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the bog in the rain

soft gentle rain created wonderful swirls with each tiny rain drop – I love the reflection in the water.

The past leads to Now and Now leads to the Future. Life is an accumlation of moments. Cherish each one.

Perfect Liberty 2021.11

Rain is here for the day

Listen to the falling rain
Till soon



Fence – ” a barrier enclosing an area” . “enclose or close off an area”.. “practice the art of fencing”

some are put there for our safety, some or not respected
some get old and stand neglected

As I lay listening to the wind and rain last night, I heard how it began a tentative tapping and saw easy swaying of the branches. Later I was surprised by a demanding angry energy that caused quite a stir outside the house. I was grateful for the walls of the house that kept me safe inside from what sounded like a cold blustering howl of an energy. Any lingering dust on the windows or lying about outside, would be whisked away, I had no doubt.

I heard the rain as it pelted against the window panes, it fell washing/drenching everything in its path. Yet this morning, when I let the dogs out, the ground was already starting to dry. Not because of the sunshine, (there is none it was 6 a.m. and dark) but because where last night the wind brought the rain, now it was on its own, and drying out the wetness of the rain.

Hmmm only 30% precipitation for today, with a high of 42F not bad, winds could get up to 17 mph. Looks like a day to bundle up.

Your willingness to learn will make you shine even brighter. As long as you are motivated to learn more, you will continue to progress in life.

Perfect Liberty 2020.16

Do fences/walls keep you in? (real or imaginary)


Crazy strange garden “art”

happy notOK I have no idea, what I was thinking of when I did this, but it happened.  Years later, I still don’t know what it was that drew me to put this “idea” together.  Knowing I did it, always gave me pause.  I thought to simply throw it out, yet it sat in the back garden for some time, a reminder that not everything I do, or come up with is “picture perfect”

hand of the past_edited-1At the time, I really liked the idea.  The glove, the hand,  I’m not sure, but it still might be out back too.  We are cleaning up back there, it is time for a change.  I know if they are there, it will be time to “let them go”

peekingI remember putting this “character” into the old wood bird house, so he would be out of the elements.  It is all overgrown now, but I saw through the branches  that he is still there.  It would require cutting away half of the evergreen now to get him out… so… he’ll get to stay. Actually maybe it was a she..

who comesThe garden guardians have come and gone, they tended and hosted the wildlife that used our land to travel safely through the urban sprawl.  There is beauty in all that nature provides, and there is an unseen world around us that some of us see, and other’s don’t. Never-the-less, the world of imagination and fantasy never fails to capture our attention, when we listen to the wind whisper softly through the trees, or hear it howl when it is voicing discontent. This week we’ve heard the heavens  bowling in celebration of a summer’s eve.  the bowling balls landing with loud thunder as they rolled across the skies.

garden past

Even the wooden sprite is peeking out from his curtain of ivy… (this was he, before this summer’s growth)  The heavy rains clear the spider webs from his face, and wash the ants away… He’s happy too.

Hmmm when I review our motley crew of garden elves and faeries… they have done such a wonderful job of keeping our land lush, green and safe from urban predators, maybe, yes maybe… I need to be selective and rethink the changes in the garden,  I need to remember why they are there.  It is not their looks that count, it is their reason for being!

PL Precept #12 Everything has a way according to its name

PL Precept # 7  Everything exists in relativity





I remembered I had a picture that would give a visual on what some areas are like in our part of the world right now.  Many people have been and are dealing with flooding. Not just one or two areas, many places in the Province, not only cottage country, any where,  there is water.  Our lakes, and rivers are swollen and over flowing their banks. People are scrambling to save what they can.  There have been thousands and thousands of sand bags filled and carried to numerous destinations.  Still the water rises.

According to weather specialists, we’ve not seen the likes in decades, records have been broken.  The climate changes  the world is experiencing is all very real.

Please pray for those in need, and give thanks of appreciation to the many generous souls who have come forward to volunteer their time and help to those who are having to face the raging rising waters, and watch helplessly as their property disappears under the incoming tides.

PL Precept # 18  Each moment is a turning Point

PL Precept #16  All things progress and develop.

