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void or

gimme bling

A black void.  As an artist, I had a moment the other day, where I wanted to express that very moment,  not think about anything but saying, Blah. Snap, and so what. Followed by many exclamation marks.

My eyes searched my workroom… till they fell on a big bottle of black glue.  Ah Ha! I took an old canvas and began to just vent with the glue on the canvas.  It was black and shiny that I dug out a bottle of cut glass pieces I had for dear knows what reason… and some gold cording.  Then gave way to.. come what may.

Voila… t’is a black void.   my sometime co-pilot, when she saw it, said it looked like “inside a sparkling cave filled with shiny somethings. enchanting”  =^_^= I have been blessed with wonderful kind friends.

In the sunlight or under a light, it is true it has bling.  Bling  that winks and shines in a very cheerful way.  This is an example of, starting out with a blank – need to just vent/express…. letting go, and then seeing the results.

PL Calendar day 9 (2019)   It’s interesting because it’s different

Even if someone totally disagrees with you or does things differently, you may learn something from them.  Avoid getting trapped in the mindset, “This is the way it has to be” and free your mind to consider other possibilities.







mirrors 5

Magic mirror on the wall

remember those words

who is the fairest of them all

mirrors 2

it is 2016

many of us have looked many a time

into one mirror or another

always to find

that whether it is 1956, or 2006

we always see

mirror 4

the person that we are on that given day

The mirror does not play tricks

It simply reflects back what it sees…

but  … for  us …. we are not always ready for what we see

mirror 3

no matter how we dress the wall,

using a mirror that is long and tall

if we are short and small

that is what we will see

mirror 6

I myself, believe I’m a star =^_^=

I really  don’t need a mirror

I believe that I am me no matter how I look or how I adorn myself

so, if its alright with you,

I will enter into this new year (year of the Monkey)

year of the Monkey

with a smile and a hardy happy hug

saying, be who you are, cuz I love you just the way you are…

Every day is a new day, and every moment is a new beginning

Thank you one and all

for being who you are..

Namaste      –      Oyashikiri

PL Precept # 15    All is a Mirror

note-  official start of the Monkey Year is beginning of February (lunar calendar) (8th)

Seeing our imperfections


PL Precepts # 15     All is a Mirror

PL Principle # 16    I will not have a mind to be arrogant nor conceited

These are the two lessons i am working on this morning..  I found myself thinking some very surprising thoughts this morning.  Recollections of my unbidden thoughts from last night seem to be wanting attention.  You know where a thought comes up about something that happened at another time that is disturbing … yet at the time, you hadn’t noticed just how much the experience was affecting your thought process.

Today’s calendar “lesson” says, that if we face a situation head on, a path will open up“….  hmm  sits quietly and reflects on the niggly thoughts that are lingering.  I didn’t like learning I had a lazy mind, but after it was brought to my attention, I did eventually see that I do have a lazy mind, LOL and it sneaks up on me when I least expect it.

This ahHA moment will also be a good lesson for me.  Smiles, life lessons are ongoing,  guess I’ll be a “work in progress” for some time to come.

Thank you for sharing with me -I so appreciate you all, may your day be blessed with blue skies and happiness.

Namaste  – Oyashikiri

words/photograph -Q


There is nothing like a good ole country song to set the tone of the moment.

I grew up on the sounds of  Detroit, and MoTown, I would find an American radio station at night and listen to the sounds of a music that spoke to me and had me moving and grooving.  I loved to dance and feel the songs, the words, the rhythms vibrated and spoke to me of a life I had yet to really live and experience .  Oh sure, as  teenager I was sure I knew love, my heart would skip a beat when the groceries were being delivered by the “older” boy who came to the house to bring my Mother’s meat order.  If I actually was close enough to see his blue eyes, I’d swoon, to this day I remember him coming in with the box of groceries, his blonde hair, blue eyes and smile, would I really recognize him if he walked in now and stood in front of me, no.  Back then I thought Id ‘d recognize him forever, I was so sure his memory would be carved in my heart forever, every love song was about this powerful draw/feeling.

2013-03-22 9.9.2013 fall is coming 017

In PL, Precept #15 – All is a Mirror  is a one of the Precepts that pays a visit into my days, often.  Not long ago I was with a friend who has currently lived through a “heartbreak” or “Heart ache”   as she talked I felt her pain, the feelings reached across and joined us, with one single tear, her memory of love lost spoke to me.  I heard and felt all the country love songs I’d ever cried to, flash across my eyes in just that moment, from her one single tear.  Heart ache no matter how we sugar coat it, hurts, it can render us shattered and vulnerable.   Intellectually we know the moment will pass, but gall darn it, while we are living it, its a crusher.

