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We just need time off. Time to be lazy, to do nothing, and just chill. Try it, you will discover, it is a good thing… love is forever, love IS.


forever is now. Q

Comments on: "Sometimes" (5)

  1. I’m not good at being lazy but would probably benefit from doing it more. Is the Mary Poppins theme on your avatar new? I noticed because our niece was in a production of Mary Poppins this summer and we bought her a necklace that looks just like the silhouette.

    • HI. I Took that picture in SL (Second Life) when I attended a play inworld. It is a digital photograph taken inworld. (virtual reality) I changed it when I had to change all my e-mail addresses (all the problems I had in Aug, Sept, and October.) When I got the new computer, I lost the other picture somewhere, so used this one. Good catch.!

    • LOL my husband used to say, “I am attentive, sometimes” is this something learned in husband school… wink… have have good day dear.. thanks for the morning smile…

  2. 365 days of “love is”


    Love is everything . . .

    ME and the Boss

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