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This is a vintage print that appeared in a mailing I received, I wish I could credit the artist, but I can’t.   Art is very subjective, what appeals to me, may not be your cup of tea.  For me the moment I saw this print, I was mesmerized.  The colours, the position of the model, the bird cage, the total image evoked a sense of longing in me. Certainly not in a negative way, just a feeling, a passion that set me to wanting to create prose, or write a poem.  I’m sure that at one time or another, such moments have happened to you.   What do we do with these inspirations, these “ah Ha” light bulb moments.. do we act on them, or does the moment pass and we move on.

PL Precept # 3 – God appears through one’s self……..

In PL (Perfect Liberty) we believe that the Universe is always guiding and directing us,  It is we who fail to listen or hear…when something happens out of the blue, or suddenly we find ourselves faced with a challenge we are not prepared for.  In Pl we see that as an act or happening created by the Universe to get our attention. We are taught to take stock, pay attention, open our minds to possibilities, to focus and seek resolution.

PL Precept # 7 – Everything exists in Relativity….

When I saw the above print, it started a thought process, that began with the emotions I felt when I saw the print, and then the various stages of evolution the initial thought produced in my mind’s data base.  More than 12 hours later I still wanted to share the print with you.  Perhaps it will inspire a thought process in you?

For me… it had me looking for a gaudy ring full of bling…….  go figure……..hey…………….. what is… is, I  share with you all of me, imperfections included.!



The PL 21 Precepts reveal the true path of life for all humankind.  Beginning with Precept #1, Life is Art…. as the foundation.  There are 20 more precepts that stem from it and are closely interrelated with one another.  Each Precept is written in simple and clear language, but the truth revealed in their words applies Universally to ALL….

Thank you to all of you who read and follow me on my journey.  You are my inspiration.

Namaste    –   Oyashikiri

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Top of the morning !

Ireland,druid trees,enchanted forestDruid Forest, Ireland..  What an enchanting photograph. Today being St. Patrick’s day, I’m sure there will be a lot of wearing of the green today.  I know that my experience has been, Irish or not, many people celebrate the day, and share in the ancient traditions.  Did you know that  the ascending  series of  green- white- red-  formed the favourite symbols of the Egyptians and the Celtic druids, Dante who knew his traditional symbology, had Beatrice appear dressed in green,white and red,  which expressed, hope, faith and charity.  Did you know that green is a colour of antithetical tendencies…. it is the colour of life, (growth) and the colour of death.. Similarly green takes the middle place in the every day scale of colours.  LOL  I’m sure that today you will soon loose count of all the different shades of green you see, not to mention the many creative ways green will be shown, or adorned.

Oshieoya-sama (head minister of the Church of PL, Perfect Liberty) wrote an article (May 12, 1984) which was  reproduced for us and distributed in the Perfect Liberty newsletter  volume 7, issue 1, March 2014, in which he talks about the similarity and the differences in PL and other religions.  He talks of how the objectives of religions are all similar , in that they all strive for World Peace, then goes on to talk about how each religion  has its own unique way of  sharing this with their members.  One of the most important things taught in PL is to put the teachings into practice, on a daily and regular basis. For a copy of this article (it is short one page),i n the States, contact Rev. Takashi  Goto     goto@perfectliberty.ca    In Canada   Rev.Eugene Hayashi       ethayashi@perfectliberty.ca  for other countries, either of these ministers will give you contact information.


