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I cried


I cried today

I cried yesterday

I could not stem the tears

for they had been waiting years

locked somewhere deep inside

somehow they found a way

to have their say

they were not bitter

simply sad

was there pain in the tears that rained

down my cheeks, one by one

leaving  tear stains that betrayed

the sadness in my heart

I recognized the pain,

what I don’t understand is why…

norway, lofoten islands

why now ………

emotions, they are a way for the body to express feelings that have been locked away

we can hide from our”selves” for only so long, then when least expected, someone, or something touches the right button, and a door swings open.

the raw emotion of another time, place or experience comes to life and you are open and vulnerable to the lesson (challenge) you didn’t deal with before.

In life, we face a new day, every day, each one is unique and special, no two are the same, and no two people are alike.

It is when you admit to, and claim the pain, sadness, grief or sense of loss, that you finally regain a footing to understanding.

… we cope much better when have friends and loved ones who care, and lend support when we falter, they can’t respond to us though .. if we are silent about what is happening to us.

Crying is healing and revitalizing, it is part of life.

 Namaste     –     Oyashikiri

*quiet mountain by Giovanni De Gregorio

**Lofoten islands, Norway

Comments on: "I cried" (6)

  1. Very good. Well-done!


  2. _/\_ thank you

  3. Perhaps crying is a way to wash away the sadness. Unfortunately, the grief may take a lot of “washing”.

    • when one lives in the moment, the sadness is expressed, lived, and they released, and yes sometimes there is lingering emotion, but it is only fleeting, I like being happy =^_^=
      thank you.

  4. Hi Dear Friend, I have experienced such times too when un-named sadness overcomes me. Please call me. I can’t seem to contact you by phone. M.

  5. Reblogged this on Angie's Inspiration and commented:
    Hello everyone. How are you all? I’m still a little sick over here but I’m doing fine. Today I decided instead of making my own post I would re-blog this poem that I came across quite some time back.

    Wen I came across this poem I immediately liked it and though I’ve gone through this same feeling of having the dams within you give way and you end up crying and feeling exhausted at the end, when you’ve literally cried yourself tired, the after feeling of relief of letting it all out into the open is the most satisfying.

    I wish people and society would stop telling their young boys and men to stop crying because “They are not a girl” and to “Act like me” whatever that means. It is not healthy for anyone woman or man to hold in their emotions just because of others’ expectations. After all according to the poem:

    Crying is healing and revitalizing, it is part of life.”

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