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pretty textures

I managed a few pictures of the sun and shadows that played amongst the ground cover on the forest floor. I confess to giving in to the hoard of biting mosquitos that swarmed all around me. This is the first time they have managed to get up my sleeves, and /or bite through the flannel shirt I was wearing. My arms are covered in bites/welts, I will be taking allergy pills for the rest of the day.

I have a video that I somehow took while capturing the pictures I got this morning. Try as I might I don’t know how to size it so it will show up here. You can actually see all the activity of the mosquitos flying back and forth around the lens of the camera. If someone out there also on WP can offer a suggestion I’d appreciate your comments. What I have is 1:48 minutes long. In the past I just insert and it has copied, but not today.

Tell yourself “Things happen” Even if something is inconvenient once you accept it you will be able to move onto the next step.

Perfect Liberty 2021.8

Nature always wears the colours of the spirit.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Black Rapids -Parks Canada

What a treat. I last visited here, a LONG time ago, I remember my Dad bringing me here so he could take pictures. Back then it was a whole day’s journey to get out to this location. People came with picnic baskets and to fish. while they watched leisure boats come through the locks. Now from downtown, 15 minutes maybe.

When I heard that today was going to be a scorcher with a very high humidity factor, going into the woods was not going to be an option I was going to consider. Along the water I thought would be my best location for pictures and my walk. I’ve reached my next level of accomplishment on my health tracker app. =^_^= so far today I’ve done 1.5 miles. it’s just after the noon hour.

Energy springs from your smile. A smile makes you and others cheerful and energetic.

Perfect Liberty 2021.4

Note. Parking is not free, it is $1.00 and hour, maximum $4.00

What I saw was a lot of cleared area for picnics and family gatherings.. Tables are spaced well apart. There must be good fishing, several guests arrived after I arrived for fishing. The people I saw, had picnic hampers with them, and folding chairs, they were there for a good spot of leisure fishing.

Easy to find, drive out Prince of Wales, keep going, past Hunt Club, and before Fallowfield. It is on the left, you will see the sign near the road.

From the highway looking down the laneway you take, you will see the old gate keepers house. Staff are friendly and there are facilities there for when and if they are needed.


today’s quote

can’t help but wonder, what sound(s) took place when the tree fell

My first “conversation” this morning was with Dan https://nofacilities.com/, a wonderful man who lives with a special dog called Maddie, they eat /share a piece of toast after a walk. In his post yesterday he shows a very contended dog chilling on the couch after a walk, and the shared time with her human,

My second “read” was https://rebeccasrevels.wordpress.com/2021/06/02/day153-footnotes-of-a-forced-hand/ how Rebecca’s had to deal with inconsiderate neighbours who allow their untrained dog to terrorize her dogs that are in her yard, securely fenced in and collared.

Yesterday was a beautiful day as you can see from the above photo, today it is a happy day for farmers, it is raining. Not sure how much rain we will get, but from what the radio announced yesterday, it will not be nearly enough. While in Pennsylvania it has rained, stormed and rained some more, we have had little rain to speak of, just lots of bright sunny days, one after another.

We live in such a complex world, so much is happening all around us, Some we can control, and much of it, is simply out there. There is nothing we can do but accept some of it, work around a lot of it, enjoy and appreciate what we can, and move along beyond what is not in our power to do anything about.

Improve yourself to have a kinder heart. Do what you can to be caring and considerate to make others happy.

Perfect Liberty 2021.3
the cycle continues

In PL we have the 21 Precepts and 21 Principles to help guide us through the maze of experiences we encounter in life, the ministers and Hokyoshi (assistant ministers) are always available to help/assist ..

Key is PL Precept #11 Always be with God.

#16 All things progress and develop. # 15 All is a mirror # 18 Each moment is a turning Point

Simple statements, yet very difficult to master, we are constantly learning and relearning… believe me, it is not from lack of trying.

Today is a new day, PL Precept # 1 Life is Art… PL Precept # 2 To live is to express one’s self.

Change we all need change in our lives, yet for some unknown reason, the tendency is to hang on. Let’s work to improve ourselves… meditate, find inner peace.. even if it is for a short time. ie. for me its the walks in the woods…

Do what you can to be caring and considerate to make others happy

PL 2021.3
be safe – you are loved!

Morning stroll

Silly how one bird can make your day. One photographer Bjoern Rost, can make it even better. By the time I got to the bog, I was running late, I’d already walked at P23…time was limited, I asked Bjoern who had just arrived, IF he was able to get a picture of my little “princess” could he send it along to me.. Et voila, I got more than one, you can see the little woodpecker in all her beauty. yes, to me, she gets my attention more than the blue jay who has also been hanging around. Ok yes there are other birds.. but this little one is the one I spoil. Thank YOU Bjoern!

