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What was


Still is ………. only now

Ciudad Perdida, pre-Columbian site, founded about 800AD

the passion, the love

is a memory 

that haunts the visitors

of today


 a traveller of the Universe

I love and live forever

no more, no less



* Machu Piccu -rebubble.com
** ljspillowbrook.tumblr.com (pre-Columbian site of Ciudad Perdida, approx 800AD)

*** Persepolis, buzzfeed.com

Buongiorno, greetings!

Sometimes I just want to share with you,

Thank you for spending time with me today.  There are times when there are so many feelings and thoughts in my mind, I know that its best to just let someone else speak. =^_^=

Do you use the I Ching, if you are familiar with the Book of Changes, you may like myself find it to be a wonderful guide when you come to a crossroad … and are pondering which direction to go. Often I just know and instinctively “I follow my nose” as the expression goes.  Today, these are the words I read     “you come face to face with the perpetrator of wrong thinking.  Circumstances are such that you can effortlessly seize control of the situation.  Proceed carefully.  It is dangerous to attempt or abolish an old and ingrained pattern all at once..”

Namaste – Oyashikiri

Bom dia, Good morning !

inner peace 1  found sphotos-b.xx.fbcdn.net


Where are your thoughts today. When the days past have been busy and full, have you made time for you.  Have you made time to say THANK YOU for all you’ve received so far, yes whether for the challenges or the joys.  Does your heart rejoice at the end of the day?

inner peace2  via kristi dingwell morrison

When I first began a life of teaching and service I was a student of life, many decades later, I am constantly learning and relearning lessons that I thought I had learned already.  However, when I reflect on my most inner feelings, or when my emotions are being rendered senseless with constant chatter from my tattle telling mind, I realize that I’ve been forgetting that I am the captain of my ship.  Whatever the circumstance, it was through my choices over time that I am currently in the puddle I’m in.  Sigh, the quotes and sayings that are posted all over social media, and used in my blog and others,  are great, but reading them and acknowledging the truth of them isn’t enough.


We have to live the words we believe in, we have to acknowledge and give thanks to  the Universe for the learning we are acquiring. Live and learn brothers and sisters,this is life, this is living.  Express and live with full Makoto (sincerity)  Reach out and say thank you today when you can, even for minor matters, smile from the heart and have a blessed day.

lotus flower - flickr.com  Bahman Farzad

White Lotus -Sanskrit Pundarika – in Buddhism, the lotus flower resembles the purifying of the spirit which is born into murkiness. =^_^=

Namaste   – Oyashikiri

*** social media

Lotus -Bahman Farzad on flickr

On the Road again…..

camper, diana przytakoski-Cook

Good Morning, Bon Jour!

How are you? Dull and overcast here, so what, now that the eyes are open and my thoughts have turned to you, I remember this camper I found the other day when I was researching for an earlier blog.  Can you just feel the positive vibes from this cheerful little nest on wheels.  With the nicer weather, spring in the air, the tulips will soon be in full bloom along the canal. Food vendors will be out in the main tourist areas, the smell of fries and burgers wafting through the air, tempting the runners and the walkers.  I see the ice cream shops are open again along the main street, sure sign that spring is here.

california coast

This is the California Coast, what a journey this is.  I had the pleasure of doing this highway with my sister back a few years.  There was just so much to take in that I know that even if I do it another several times, I still will marvel and make new discoveries each time I travel through the area.  For sure, when you are on the highway, driving along, this is not the view you have.  Each wind in the road is another vista, another “oh Wow”, you live it and move on.  Have you noticed that what we learn easily or master effortlessly tends to be enjoyed, assimilated and then we move on.  Its forgotten.  However, lessons in life that come back to haunt us, or replay for us that test our inner resolve, or determination to acquire or “have”, not always a “party/good time”.  We struggle, we cry, we agonize, we can even have bouts of despair.  Some well meaning friend says, “you’ll be fine, tomorrow is another day”, intellectually you may hear the words, but your just not “feeling it”

