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Wordless Wednesday 4.26.17

lady in the clouds 4.25.17

sit quietly with me

see my many faces

I can be anyone you want me to be

first, you have to find me


Wordless Wednesday

For me, mixed media 4.18.17

For me… mixed media.. acrylic. original art, by dymoon for dymoon  =^_^=

Wordless Wednesday

Cat love 3.28.17

An abstract using acrylics, stencils, and Dylusions cat stamp, on canvas.  An original by Q . multi media painting.  Pl Precept  # 19  Begin Once you Perceive.

Mother 1921-2017

Mother passed 3.6.17

Mother’s life was like an abstract painting, she lived creatively and managed to  keep all the  assortment of unique personalities that she loved  on one mosaic canvas.  She had an inner strength and resolve that kept her going for 96 years. Pansies were her favourite flowers.  She loved colours, when she set her mind to something, it got done. In later years, she loved to , crochet and knit in quiet times, but she dedicated much of her life to volunteering and working for the good of others.  She remained actively involved in all her charities and “projects” till well into her golden years. RIP Mother, your unconditional love and tenacious spirit, will always be with us.

PL Precept #1     Life is Art

Oyashikiri (blessings)




Plan B

Plan B

What started out this lovely coastal blue with white contrast , turned a dull unbecoming drab blue when I photographed it.  Will have another go with the camera later, here it is after some” photo shop”.  Purple is a spiritual colour, so I’m happy with the digital changes till next time I get to play =^_^=

PL teaching – Challenge yourself, when you encounter a new situation, something unexpected, be creative.

Medium – acryrlic paint and a product called Kroma crackle
on 4″ diameter card stock

Dealing with the unexpected is what keeps life interesting!
I’m still having a great day, are you? sure hope so.  =^_^=

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