Ireland's Cliffs of MoherThese cliffs in Ireland bring tourists from far and wide.  When I saw them I thought of how majestic and beautiful they were, how nature over time had carved out each and every crevice in her own way as only she can do.. each section is a story all of its own, yet together they present the viewer with a formidable challenge, could they be climbed?  I know myself, I would want to study all the nooks and crannies to discover the secrets that they would hold.  while I gazed at the shear beauty of the cliffs, I wondered if the photographer had taken close up shots of any of the different rock compositions, and plant varieties…….  Guess I’ll never know =^_^=  another puzzle, that brings a smile.. Mysteries are so much a part of life when one has a curious active mind…

Irish Erin go Bragh -Ireland Forever” May your blessings outnumber the shamrocks that grow……………and any trouble avoid you, wherever you go “   

smilePencilphotographs – Pinterest – cliffs of Moher, Ireland





In conversation with a friend, she asked me a question about feelings, and hurts, something that had been bothering her for some time.In PL fashion, I replied “life is  mirror”  Intelligent and thoughtful, she was quiet for some time, then she said, I have heard that before, but I don’t know that I understand“.  Then I had to pause, reflect and meditate on her response.  My reply had been simple to me “life is a mirror” but in fact when I thought about it.  I have had years of living with this perspective, and each time the challenge crossed my path, I learned a different lesson.  fortunately our relationship is such that we converse over a period of days and even weeks sometimes.. so I have  had time to “chew” on this one.

When we are hurt, sad, perplexed by the “perceived” action of others,  we own the reaction, we own the thoughts.  No one else is feeding them to us, they are ours, and ours alone.  It may take some time, but at some point in time, we realize that the choices we made were our own.  What takes longer is choosing to accept and own the situation you are living. The strength and courage to remove ourselves from the cycle of hurt, vulnerability and dependency.  OOOHH OUCH did I actually say that word,  write it, (takes a moment to read back a few lines)… yes I did, I said dependency, not a word I liked to associate with, but over the years I’ve learned to accept that it has been a lesson I’ve had to address more than once.

Mirrors, they can be our friend or our hardest task master.  Melody Beattie in one of her books, said “Go with the flow” let go of fear and your need to control.  Relinquish anxiety, ”  I read those words many many years ago,  I’ve never forgotten them, I remember highlighting them and reading them over and over again for weeks.  She talked of being present, accepting where you are and who you are. Taking ownership of your emotions, actions and thoughts.  Mirrors are a tool, they will only project to you what you are “seeing” in that moment.

When we look into a mirror, the only eyes looking back into ours, belong to “ me,myself and I.”  Express your appreciation for your SELF today, look in the mirror, smile and say “thank you”  ..Then find someone else in your world to say thank you to, saying it out loud is empowering, and a very nice sharing of a moment.  Not only will the person you are thanking feel a smile, you will too  One smile at a time we build a better future!


one step at a time … we go forward

0997bc7c08ba Africa


Where will your path take you?  Wherever your footsteps lead, be someone who can share Joy with others.  Strive to truly understand the feelings of others.  Let go of your ego and express yourself fully.





This hug is just for Y O U  …….. may your day be full of inner joy and contentment……    Walk with Godbear hugs


Love is for sharing……     Oyashikiri


Being aware. involved, each day, almost every moment of our waking hours when we are mindful, we have pathways that open up and we are faced with what path we will follow.

Good Morning everyone =^_^= I have enjoyed researching how I would present this today, thank you for this opportunity and for the moment we are now sharing.

802ae102e1e78e7bba5162a4b3382da3Calm, peaceful, less journeyed, pristine, the photographer captured the silence of the moment, even though it shows that a vehicle can travel this road, it doesn’t capture that, the picture draws us in, so that if we are very quiet,we will hear the birds  and the rustle of leaves as the forest animals go about their business.It is very inviting.

bbcea7536952526366ec1d1d2c53f6d9This amazing shot was posted by visitjapan.com it is of Yuki-no-Otani snow canyon road in Japan.  The walls of snow are approximately 5 stories high.  Whew I see a car driving along there, hmmm do I want to be in it?  Actually if you really look there are many other cars so it is a well traveled road, still as beautiful as it is I might like to travel the road in a different season.



LOL now this picture, taken in New Zealand, where it seems there are many such roads to entice the adventurous soul, is approx. 22 km of winding treacherous road with no guard rails (Skippers Canyon near Queenstown) Look at the country side, I would love to be  there, however I don’t think in that particular vehicle pulling a load.