This too shall pass, meanwhile, pray…



Thursday Doors


An open door, is welcoming, come inside and visit.  These doors beckon the visitor to come inside to view the shining old fire trucks. Polished with dedication, they shout out le bienvenue.

car I took.PNG

I revisited this picture wanted to put it on my screen for a backdrop.  I can’t see how one would open that car door?

PL Precept # 1 Life is Art

In this case, I’ve had a good day, I’ve been creative, and I’ve spent time with friends  I feel grateful, and appreciate that I am so blessed.  If today was a picture it would have been a watercolour of soft harmonizing colours.  Yep, calm, peaceful and beautiful.


learning, is a gift.

Give thanks!



rain rain

go away

I’m really late

you must not stay


with the door

so far away

I’m stuck inside

till you go away


you are putting me to sleep

that  steady driving drumming

on the roof

soothing, soft and calming

yawning, I give in

engulfed tamed by your lullaby

my busy mind

will stop chattering & meditate

till you go away


PL Precept # 19  Begin Once You Perceive

Namaste       –       Oyashikiri

Sometimes in life, we need to listen to our inner voice.. stop running, we are doing, doing doing, but not being effective,  Life will find a way to step in and ensure you stop, listen, and recharge.




at the end of the day,

and that day will come

our bodies will return to the earth


we will be free

but often the results of our actions in life

will have had an effect, or changed the course

of another’s life

it is important to remember that each action,

will have, or bring about,

a responding  action

sometimes positive, sometimes not.

Precept #1 using magnolia

Namaste      –       Oyashikiri

story… a moment in time

The rain fell relentlessly, it poured so hard that the leaves and smaller branches outside the shelter were bowed  in acceptance of the storm that raged.  The winds had picked up, and taller trees were being buffeted by the fierce, determination of the gales that blew over and through them.

storm at sea

Thunder flashed across the sky, down below the water would be churning, the waves demonic,   What was happening, she felt nothing.  While all around her the world expressed her mood, her pain,  the turmoil in her brain… she was a quiet witness, unfeeling to the searing pain within.


Some how, God was protecting her from the wrenching emptiness in her heart, from the cold reality of the moment.

To survive this moment, God had crystalized her heart.   Under different skies they had promised never to part, to always, till forever be  man, wife,mother,father.   she gasped, clutched at her heart, the children, what would she tell the children.


At the thought of the children, there was a sudden change in the air, in the mood, the wind/rain seem to abate, she felt the tear slide gently down her cheek. In the distance she saw a golden glow.


The children would be on their way home now, the skies were clearing, she could make her way back to the house, and no he wouldn’t be there, but she would be…. and the  joy of making a home filled with love and laughter, void of the frustrations and disappointments of a “dream” gone bad, would be the making of another chapter, in a world full of promise.


Storms happen…………but they don’t last…………….. Sometimes we have to leave the past behind…….. and move on into the sunshine of another………moment in time.

Namaste      .       Oyashikiri

pictures can be found on https://www.pinterest.com/qyhatharbour/weather-%2B-misc-intertest/

have you seen my umbrella

Have you seen my umbrella?  I asked myself not that long ago when the last time was I used an umbrella.  I honestly could not recall when I has last used one, or even, where there was one in the  house..image by John HancockThere was a time when just the sight of a cloud had me carrying an umbrella, what changed, Something has to have changed, obviously it was a subtle, and slow change, because I do not recall the exact moment where I no longer cared to have one with me, or feel the need for one.

Life is not something that happens instantly, nor are we always aware of how something came about, or why something is.If we are present in our everyday moments, then we deal with each occurence as it happens.


Once I stopped seeing rain as something to avoid, it simply because another aspect of my day.  It didn’t affect whether or not I was happy or not.

For sure I appreciate the way the earth responds to rain, the grass gets greener, the trees stand taller, and if you are out in the garden after a summer rain shower, you often get to enjoy the wonderful fragrances of the flowers and vegetation like you never do at any other time.

At church today when the formal part of the service was being performed, I found myself drifting off into a relaxed state, the tension in my shoulders eased, and my eyes closed in prayer.  The peace and power of prayer is so powerful that during that space in time, I was transported to another dimension.

Love filled my thoughts, my mind, my being was permeated with a divine sense of total Oneness with the moment.


Love = God = Prayer


image-by Joseph Hancock

other images-Pinterest

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