the pollution
of the city.

I will visualize the chapel in the Peace Tower in the Holy Land and recall the tranquility I found there.

Closing my eyes, I allow the moment to wash over me…..
Aaahhhh my smile is starting, yes, I feel now that it will be a happy sleep. good night dear reader….

May you too be blessed with the comfort of a loving heart.

photo – Virtual landscape from SL -by Q


I’m late, I’m late

I'm late, I'm late

For a very important date! Today is my birthday! I was greeted with so many well wishes, I wanted to say thank you to each and everyone of you who remembered. I so appreciated hearing from you.
One of the most precious gifts is friendship, the personal time one takes to share a moment with someone else. Means a lot to me. Even with the electronic age,the fact that someone remembers, fills me with happiness.
That little girl raking leaves with her Dad, is a memory of a time shared with a man I’ll never ever forget. He passed away when I was 10, but his influence, love and nurturing live on in me today.

In PL we celebrate Ancestor’s Day on the 11th of each month. My father taught me that everyday is a celebration of “life”…to challenge myself, and always look at life as an experience to be lived. Not to fear failure, but to proactively challenge each new situation.

Believe there is always a reason, for what is. Know that tomorrow is another day. Have faith in the Divine love of God that is always with you.

You may be late, but you will always be on time for where you need to be in that one given moment.


Oh Yeah! – so what!

Oh Yeah! - so what!

Busy busy busy– I am playing host today to a mind that is non stop busy. Doing what you say? Haven’t a clue.
What is a “roo” to do” I want to sew, go to the gym, work on my blog, finish cleaning the fridge, make a replacement mat for next to the burner, package some costume jewelry for the garage sale, prune back the vines that are going crazy in the backyard and you want me to what!!!! Bunnies and eggs month isn’t till next spring!
S T O P …head for a quiet space and sit down and do nothing. That’s right N O T H I N G. now that is better, time to reflect on just what I would like to do in 3 minutes. Not before. First I will do NOTHING.

Works for me, by the time my brain and body realize that I am sitting absolutely still not listening to the chatter, the quiet ,moment has begun. Something magical starts to happen. From the moment you decide “you are in control, and you are going to do get things done at your pace and your way….things begin to happen.
In PL we work at being “mindful” being “present”, when the brain starts to chatter in unproductive blah blah blah. We quietly make time to center ourselves and take back ownership of our day.

Ask yourself, what is needed now and what can wait?
Oh Q Roo (kangaroo) is happy, happy happy! thanks for sharing this moment with me…..

photo- Wynx Kangaroo avatar. clothing by Qyhat Harbour (taken @ Tiny Outpost in SL)


Time out – Road block

Time out - Road block

Ever found yourself standing alone trying to replay what just happened. One minute you were laughing and talking and the next your friend is off in a huff. Or you yourself have gone from good mood to one of “not so good”. Miscommunication?

Do you stew over it, waste the evening, or do you address the issue?  If you don’t speak about your thoughts and actions, you will not be able to express how you truly feel.

In PL the teaching is to take ownership for our actions and words. By expressing ourselves it opens heart to heart communication/connections. We know how it feels when we feel we have been slighted, or neglected. Saying “Thank you”, or ” I’m sorry” goes a long way towards building and maintaining lasting friendships.

PL Principle #3 > I will live with a mind of appreciation towards others and things.

PL Principle #6 > I will not be stubborn, being captured by my own thoughts.

PL Precept # 4 > Being annoyed limits your expression.

Strive for heart to heart connections.  Everyone benefits. (PL lesson, day 15)

As long as we insist that  we are separate, individual entities apart from the rest of the universe, then we shall never realize Oneness”  Deng Ming-Dao

Act With Enthusiasm

PL teaching day 28 > If you put your whole heart into whatever you do, you will be able to appreciate any task at hand.  Take initiative in tackling your work or tasks.  Act with Enthusiasm.

Vitality in nature – All nature is a song – have you ever spent time in a garden? Everywhere you look, there is some dynamic event in progress.  In our garden it is an ever changing vista.  Birds fly in and out, they bathe at the water feature, they search for tidbits of treats left behind by the squirrels that travel the highways (hydro and phone lines) that criss-cross between the properties.  Insects scurry back and forth along their well worn paths under the vegetation.  Gardens are a hive of activity.  One day the flower buds are lifting their little faces to the sun, and it seems like the  next day, the branches are heavy with tantalizing fruit.  The smells of moist earth is strangely stirring, and the fact that no matter how well tended the garden is, there is constant entropy and disorder.

Yet…. all is as it should  be, each and every part of the garden is living as it should.  There is a natural rhythm in nature, we let it happen, Variety IS vitality.  Each and everyone of us,  has our own rhythm/song.  It is up to each of us to sing as we feel moved by the over-all song of life.  Harmonize with it …sing in counterpoint….descend into strange modes, chant, “go with the flow”

PL teaches us to pray in order to have good self expression.  We need to strive to express ourselves joyfully, cheerfully and beautifully.

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