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blooming desire

photo-Shirley Keen

Put Makoto even into small things. Don’t let things go with, “oh well”. You will have a different outcome if you put Makoto

Perfect Liberty 2023.27

Makoto =Sincerity


Have you ever found yourself in conversation with a squirrel. How they will look right back at you in pure defiance. There are a couple of the little red ones that are just a little bigger than a minute.. they are loud, noisy, have a lot to say … and are determined that if you want them to go away, they are going to show you, they are going to stay. I recognize that behaviour…. Have been known to display “some” of that annoying stubbornness myself.

Compromise makes things more complicated. if you go against your intuition and compromise because circumstances or conditions, things tend to get more complicated than they need to be. Always focus on the priorities and act accordingly.

Perfect Liberty 2012,22

Express straight away once you’ve found it…” great!”.. Proactively express about others’ goodness. It feels great to be told so, even about things you already know.

Perfect Liberty 2023.24 (translated in Japan from Japaneses)
To the Moon and back!

Monday, Monday

Having the whole area to myself, meant I could be a little silly. OK, well maybe a bit more than a little… I had a great time, I could run, jump, spin,turn and do a stretch and bend, I tried a few high kicks.. and discovered that I no longer have that can can kick I used to be able to do. hmmm. was it because of my big winter boots*, my 2 winter weight vests, my big winter quilted coat.. or… was it plain and simple I’m not in the same condition I was 10 years ago. (* I blamed my cleats that I have put on my winter boots for stopping my ability to glide and spin properly..)

I made the time to walk the whole area, making sure I put makoto (sincerity) into every step. I had no excuse, no diversions.. I was alone… even the birds had other things to interest them.. they were not following me or wondering what I was doing.. I got about 20 minutes of walking, skipping, etc. before another car came crawling along the road and into the parking area.

Today’s little “time to myself” moments were needed. Why I think I have to be out and at the feeders at a given time is beyond me.. I need to work on my “I’m retired” skills. Yesterday I did the walk (the trail that winds its way through the evergreens at P23) and today I “played” in the parking lot. I’d say it is a good start to the new year. Keeping active will ensure that my “body/mind” will not get lazy.

Don’t rush or allow yourself to get flustered. When you rush, it limits your ability to pay attention to detail, and often leads to careless mistakes. With a prayerful mind, take a deep breath and act calmly.

Perfect Liberty 2016.22
See the dragon looking up, waiting to be fed?

Playmates are everywhere… one just has to be watchful, and aware … they are lurking waiting to be seen/found.

Winter White

Not a soul did I meet on the trail. One young lad came along on a winter snow bike (wide tires made for biking snow trails) he disappeared within seconds, only to be seen in the distance later on when I was on the trail that loops back to the parking lot. It was overcast, skies were rather dull and the clouds were plentiful, never-the-less it was like a mini winter wonderland. The birds were quiet, it was a tranquil walk that led me past the familiar and loved winter white evergreen and trees, along the trail.

Look.. this is the red belly woodpecker, .. sorry no. it is not the one hanging around the feeders, but one that Photographer Hien T. Nguyen ( Neihtn2012) took, I have permission to share it with you. https://neihtn.wordpress.com/2023/01/22/five-seconds/

Yes, patience is a virtue. Birders at P23 yesterday found our little guy flying around enjoying himself yesterday. Be aware that the feeders have also been drawing a few sightings of not so welcome guests… but then… to meet the very diverse community, you’ll have to drop by won’t you. =^_^=

Being asked for a favour is a chance. When someone asks for a favour from you, this is a chance for you to help others. Face the chance proactively.

Perfect Liberty 2023.23


Moving forward

Move forward with confidence. Experiences you have acquired through efforts so far are wonderful. Give it all you’ve got.

Perfect Liberty 2023. 20

The skies are cloudy and overcast – we have snow falling again..but it is mild. yesterday I did get my walk around the bog in. The above is the winter landscape that faced me. The world was quiet, the bird were busy at the feeders enjoying the fresh sunflower seeds with bonus tidbits of a variety of worms. The woodpeckers were showing their appreciation for the new suet blocks. We all enjoyed the comfortable community we were able to share. An early bird photographer came along, other than that, it was quiet on the home front.

Check with your church – all the snow should be cleared in time for service tomorrow, but check with Rev. Eugene San if you are in this area where there is a winter storm warning in place.