Back to the cheerful little camper at the top of the page.  Since writing this blog, I’ve met several people who have told me they want to own a little home on wheels and they want to pack up and travel.  Surprisingly not only couples, but a lot of single retired women.  Families raised, empty nesters who want to just pick up and go.  Do what they have wanted to do for years,  Another blogger who just joined us recently, has her little camper all picked out. smiles and waves, you know who you are, bravo!  We travel our journeys step by step,  it is due to the many hardships we’ve gone through that we have the inner strength to take the  actions we need to follow our dreams.

I thank each and everyone of you reading along with me, for being part of my world, I so appreciate you all,  I enjoy hearing from you, my “door” is always open.  You are the sunshine in my life  =^_^+. These flowers are for you… enjoy your day.. Sending big hugs, packed with multiple blessings  and love.                Oyashikiri

France, Monet Garden

Monet Garden, France

pictures -Pinterest

music- YouTube

Life is Art! Buen dia…

sunset,  God paints the skiesLife is Art.

There is only one you, an individual, unique and special, You are the artist in your life,  the environment and the things that happen around you , are the materials used for your self expression. Express yourself honestly, and with integrity in all you do.  Have courage for the great sorrows in your life, and patience for the smaller ones.  Happiness is not the absence of conflict, but the ability to deal with it. If your troubles are deep-seated or long-standing, try praying.  It works.  When you are happy, share your joy.

sun 5ba5f50f7b0b1c81fd144b5aae721129Focus on your true feelings, do your best to express your self honestly, practice Makoto (utmost sincerity) in everything you do.  Kamuwaza (God’s will) is part of our everyday life, like the weather, it has a purpose, When you live believing in your Oneness with the Universe, not loosing sight of your God given individuality, you will experience the true joy of living.  The joy of self expression.  We are truly leading our lives when we live expressing ourselves to the fullest…. and this… is what makes us truly happy.

Blessings dear friends are heaped on you today, that your day will be filled with the joy and happiness of  a happy heart.        Today, Tomorrow and Always ……. Oyashikiri



There is nothing like a good ole country song to set the tone of the moment.

I grew up on the sounds of  Detroit, and MoTown, I would find an American radio station at night and listen to the sounds of a music that spoke to me and had me moving and grooving.  I loved to dance and feel the songs, the words, the rhythms vibrated and spoke to me of a life I had yet to really live and experience .  Oh sure, as  teenager I was sure I knew love, my heart would skip a beat when the groceries were being delivered by the “older” boy who came to the house to bring my Mother’s meat order.  If I actually was close enough to see his blue eyes, I’d swoon, to this day I remember him coming in with the box of groceries, his blonde hair, blue eyes and smile, would I really recognize him if he walked in now and stood in front of me, no.  Back then I thought Id ‘d recognize him forever, I was so sure his memory would be carved in my heart forever, every love song was about this powerful draw/feeling.

2013-03-22 9.9.2013 fall is coming 017

In PL, Precept #15 – All is a Mirror  is a one of the Precepts that pays a visit into my days, often.  Not long ago I was with a friend who has currently lived through a “heartbreak” or “Heart ache”   as she talked I felt her pain, the feelings reached across and joined us, with one single tear, her memory of love lost spoke to me.  I heard and felt all the country love songs I’d ever cried to, flash across my eyes in just that moment, from her one single tear.  Heart ache no matter how we sugar coat it, hurts, it can render us shattered and vulnerable.   Intellectually we know the moment will pass, but gall darn it, while we are living it, its a crusher.

Yes I said country music.. somewhere along the way in my “growing up” especially when I played in the bars of  Nothern Ontario,  it wan’t R&B they wanted to hear, it was country.  That is what life on the road is like when you are a “bar band”. Doesn’t matter you are a Blues band, your agent says you are playing Wawa, Sudbury, Timmins, and Hearst, that is where you head. A gig is a gig, and a string of bookings, hey that is $ in the bank.  Besides when you are young, you adapt. I don’t even know if traveling bar bands still exist in this day and age, likely not. Live entertainment is not what it used to be, “back in the good ole’ days”  Now it seems everything is streamed.


