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migraine moments

clarity is blanketed

the body’s message loud and clear, STOP, don’t move, lie down,close your eyes, focus on your breathing. Let the swirling debris of sediment settle fill the cracks, and allow the mind time to regroup and fall where it may.

let definition settle where it may

STOP trying to introduce brilliant, vibrant and chaotic energy into the reality of NOW. There is a world of discovery at your feet, stop looking into the distance, there is a whole world to be discovered and rediscovered.

With all the negativity of late in the press, media and being spoken and conversed about…. my brain needed a change of venue.

I have a very special friend, who in introducing me to the America he knows, sent me a video that stirred my emotions and left me wanting more. I searched YouTube and found this video by Ann M. Wolf. I would like to share it with you. please feel free to pass on having a look, if it is not of interest to you.

https://youtu.be/9-Lf9WTiawQ This is a video on the flag folding ceremony of the flag of the United States of America. It was done as a dedication to Honor Guards and the fallen from across America.

Church service today is at 10 a.m. and I believe that Reverend Eugene is going to try to send out a video of same.

There will always be a way. If you persist and be creative without giving up, you will find solutions that you had not considered before.

Perfect Liberty 2020.28


dragon’s roar



you can run, but you can’t hide





Sometimes we have to deviate from what was to what is.. Artistic expression in a virtual setting, with music to flavour the viewing.

Stay connected everyone, discover or rediscover that “loving feeling”

Enjoy the changes in your life. Things around you are constantly changing with the times. Take on the challenging and new experiences as materials for self expression.

Perfect Liberty 2011.16




Thursday doors


Some doors should just stay shut, and others should be explored.  A door opened yesterday, that gave vent for deep rooted anger and hurt to escape.  Fortunately I was able to close the door again.  But it is obviously one I will have to explore again, at another time.

My Mother passed away 2 years ago, my husband one year ago.  There is more processing to do. I give thanks for the blessing of friends.

PL Precept # 5  One’s self is lost by being emotional

PL Precept # 4  Being annoyed limits your expression.

Question, when your hurt is disrespected and tossed aside, my reaction is to withdraw, so that I can be respectful as much as I can of another persons stubbornness… Why is it so difficult for me to accept.  I am not a masochist .. I distance myself my preference to be to live in peace and be happy.  However, there are times, it isn’t that simple.  So by golly, shut that darn door, and leave it closed, in fact, bring the nails and hammer and I will nail it shut.

How serious am I.

greyhound rescue

snow,nick and mel

We can open a door and walk away,  or we can look out and shut the door, staying inside, or ……..   ?????

Today being Thursday, check out other blogs that are featuring doors. begin here Norm 2.0


last photo n&m

story… a moment in time

The rain fell relentlessly, it poured so hard that the leaves and smaller branches outside the shelter were bowed  in acceptance of the storm that raged.  The winds had picked up, and taller trees were being buffeted by the fierce, determination of the gales that blew over and through them.

storm at sea

Thunder flashed across the sky, down below the water would be churning, the waves demonic,   What was happening, she felt nothing.  While all around her the world expressed her mood, her pain,  the turmoil in her brain… she was a quiet witness, unfeeling to the searing pain within.


Some how, God was protecting her from the wrenching emptiness in her heart, from the cold reality of the moment.

To survive this moment, God had crystalized her heart.   Under different skies they had promised never to part, to always, till forever be  man, wife,mother,father.   she gasped, clutched at her heart, the children, what would she tell the children.


At the thought of the children, there was a sudden change in the air, in the mood, the wind/rain seem to abate, she felt the tear slide gently down her cheek. In the distance she saw a golden glow.


The children would be on their way home now, the skies were clearing, she could make her way back to the house, and no he wouldn’t be there, but she would be…. and the  joy of making a home filled with love and laughter, void of the frustrations and disappointments of a “dream” gone bad, would be the making of another chapter, in a world full of promise.


Storms happen…………but they don’t last…………….. Sometimes we have to leave the past behind…….. and move on into the sunshine of another………moment in time.

Namaste      .       Oyashikiri

pictures can be found on https://www.pinterest.com/qyhatharbour/weather-%2B-misc-intertest/

I cried


I cried today

I cried yesterday

I could not stem the tears

for they had been waiting years

locked somewhere deep inside

somehow they found a way

to have their say

they were not bitter

simply sad

was there pain in the tears that rained

down my cheeks, one by one

leaving  tear stains that betrayed

the sadness in my heart

I recognized the pain,

what I don’t understand is why…

norway, lofoten islands

why now ………

emotions, they are a way for the body to express feelings that have been locked away

we can hide from our”selves” for only so long, then when least expected, someone, or something touches the right button, and a door swings open.

the raw emotion of another time, place or experience comes to life and you are open and vulnerable to the lesson (challenge) you didn’t deal with before.

In life, we face a new day, every day, each one is unique and special, no two are the same, and no two people are alike.

It is when you admit to, and claim the pain, sadness, grief or sense of loss, that you finally regain a footing to understanding.

… we cope much better when have friends and loved ones who care, and lend support when we falter, they can’t respond to us though .. if we are silent about what is happening to us.

Crying is healing and revitalizing, it is part of life.