Stay safe everyone!

If you are travelling for the Chinese New Year, please be careful.


Others are others, I am I. If you force your values about anything on others, it can be self righteous. don’t be overeager and have a sense of “Others are others, I am I.

Perfect Liberty 2023.13

Small changes can bring about a fresh outlook. Are you just living each day and getting into a rut? By making small changes in the things you do, your day to day life can become fresh and exciting

Perfect Liberty 2012.24

Today being a Friday and the 13th. it has the promise of being a grand day. The temperature is rising, yes there is snow, but it is not freezing cold out there, it is nice. If you can’t get out, find something to do that you’ve been putting off. I know I am not alone.. there are a lot of other people out there who thrive on enjoying the 13th when it rolls around and on a Friday!

What was will be again, never the same as it was, but it will BE.

stop the car!

Layers – “stop the car” I’d shout.. “stop the car !! look over there, sheep!!” that was back when I was doing a lot of felting. Now roving and materials for felting are available almost everywhere there is a hobby or craft section in stores. But when I was knee deep in working with organic products, to sculpt my designs with felt, I had to find the sheep that would then lead me to the shepherds who tended them to find a source for fleece/roving.

Now.. I stop the car for photographic images that flash before me as I make my way into conservation landscapes… where every day there is a different wonder for me to discover. The little voice in my head will persist… “stop the car” if I procrastinate… sometime I want to go just a little further, because I don’t like the way a power line crosses in my view, or a tree is leaning in on the shot I think I want.

You know what happens.. When I hesitate (which I can do) I miss the shot!!!! Why, every moment counts when the sun is coming up…every few feet I keep moving forward, I am loosing that moment and the “excitement” that caught my attention, has faded or lazily changed before my eyes. The cloud has changed its shape,… or the red has faded to a pink and the pattern of the backdrop is blocked by a fallen tree… you get the drift..

Perception is important. Take immediate action once you suddenly perceive. You might discover something important in what you perceive.

Perfect Liberty 2023.9

The day I took this picture, there was a Nuthatch or it could have been more than one, all I know the air was filled with their song, it was pure magic. I was out of the car, I was standing by a stand of trees when the song began… it was a “stop the car” moment tho’… I stood stalk still, listened for where it was coming from, and headed to where I could get a picture. Of course without my Nikon, I got the landscape, but that’s OK, this was taken with the Pixel 7…I am just learning the phone..The one layer you can see the ice covering the outstretched limbs. then the top layer with the sun breathing fire unto the branches.. was for me a super WOW moment.

Hope your day is filled with “stop the car” moments.

There is nothing we can’t do! One way or another, we do it!

snap, another tree is down

Life is an accumulation of events… In my world, I encounter fallen trees, and learn to adjust and work around them, So that I can revel and enjoy the beauty of such moments as the other morning.

“Thank you” again and again. It feels great if someone tells you “Thank you”, even many times. By repeating this, become a person who comes up with the words “thank you” naturally.

Perfect Liberty 2023.8

Small change can bring about a fresh outlook. Are you just living each day and getting into a rut? By making small changes in the things you do, your day to day life can become fresh and exciting.

Perfect Liberty 2012.24


– season changes.. and for awhile – there are no leaves.

When taking on a task, start fresh, without being biased or jumping to conclusions. when your thinking is too rigid, you will be unable to deal with ideas in a flexible and constructive way. Always strive to look at things with a fresh mind.

Perfect Liberty 2016.6


I miss the wild turkeys!

What was it about them? I have no idea, they are not pretty or cute, but they sure had personality. Will I see them again.. I don’t know.. that is why it is so important to be in the moment. To live each moment being “present’… the memory I have of being with them, makes me smile. Priceless moments, since I have made strides over the years to be present in my interaction with life… I have many memories that please me to remember.

I see and hear people talking about what they love or remember best of the past year… and what they are looking forward to in 2023. I keep it very simple. I just like being happy, and I strive for contentment.

Always be humble. If you work on things with the attitude of asking for a favor, people around you will advise you what they have noticed. There’s something in fact you are not aware of that you do.

Perfect Liberty 2023.5

nb. translations this year were done in Japan (calendar quotations) if you have a problem understanding the lesson, please let me know.

Some days I feel ripped apart like the tree bark of a felled tree. Maybe I will heal and there will be no scars, but that is unlikely… however.. I will be stronger for the experience. Q

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