Yes I said country music.. somewhere along the way in my “growing up” especially when I played in the bars of  Nothern Ontario,  it wan’t R&B they wanted to hear, it was country.  That is what life on the road is like when you are a “bar band”. Doesn’t matter you are a Blues band, your agent says you are playing Wawa, Sudbury, Timmins, and Hearst, that is where you head. A gig is a gig, and a string of bookings, hey that is $ in the bank.  Besides when you are young, you adapt. I don’t even know if traveling bar bands still exist in this day and age, likely not. Live entertainment is not what it used to be, “back in the good ole’ days”  Now it seems everything is streamed.


Even a cracked and broken mirror can be beautiful.  Mirrors are seldom perfect, and never do they really reflect all there is to see. One has to look past what is automatically seen, and if you dare, look right into the eyes that will look back at you. My friend’s “heart ache” shows the tremendous love she has in her to share, and her courage to have shared and lived a love that was so strong it shook her world. So many people hide in a comfort zone that no longer reflects passion and strong emotion.  Preference is to sail calm waters.  Nothing wrong with that, but we all know that calm waters are prone to wave, storms and bad weather.


And then.. like a switch goes on, the sun comes out, the winds die down and its paradise again.  When we hit a rocky patch in life, know that it is just one step along the way. Tomorrow is another day.  To love and be loved is a gift, a beautiful present wrapped in  bow, once the wrapping comes undone, and the bow is tucked away ….  what’s inside will either fill your life forever, or fade away.  Some memories never go away.


Have a good day everyone…                                      Life is Love!!!            blessings……  Oyashikiri




Happy Sunday everyone!  Do you do anything special on Sundays, is it a special day for you today, what ever Sunday brings your way, embrace it for the opportunity it offers.  Another day to explore the wonders of life, the gifts of friendship you share with others, the weather in all its variety. We are blessed with a magnitude of possibilities.  There really are no problems in life, see them as opportunities.  Enrich your day and those around you  by being a mirror of light, joy and sunshine.  S M I L E.

spanish moss - dancersOur souls are not physical,  they are the force field of our BEING.

Blessings – Oyashikiri   today,tomorrow and always !

picture – moss on trees -Pinterest






In conversation with a friend, she asked me a question about feelings, and hurts, something that had been bothering her for some time.In PL fashion, I replied “life is  mirror”  Intelligent and thoughtful, she was quiet for some time, then she said, I have heard that before, but I don’t know that I understand“.  Then I had to pause, reflect and meditate on her response.  My reply had been simple to me “life is a mirror” but in fact when I thought about it.  I have had years of living with this perspective, and each time the challenge crossed my path, I learned a different lesson.  fortunately our relationship is such that we converse over a period of days and even weeks sometimes.. so I have  had time to “chew” on this one.

When we are hurt, sad, perplexed by the “perceived” action of others,  we own the reaction, we own the thoughts.  No one else is feeding them to us, they are ours, and ours alone.  It may take some time, but at some point in time, we realize that the choices we made were our own.  What takes longer is choosing to accept and own the situation you are living. The strength and courage to remove ourselves from the cycle of hurt, vulnerability and dependency.  OOOHH OUCH did I actually say that word,  write it, (takes a moment to read back a few lines)… yes I did, I said dependency, not a word I liked to associate with, but over the years I’ve learned to accept that it has been a lesson I’ve had to address more than once.

Mirrors, they can be our friend or our hardest task master.  Melody Beattie in one of her books, said “Go with the flow” let go of fear and your need to control.  Relinquish anxiety, ”  I read those words many many years ago,  I’ve never forgotten them, I remember highlighting them and reading them over and over again for weeks.  She talked of being present, accepting where you are and who you are. Taking ownership of your emotions, actions and thoughts.  Mirrors are a tool, they will only project to you what you are “seeing” in that moment.

When we look into a mirror, the only eyes looking back into ours, belong to “ me,myself and I.”  Express your appreciation for your SELF today, look in the mirror, smile and say “thank you”  ..Then find someone else in your world to say thank you to, saying it out loud is empowering, and a very nice sharing of a moment.  Not only will the person you are thanking feel a smile, you will too  One smile at a time we build a better future!


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