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Fence – ” a barrier enclosing an area” . “enclose or close off an area”.. “practice the art of fencing”

some are put there for our safety, some or not respected
some get old and stand neglected

As I lay listening to the wind and rain last night, I heard how it began a tentative tapping and saw easy swaying of the branches. Later I was surprised by a demanding angry energy that caused quite a stir outside the house. I was grateful for the walls of the house that kept me safe inside from what sounded like a cold blustering howl of an energy. Any lingering dust on the windows or lying about outside, would be whisked away, I had no doubt.

I heard the rain as it pelted against the window panes, it fell washing/drenching everything in its path. Yet this morning, when I let the dogs out, the ground was already starting to dry. Not because of the sunshine, (there is none it was 6 a.m. and dark) but because where last night the wind brought the rain, now it was on its own, and drying out the wetness of the rain.

Hmmm only 30% precipitation for today, with a high of 42F not bad, winds could get up to 17 mph. Looks like a day to bundle up.

Your willingness to learn will make you shine even brighter. As long as you are motivated to learn more, you will continue to progress in life.

Perfect Liberty 2020.16

Do fences/walls keep you in? (real or imaginary)


come one come all

come one come all, come to the ball, it is open to all..

the winds whispered and sang through the trees,

hoping to catch someone, anyone’s ear,

but, the lazy river and the foliage basking in the sun

paid no heed, there was no rush, fall wouldn’t arrive for another couple of months.

Too soon, they awoke to found that the ground was covered in snow, and the cool wind that blew, was in no mood for a ball,

It had come in with the fall, ready to blow the leaves down, and was ready to whip itself up into all it could be, to ensure a clear path

for what was to be. High above from her vantage point above the snow queen polished her wand, making sure her stars were sharp and ready to dispense of all of her glittering diamonds of flakes. With a sweep of her wand, the land below would be covered in snow…

Then, what a glorious landscape it would be. she would call back the wind and open the days to the majesty of the winter sun… Only then would her handiwork be shown at its best. Her diamond flakes would sparkle and amaze, she loved this time of year…

Once more the call would go out, come one, come all, it is time for the ball.

Seasons come and go, we need to flow with the changes. In this way, we will always rejoice at what there is before us. Always be in the NOW.




at the end of the day,

and that day will come

our bodies will return to the earth


we will be free

but often the results of our actions in life

will have had an effect, or changed the course

of another’s life

it is important to remember that each action,

will have, or bring about,

a responding  action

sometimes positive, sometimes not.

Precept #1 using magnolia

Namaste      –       Oyashikiri

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