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day of gratitude

This was the tree limbs back in early 2021, below is what is left.

Below is how the feeding area looks now… I’ve since changed a couple of the feeders but you can see the difference and the setting. (a beautiful wild turkey, I miss them.. they have gone further into the woods for the winter… )

For your info…. Mer Bleue has closed the board walk, it has been blocked off… so has the boardwalk at P6 off Moodie.. At Mer Bleue we are now hosting Evening Grosbeaks, and joy of happiness… they are at P23 too. (Dewberry)…. today was a real winner, I got both the red bellied woodpeckers and the grosbeaks while I was there filling the feeders.. bonus the crackle dropped in.

To everyone celebrating Thanksgiving today… Enjoy!

Be cheerful and friendly with those around you. Other people can sense how you are feeling … so, be cheerful.

Perfect Liberty 2022.24

dawn and fog

These were taken, some time after I arrived, the fog had been so dense that it was too dark, Driving I could only see one car length ahead … fortunately I know the road, even so.. I was very cautious. My appreciation only deepens for the photographers who do this on a regular basis. If you want the pictures you have to be prepared to get up and out, so you are at where you want to be when the light is just how you want it.

It’s about being at the right place at the right time.. sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn’t.

Take action without thinking too hard. No matter how hard you try to foresee the future, you really don’t know how things will turnout. Do your best and see how it plays out.

Perfect Liberty 2022.4

Have a great week-end. In Canada, this week-end (Sunday) is when Daylight savings ends.

Thursday Doors

Let’s trip down memory lane. Every door is a story in itself, put it is always part of what we are looking at. See if any of these doors today, tickle your fancy and send you back to another time and place.

For more doors, please visit Thursday Doors .. follow this link https://nofacilities.com/2022/11/03/meeting-in-granby/ it will take you to Dan’s No Facilities site for the weekly feature.

Cheers everyone I love my doors and vintage cars!!!

when dragons soar

There is a magic that can’t be denied when you look up and see the dragon’s trail as it winds it way up and into the void that is called he Universe. His roar is silent as he soars, but the light left by his tail can be seen for miles around for those who believe.

Won’t be long now, Monday will be Hallow’s Eve. It was once a pagan festival, did you know Halloween was once a religious holiday. It is the day before All Saints’ Day, Nov.1.. Halloween was a Celtic feast called Samhain, “summer’s end”…they believed the dead could walk among the living. Christianity adopted Oct. 31 in the 11th century.

Trick or treating began in places like Ireland and Scotland where people went house to house asking for small breads in exchange of prayer. Celebrants believe that the barriers between the physical world and the spirit world break down during Samhain ( there was a revival with the popularity of Wicca in the 1980s)

Wicca celebration of Samhain takes on many forms, from the traditional fire ceremonies to celebrations that embrace many aspects of modern Halloween, as well as activities related to honoring nature or ancestors.

Wiccans look at Samhain as the passing of the year, and incorporate common Wiccan traditions into the celebration.

Let’s have a humble mind. Once you think, “that’s good enough” you become blind to the opportunities to be more creative.

Perfect Liberty 2022.30

It is your road…

and yours alone to to walk, so much to see, so much to discover.

You will meet and walk with others along the way, but no on can walk the road for you.

Are you overdoing things? Not only do you harm yourself when you overdo things, but you may be imposing on others as well.

Perfect Liberty 2022.29

“Step out of the history that is holding you back… step into the new story you are willing to create.” Orpah Winfrey


a stop the car moment

PL Precept # 19 Begin once you Perceive.

There is no denying that a new season has arrived. The leaves with the rain that we’ve just had will be dropping more then they have been. In the forest there has been the soft sound of continuously falling leaves, as they flutter to the earthen floor. I was in the right place at the right time yesterday as I drove down Ridge Road towards the parking for Mer Bleue Bog.

Praying before taking action changes the outcome. Have clear wishes and do your best. Then something new will open up for you.

Perfect Liberty 2022.27

For some reason i thought yesterday was Thursday and did my door post yesterday, if you are looking for the link to the weekly Door feature, here it is.. https://nofacilities.com/2022/10/27/new-old-doors/

also note.. I have now tried the CBD roll on for my arthritis in the fingers/thumb joint, with the compression glove and it does provide some relief… but I still (after a couple of days of raking etc.) needed the heavy duty pain med (over counter) from the pharmacy to sleep. As you all know.. evenings.. night time, is when flare ups can be a real nuisance.

Saturday Scarecrow

photo Chris OKeefe, USA., fresh off the press!

Every year I would get such a chuckle out of how Chris and his wife would do their décor up for the fall, I went looking this year and couldn’t find what was done. Chris generously send me the picture for this year. So, dear readers, here it is…. the critters that visit their yard from the woods behind their home, must find it entertaining… they must wonder at the antics of “humans”.. we are after all such a special species.

Spent part of today, sweeping up leaves, and bringing some of my wood finds under cover ( into the garage).. there I hope they will dry out over winter.. they will no longer be exposed to the weather, it can get extreme here when we are into the full throes of a Canadian winter. Since the forecast is for rain off and on over the week-end I also drained the water barrel of the accumulation from the last couple of weeks. Called fall chores … bet you have your own to deal with… =^_^=

Please.. no applause, these tasks got done because.. I was in the mood today to be outside and I felt like it.. the “lazy” me could return at anytime..!!!

Face the speaker, make eye contact and listen carefully. Listening to people is also a form of expression. Listen with Makoto (sincerity)

Perfect Liberty 2022.15

PS.. note.. raking/yard work can be satisfying when doing it.. the aftermath if you have arthritis in the hands/wrist/fingers etc. can be devastating

September 6

Bald Eagle -juvenile, by Nature photographer Edith St. Martin https://www.instagram.com/edithstm/

Don’t let circumstances sway your decision. It does not help to overthink things. Sometimes we just need to make up our minds and move forward.

Perfect Liberty 2022.6

Be in the present – Belong …. practice mindfulness…

“Love is not something we give or get; it is something we nurture and grow.. a connection that can be cultivated between two people only if it exists within each one of them.



Num has just returned from a trip home to Thailand, he shared some amazing pictures which over time you will get to see some of my favourites .. but please indulge yourself, visit his Instagram to see some of the amazing shots he got while there. the next picture of his, was taken during one of his early morning strolls.

Thailand – good morning – by NumOttawa

Your smile is what’s needed. a smile invites happiness and cheer and is essential to energize others as well as yourself.

Perfect Liberty 2022.3

Tuesday 30th

Mer bleu back in 2021
now 2022

This is where I spend a few minutes each day weeding… pulling out the growth in that one area .. slowly the small birds, the nuthatch, chickadees .. are coming to see if some offerings have been put down, The Doves love cleaning up the “floor”… the blue jays are back watching for me to arrive… have even caught sight of black birds .. the wild turkeys are of course still around, they had several months of little to no traffic.. now the cars and humans are returning.

Let’s have a humble mind. Once you think, “that’s good enough,” you become blind to the opportunities to be more creative.

Perfect Liberty 2022.30

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