Tomorrow 31st (calendar)

Don’t think overly about people. Instead of being excessively concerned about others, focus on what you should do.

Perfect Liberty 2021.31

Have a great start to the week everyone!

stay safe and be well..

Sunday May 16

Every day is a new beginning

In a conversation with a treasured friend who lives in sunny California, she observed I took pictures of sticks, and empty branches, another precious friend, mentioned I like “dead wood” Hmmm I thought, how true the expression… beauty is in the eye of the beholder… =^_^=… I love capturing the moments I experience, they tell a story, and give a visual to the life that unfolds around me.

my magnolia in bloom

I love my magnolia, when it blooms the fragrance that fills the air is AMAZING. My neighbour who is beside me and shares the love of this tree, says she gets the best of it.. the pure beauty of its flowers, and the scent it gifts the neighbourhood. I get to sweep up the fallen petals as they descend to the ground after they do their showing off.

Yeppers, each and every one of these petals falls to the ground when it has done its “showing off”… and no they don’t all fall at once or in the same place, the wind/breezes ensure they land everywhere. I had a very mindful day yesterday, must have swept up the fallen at least 5 times in the span of afternoon and early evening. This morning I found more waiting, and by this afternoon when I return from church there will be more.. and NO she hasn’t finished shedding yet.

Is the tree still loved and appreciated. YES. I never tire of saying, that I feel very blessed that I live in a country that has 4 distinct seasons. Each season, has a reason for being.. just like me, myself and I.. every part of my personality, character is ME, and even when I am fragmented and disjointed, life not running smoothly I thank God that I am alive and here to experience all that is offered. If I didn’t experience the greatest moments of LOVE/Happiness I wouldn’t know the sadness or feeling of lonely/loss…. it is because I feel, because I love that I am alive ..

I will live with a mind of appreciation towards others and things.

PL Principle #3

What is “normal” is different for each individual. Everyone has a different way of thinking and doing. It is important to understand others’ feelings.

Perfect Liberty 2021.16

Till soon…

Stay safe…

love is unconditional

new adventure

today I’m going back to meet up with a wildlife nature photographer who has a new idea for capturing what our forest friends are up to. He has invited me to join him to show me what he has been up to.. yeah! except I’ll have to cope with the mosquitos, Eliza has thoughtfully offered up what she uses… guess who is going to pause here to see if the product can be found here. We are on lock down, only essentials are open. fingers crossed.. (note to self, save to draft)

Perceiving equals doing. Each time you notice something, it is a gift from God. don’t miss the opportunity to act.

Perfect Liberty 2021.15


every day is a new beginning
  1. the OFF worked.. Thanks Eliza
  2. no wild life nature photographer was harmed in the making of this blog =^_^=

Mud Lake 5.12

This next picture was an awesome moment, unfortunately I was unable to get a good picture, I was frozen in place on a stump, the Mother and Father of these babies were coming along behind me, since I was sitting their heads and beaks would have been right in my face, back of head, or my neck. I was not going to chance moving.

No matter what the day was like prior to my arriving at Mud Lake, as soon as I stepped into the area, I was in a different zone. I love being out in Nature, but then I’m sure you’ve arrived at that piece of information already.

every time I meet up with this female duck I’m loving her more, her beautiful markings are exquisite. Her partner is more colourful, true but I find her pattern to be a work of art.

It was a sunny day, temperatures were balmy, next time I need to get their earlier, when I arrived, the cars were already lined up all along the road. However, altho’ the wildlife is plentiful, I think I prefer an environment with less human taffic.

LIFE IS ART PL Precept #1

PS I did get to see the muskrat, but he/she was on the move. I will share a picture of that muskrat soon. Stay tuned.

Bearbrook, trails off

At first I was disappointed, my first stop was where the big hill is for tobogganing. (winter activity).. when I explored the possibilities along the trails close to the hill, I found them more suitable to “bikers”.. not the first time I’ve considered the idea of a trail bike, the kind with the big tires. ….. don’t worry the thought came, and went.. =^_^=

some sections today were very steep, I needed to craft a walking stick to help me balance when I started the upward climb.
found a carpet of dandelions – the bees love them

The sun stayed out for me .. it was a beautiful day, got my exercise, now I get to sit back and just relax.

If I can exercise every day, so can you !!

PL Precept #20 Live maintaining equilibrium between mind and matter.

Perfect Liberty

silent Sunday, sort of….

I stopped for a minute and got lost in the moment.

I like it!

Be a person who can say “I like it” Find what moves you the most and express your appreciation.

Perfect Liberty 2021.2
Freedom is –
love from me to you – always

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