Being mindful, means choices, participating in the decisions/challenges the Universe provides us with.  Nature gives us the landscapes/tools, God provides! What path will you take today?

The leading line of the path leads the eye directly to the maple tree.


Happy Monday everyone!




Living in the moment, being mindful means that you are living each moment with awareness, being present, addressing the moment with a clear state of mind. In “biblical” times it is told that Jesus walked on water and that in/with faith, so could his followers.  The moment they let fear/doubt take over, they sank.  It is not easy to always be clear of negative feelings, but we can learn, we can practice the ART of trusting and truly believing that the “Universe” no matter what the challenge, has a reason for where you are and what you are living at any given time.



Begin by starting your day with a positive attitude.  PL Principle # 2  I will not have complaints about others, matters, nor the weather. Rather I will always be creative and will for shortcomings in my own thinking and actions.

If you wish to learn more about the PL 21 Principles, please ask for a consultation from your local PL minister. (Perfect Liberty)


PL Precept #15

164600dc5a5bdd12ff91e32a441c406a (1)


PL Precept #15.. All is a Mirror.   In this photograph the photographer, creator of this picture, applied, patience with creativity, he/she had the inspiration and or the intuition .. was at the right place at the right time, their “vision” and the actions he/she took, gave us this picture to enjoy.  Isn’t  life/art  wonderful !

Good Saturday Morning everyone.  Wake up and Smile!!!

PL Precept #1   Life is Art


This picture is also on my Pinterest page, ( Amsterdam)

Begin each day with a renewed sense of appreciation

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAAfter watching the news last night and seeing the snow storms that hit parts of the States and Canada leaving behind a mess to be cleaned up and dealt with for days to come, went searching for a picture that showed green vegetation and new growth.  Wow my prayers and positive energy is being sent out to all of you who need that extra boost.

The PL lesson for today was > Begin each Day with a Renewed Sense of Appreciation <   Are you living each day and getting into a rut? By making small changes in the things you do, your day to day life can become fresh and exciting.  We are here today , by the grace of God.  Let’s make each day meaningful, by starting out with a feeling of gratitude for a brand new day.  In being genuinely happy about life, we will be blessed with a deeper sense of happiness.

Smile, you are loved each and every day, sometimes we may not feel very loved, but you are.  Know and believe, you are loved.


I love this picture.. Warm HUGS everyone!   Blessings – Oyashikiri.



self responsibility

I first heard that term in a book by Melody Beattie, The language of Letting Go. Its been a lesson that I’ve had to work on for most of my adult life.

Being responsible, owning what you do, and the situations you find yourself in.



Learning to face situations head on, learning to focus on the moment.  If we do this, and truly believe in our passion, a path will open up.  You will find a way to be comfortable with where you are, and what you are feeling.  Each moment is a new creation to be savored and experienced fully.  Embrace the healing presence of God within us.  Quietly and with a new zest for life, we open our minds to rich new ideas.  ideas, that help us give of ourselves, our talents and our resources.  God is life itself.  Through the presence of God within, the old washes away, everything is new again.  PL Precept #1 – Life is Art..   every day is a new beginning.


Repeat after me =^_^=



Even if you don’t have what you need, you will find a way.  Be creative in your efforts.  If you fixate on what you don’t have, You will never be blessed with wisdom and way to solve your problems. Think creatively to get past any obstacles in your way .Often the Universe steps in and forces a slow down, or a rest that we don’t take time for.  the things that come into our lives, including people and circumstances, happen regardless of what we would prefer, or what is convenient for us.  Nature has a sense of humor that is all her own. =^_^= we, (human beings) are born with the ability to experience pain so that we can avoid pushing our bodies beyond natural limits.  Do we listen?

PL Percept # 18   Each moment is a turning point.

Good morning everyone…. have a positive and happy day!   Oyashikiiri…….



Taken in Japan- Perfect Liberty headquarters



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