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Changing Seasons

Caverns of Aleval – you’ve seen pictures now taken from this location in the last few blogs. This is a build by Asa Vordun in Second Life this is the taxi to click on to explore the place for yourself. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Caverns%20of%20Aleval/243/90/21

This morning I took an online survey for a University in South Carolina on the experience of teaching,or being a student in SL, until about 2009 may of the major Universities and Learning Institutions had a presence in Second Life. Now it seems less so if I am to believe the document I read this morning.

As an artist and teacher, I have found Second Life to be invaluable for my own development and those who have ventured in with me. Some stay only a little while, others have stayed longer, some couldn’t handle it at all. It is a learning curve in one way or another for all who give it a try.

Fear of the unknown, insecure with technology, lack of time, for whatever reason, there is a time and a season. =^_^= Being in Second Life, requires a desire to be there, if you decide to visit and explore, you world will open up .. especially if you are creative person, the options are endless.

Caverns of Aleval is going through a change today, snow is falling and the land is taking on the charms of winter. Our lives also go through changing seasons, sometimes we feel the gradual change, and other times, plop, it is in our face.

PL lesson for today says. Once you Make up your mind things will begin to happen.. Once you decide, “I’m going to do it” your enthusiasm and courage will begin to rise, if you give it your best effort, God will give you aid when you need it most..    X nov 23a_004The attention to detail in this build is amazing.  (I caught Asa doing some add ons this morning, she closed the door to this darling little home, if you peak inside, you will find it warm and cosy, simply touch the door for it to open)

Attention to detail is what we need in our lives …  We need to practice mindfulness, if we want something to happen or desire a change, then we need do more than think and want it, we have to work towards that goal, being present and mindful of our journey is key.   I’ve taken a close up of her work, this is virtual art at its best.  Her place is welcoming and heartwarming.

X nov 23a_006

I love that little tree.   Share your world, share your dreams, step outside the box, make your dreams a reality.   Blessings.

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