 Namaste     –     Oyashikiri

*quiet mountain by Giovanni De Gregorio

**Lofoten islands, Norway

What was


Still is ………. only now

Ciudad Perdida, pre-Columbian site, founded about 800AD

the passion, the love

is a memory 

that haunts the visitors

of today


 a traveller of the Universe

I love and live forever

no more, no less



* Machu Piccu -rebubble.com
** ljspillowbrook.tumblr.com (pre-Columbian site of Ciudad Perdida, approx 800AD)

*** Persepolis, buzzfeed.com

Inner Sensitivity


Oh to be lazy, to sit in the hammock and simply while away the day. =^_^=

Today’s lesson is about being able to perceive our surroundings with more sensitivity.

We are asked to continue to learn and to add to our knowledge and experiences.

Learning can be painful, it can produce growing pains….  actually, most lessons that contribute to our sensitivity to SELF, are ones that force us to face some of the truths, that lie dormant in our Being

intellectually we work things out so that we contrive a form of acceptance.  A way to live with the feelings of vulnerability, our inner insecurities, if we are truly honest with ourselves, we all have to deal with these feelings, thoughts, and inner ramblings.  Will lying in the hammock, closing our eyes, and letting the sounds of the meadow change things?

Sometimes, my surroundings are important, I am happy being where I am…. the question that i ask, is there a need …to always interact with our surroundings, or…. can we simply BE.


To be more aware, to be more in tune with our surroundings, we need to focus and be present, in all we say and do.

no more… …no less

Namaste   –   Oyashikiri

captured in time

Timing when taking a picture is everything – the photographer catches that moment in time,  It is an artistic moment.


The light, the shadows, the focus and the intent, will be forever on display


there isn’t always someone

ready with a camera or lenses

to capture that moment for us

c607ad8237d70c0496d7ba8490debf4f no matter

if we were part of that moment, the feelings, the emotion of that moment, live within in us forever

if we were the subject(s) our perception of that moment, will not be the same as the photographer’s


Yet it was together, that the moment was captured.  There could not have been that moment without the collaboration or sharing of that space and time

Today I bow my head in prayer

that my day will be one of happiness and sharing

love/GOD  is within me, in sharing

even if simply with a smile

that smile will spread for miles

for GOD is everywhere

and each moment lived

will be a blessing to be shared

in love and peace with all mankind.

Namaste    –   Oyashikiri

DIY rustic barn wedding



thedsigninginspriation.com (photographer Amo Rafael Minkkinen) not photoshopped!

an emotion shared


I would like to share with you a moment in history, it was a Sunday in early  2000  “I have to pause a little, reflect …. how am I doing?…. I think that yesterday was a day where I was left with nothing else to do but lie down and escape from the misery, and torrent of emotions that rose and pushed with a vehemence to break free from the depths of my “being”…..

Outside the sun shone, but all I felt was a cloud burst of sadness, relief, fear,anger, a jumble of emotions, erupted and poured from my “mind” like a turbulent stream running a torturous path.  I could do nothing to stop the tears, the anguish…. it was simply a time to “stand still” in my case… I lay down and stayed down…

My eyes saw the lengthening shadows as the sun bid the day farewell.  Then in the quiet of the room, there was darkness.  Part of me an observer, all I could do was allow the ears to flow, the pain to subside.”

“How am I doing”  that was yesterday, this is today  (from the same piece written in 2000)

I’m sure you’ve experienced many such moments… everyone does  at some time or other.  The impact of such a collision (conscious/subconscious) is always a draining experience.  A Jolt from above if you wish.  The day after leaves me feeling l ike I’ve run a marathon… standing still.

There is no rhyme or reason for such “moments” they are part of the integral dance of life.  I long ago came to accept that although I lean towards imperturbable states, the reality of life is “balance” one cannot know “true happiness” without having lived through “sadness”

This is not to say I was sad, or something was wrong, it was simply my need emotionally and physically to shut down, regroup,  recharge, revitalize.

Sometimes chaos and calmness go hand in hand….

So…………”how and I doing”      …. I’m doing just fine…..   

I did my best not to change, rewrite, or even spell check the words I wrote back in 2000. . I wanted to share with you a part of me that one does not see often these days, Its terrible, I seem to be happy most of the time =^_^=, In fact, in and with God, I am very very happy!  The road to where I am now, was not always fun, but it was one I lived and loved without regret.

Namaste     –     Oyashikiri


PL Precept #11  Always be with God

Psalm 23 – The Lord is my shepherd

I Ching – hexagram 52  -Meditation – Keeping still

words/text-by Q copyright Dymoon

have you ever…

38444747-8822-4882-9e46-9e80604958a0Have you ever dreamed you were in a wonderland

A place surreal and yet familiar to you at the same time

Has part of you been full of bubbly emotions

like elation,  joy, happiness and  contentment

or on the other hand

does the land you travel feel tarnished with a sticky grime

no longer does the sun shine..  you are agitated and feel a constant niggling commotion

life is serving up over or underdone moments with no amusements

at least none that you understand

it happens, and it happens often

where life and dreams collide

 when we look inside, we find ourselves actually inside looking out

and instead of tumbling down a rabbit hole

we are launched into space

travelling at the speed of light

with no known goal in sight

oh dear, I’ve dropped the book and lost my place

what a way  to end the night…

have you ever?


There really are times in my life when I am so full of love and happiness that life becomes upside down, worlds do collide, and still, I’m happy!

My wish for each and everyone of you, is that such joy fills your moments, and that no matter your state of health, or  where you are in life, you feel and know the contentment of a happy heart.       Namaste – Oyashikiri


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