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Inspiration - ginger or garlic

Hmmm ginger or garlic, what has that to do with Inspiration. It is about choices, Garlic is such a wonderful little plant. Not only does it add flavour to food it is healthy for us. The same can be said about ginger, Each one has its own taste, and its own uses (as health benefits) and depending on how it is used, will determine our acceptance of use of it.
Interestingly, both are roots (bulbs) the most known remedies and uses are of the part of the plant that is underground.
When out in the woods, unless you know what you are looking for the wild garlic goes unseen.
If my husband comes into the kitchen while I’m preparing a meal, he reacts to the smell of garlic (in the negative) and it in turn affects his pleasure in the meal when it is served.
IF he does not see me cooking, he enjoys the meal with much more gusto and appreciation.

On the surface, life can be tranquil and peaceful, but when we look, really look, often what we see changes our initial perspective.
All this to say, there are so many layers in life, and often we are only dealing with the top layers.
When Inspiration comes to us, it is because the Universe has cut through the layers and has given us a quick glimpse at the heart or core of that moment and blessed us with an option.  I’ve used the word option, because. we are guided, it is up to us to make the choice of listening or doing something different.
Listen, accept the thought and if action is involved, do it. Go for it. Believe in your inner voice for it belongs to YOU, Have faith in yourSELF. me, myself and I, we are all ONE connected to the Universe, The Divine connection is always there, sometimes we simply are not listening. GOD/TAO is ever present.       A L W A Y S

PL Precept #18   Each Moment Is A Turning Point.

“They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.”  Isaiah   40:31     2013-03-22 9.9.2013 fall is coming 017

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