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A black void.  As an artist, I had a moment the other day, where I wanted to express that very moment,  not think about anything but saying, Blah. Snap, and so what. Followed by many exclamation marks.

My eyes searched my workroom… till they fell on a big bottle of black glue.  Ah Ha! I took an old canvas and began to just vent with the glue on the canvas.  It was black and shiny that I dug out a bottle of cut glass pieces I had for dear knows what reason… and some gold cording.  Then gave way to.. come what may.

Voila… t’is a black void.   my sometime co-pilot, when she saw it, said it looked like “inside a sparkling cave filled with shiny somethings. enchanting”  =^_^= I have been blessed with wonderful kind friends.

In the sunlight or under a light, it is true it has bling.  Bling  that winks and shines in a very cheerful way.  This is an example of, starting out with a blank – need to just vent/express…. letting go, and then seeing the results.

PL Calendar day 9 (2019)   It’s interesting because it’s different

Even if someone totally disagrees with you or does things differently, you may learn something from them.  Avoid getting trapped in the mindset, “This is the way it has to be” and free your mind to consider other possibilities.






Comments on: "void or" (4)

  1. For an average person wandering about, I spend far too much time thinking about event horizons, the theoretical outer edge of a black hole, “what if?” ideas mostly.
    I free associate the concept of void with black holes, and, if it was at possible to unplug one – that mixed media piece is exactly what it would leave on the floor of the galaxy. Voids have all the light, sometimes harder to see, even if you stand toes over the event horizon.
    I feel your art encompasses that comprehension. 🙂

    Let me know where to send apologies for random free association, probably the Association to Stamp Out Free Associations And Absolutely All Alliteration … And Ellipses Abuse. Never mind, they just called me.

  2. Moz Loordes said:

    Black is the one colour that shows up all others to perfection!

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