Even a cracked and broken mirror can be beautiful.  Mirrors are seldom perfect, and never do they really reflect all there is to see. One has to look past what is automatically seen, and if you dare, look right into the eyes that will look back at you. My friend’s “heart ache” shows the tremendous love she has in her to share, and her courage to have shared and lived a love that was so strong it shook her world. So many people hide in a comfort zone that no longer reflects passion and strong emotion.  Preference is to sail calm waters.  Nothing wrong with that, but we all know that calm waters are prone to wave, storms and bad weather.


And then.. like a switch goes on, the sun comes out, the winds die down and its paradise again.  When we hit a rocky patch in life, know that it is just one step along the way. Tomorrow is another day.  To love and be loved is a gift, a beautiful present wrapped in  bow, once the wrapping comes undone, and the bow is tucked away ….  what’s inside will either fill your life forever, or fade away.  Some memories never go away.


Have a good day everyone…                                      Life is Love!!!            blessings……  Oyashikiri

zondag, good morning everyone!

57ed2a5249d2b0588d80a07a9249228bFeelings,  emotions, they are so much a part of our every day lives.  Is there really a moment in the day when we are not experiencing a feeling of some kind.  Is there a moment in your day when you are void of a feeling? I first saw this quote weeks ago.  Aside from thinking …wow.. Johnny Depp said this, and thinking, “did he really?  Not that I know Johnny personally, but when my mind captured the picture and the thought, it also automatically ran through the files in my memory banks to see if what I remembered of Johnny fit with the wisdom of the words…Funny how the mind processes information coming in.  When I think of Mr. Depp. I think of a visit to California and some pirate themed ride at a park I was at with my sister.  I smile because it brings back happy memories of being with her and our sudden desire to collect Disney pins.

The image of us wandering the grounds looking for pins to buy, our delight at each new find to add to our now growing collection.  LOL this was not all that long ago, we were grown women delighting in the activity of “search and find”  it was fun to look through the multitude of colourful pins and decide which characters appealed to us.  What we wanted to collect, and share with friends and family.  We had fun.  We immersed ourselves in the activity and today, I’m not even sure I know where the pins our, but that memory brings back feelings that are happy and joyful.

“You can’t close your heart to things you don’t want to feel” is what the saying above says.  PL Precept #12  Everything has a way according to its name.  We have choices in life, we can try to live void of emotion, feelings & LOVE…. but that is near impossible.  We are blessed with the gift of  LIFE, life is living and living is about being alive,  When an opportunity cones along with the potential of bringing you happy moments and new and positive experiences that delight and thrill your senses. you have a choice, you can say, no, I want to stay the way I am. OR…. you can embrace the new adventure and be rewarded by new and wonderful experiences that bring a heightened sense of personal awareness to your life.  When you embrace your decisions and life with enthusiasm and makoto (sincerity) there is that word again……..  there should be no lasting let down when that moment passes.  there can be sadness … perhaps the moment was fleeting… but the reality is.. you lived an incredible “moment in time” and now have this extraordinary memory that has added new beauty to your life.

]flower,anemone by Keartona on FlickrWe accept the temporary beauty and wonder of a flower.  We don’t look at the flower and say you are going to die, I’ll mourn you forever.  NO, we don’t do that, we accept and appreciate the beauty offered, capture the moment if we can, like this artist did, and move on.  Nothing in life is forever, only change is constant. TAO. 

Have a good day everyone, be joyful, enjoy what the world has designed for you today.  May the love of God surround and keep you safe.       Oyashikiri


Buddhist garden in Japan

middle picture, anemone by Keartona -flickr

Buddhist garden – Pinterest

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