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Love is…

cherishing all that touches our lives.

In celebrating life today, I give special thanks to all of my friends, family and people I meet everyday for making this world such a unique and wonderful place. Recently said goodbye to a very special woman, altho’ have /had never met her personally, I know her son. Knowing him has brought new dimension into my life. Our friends do this, they bring us face to face with our own vulnerability and our coping mechanisms.

They are there for us when we didn’t even realize that we so needed them. Life would be empty without the “family” of friends and acquaintances that touch our lives regularly. May all the richness and blessings you share with others, return to you 100 million fold.

my babies at the beach yesterday

Had the beach to ourselves, I made time to sit and pray. I reflected on my last year, and my coming year, my friends, how my life has changed, and where life is taking me. I am grateful to each and everyone of you. The interactions differ but the one constant is LOVE.

Love is endless… it is what will unify the world and bring PEACE


Are you Busy?

Take on the task even though you are busy. You’re busy because you are needed. Actively positively and creatively juggle your time to fit the new task in.

Perfect Liberty 2020.7

Love is when he gives you a piece of your soul that you never knew was missing

Torquato Tasso


happy 2 snow u

Take on the task even though you’re busy. You’re busy because you are needed. Actively positively and creatively juggle your time to fit the new task in.

Perfect Liberty 2020.7



We just need time off. Time to be lazy, to do nothing, and just chill. Try it, you will discover, it is a good thing… love is forever, love IS.


forever is now. Q

Wordless Wednesday 4.26.17

lady in the clouds 4.25.17

sit quietly with me

see my many faces

I can be anyone you want me to be

first, you have to find me


chicken chop suey

chicken chop suey

Yummy, who remembers when going to a Chinese restaurant meant someone was going to order Chicken Chop Suey,  The other dish that was always ordered by friends was  Chicken Gai Ding, below is Kung Pao Gai Ding, (chicken with peanuts)

Chicken kung pao gai ding


And of course I must not forget the sweet and sour chicken balls.  I never understood where these dishes came from, we never ate such dishes at home.  It wasn’t till I was much older, living away from home and in another part of the world, that I learned how creative Chinese cooks were.  They used ingredients known to locals to create similar dishes to ones eaten at home, but yet totally unlike what we ate, because back then, the ingredients required to cook dishes that were traditionally eaten, would  have been 1 – foreign to the western taste buds, and probably, #2  – ingredients were just not readily available. It is not like today, when you can find Asian necessities in almost any and all major shopping areas.

Chicken balls sweet and sour


Even today, it is not unusual to have to have two menus.  One for the customer who likes the western version of Chinese/Asian cooking, and one for the families who prefer more traditional style dishes.  I have noted though, that the palate and the desire to experience a more traditional dish is /or has become more in vogue.  The pungent and tantalizing aromas that I delight in when I walk into an Asian supermarket, do nothing for my husband, that is what makes people so unique, is that we each and every one of us, has our own reactions to the ambient sounds, smells and visions around us.

Chop Suey is a culinary example of putting food types together to create create a harmonious taste, that will give the eater a pleasant reaction to the blended spices and veggies/meat.  Each culture has their own way of cooking a vegetable or meat so that it reflects their artistry.

We all eat.  Those of us who cook, love the magic that takes place when we stir fry, steam, roast, grill, BBQ etc.  Presentation is part of the craft.  But best of all, it is the pleasure we have when we taste and eat what we have created. When guests or family enjoy what is put before them. its a bonus.

Preparing a meal and then sharing it, is a very special “event”  Meals don’t just happen, we have to plan them.  The love we put into pulling together a meal I believe is a an ingredient that is without  measure.  Love is the ingredient that should be in everything we do and say.

Sometimes life gives us chop suey days…… but if we pull them all together in a way that employs a proactive and loving flavour.  It will melt in our mouths.


Namaste   – Oyashikiri

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