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Egg Roll Tuesday

do egg rolls count as calories

only if you admit to having one

what if they are baked

and not fried

really .. would it still be an egg roll

OK, I will go back out to the garden

pretend we never had

this conversation

you decide

I say

no egg roll,

no calorie

but then, what do I know…

so YOU know

they are homemade

a calorie, will never hide

there is no lying

the real you

will always know

whether you admit to it

or not


bake for 30 minutes


today, Oct.1


Today was a day for listening.  First at home, then at church, and again at the hospital.  I listened.  My head was filled with words, feelings and thoughts that kept going round and round.  After a brief lunch, I got back in the truck and drove towards the outskirts of the city. Driving for me is therapeutic.


Sometimes like this Japanese ama, I feel like I’m diving for something, and I may or may not find it.  This ama was searching for shellfish off the shores of Japan.(1930’s)  We know there is a message or “something” that we should be “seeing” or grasping….but will it happen…. only time will tell.

Shaolin Kung Fu Student, Henan Province, China, 2004, final print_milan

Shaolin Kung Fu Student, Henan Province, China, 2004,

Everyone we  meet in life, has a “story”, an interest, hobby, something they enjoy that means something to them. And, everyone, at one time had a family, or someone who gave them birth. They have history, and they live each day making their own way in this world, one moment at a time.  Sometimes it seems endless, and other times, everything just gets lost in limbo, and truth becomes too jumbled too hard to piece together.


The young man I saw this morning, was granted another chance at life, he was aware and in physical pain.  Some times the pain we feel is just so unique it is beyond words.  Yet through the pain, he felt the moment when love touched his weary broken body.

Love is  a powerful medicine, and a divine state of being.

We are all capable of such love, to both give and receive.

Love of life, has to begin with you.

Today was a new beginning.


The man I met this evening, said he wished he could live in the past.

Yet in his reality of the moment, he is an artist who created a world that was of the past, and he had done it well.  His way of dealing with the present is to create a yesterday where others can see how Native American’s lived back in the days of the “wild West”

Interesting how I met with one energy who wanted to escape the past, and in the evening, I was with someone who prefered the past.

Yet both, can only live in the present … in the now…

How lucky was I … that the Universe gave me a  Yin/Yang day.

How was yours?  Life is good, it really really is.

Everyday is a good day, when I get to spend time with you..

Namaste       –          Oyashikiri

today 9.21.15

08c01b70b0bb8068c6d484af260a33b8In the shade they sat, comfortable in the silence of a long valued friendship.  The years had been kind, neither had much to say that the other didn’t already know,  nothing of importance anyway.  Love of life, and shared adventures had provided each with  memories that  settled happily in their hearts.


The same sky holds different hues on a tropical isle, where someone else sits silently alone in thought, Time has no place here, for in their heart, they share a love that transcends mortal boundaries, a love that fills the heart with gladness and joy that is beyond explanation or spoken word.


Autumn the season of colour, cultivation,anticipation and harvest… what better time to walk with God and spend the time needed to rejuvenate and rediscover the meaning and power of unconditional love. We cannot redo the past, nor can we bear responsiblity for the next one, but we can take responsibility for now, and for how we live each coming minute of the day.  No two people are alike, yet we are ONE…. there is an invisible connection that when activated, it is a forever always moment, and everlasting.


When our lives are deeply rooted in God/Tao, we are spiritually rich regardless of circumstances.

“I didn’t know I was waiting/lost .. till I was found.”

namaste      –      oyashikiri


**sunset beach, xengavity,flickr

***bamboo ladle,damien douxchamps,flickr

*v instagram.com

Ohayo gozaimasu, ichi-gatsu 30

japan 1

Good morning everyone…

For those of us waking to a world of white snow and high winds, thought we would take to the streets in another climate. The day seems bright enough, but I could see the wind blowing the wind flag and it wasn’t messing around. Although only 14 degrees Fahrenheit, with the wind chill factor it has to be cutting cold out there.  Dress warmly if you are going out, wear a warm scarf, makes all the difference =^_^=.  (-15 Celsius?)


I found this picture of a Japanese carving the other day.  At one time I was very interested in and had started a collection of “Netsuke”.  A Netuske is a small miniature carving, many of which date back to a different period in time. This Japanese monkey is from the Mejii Period (1868 – 1912), look at the detail, the monkey is looking through a magnifying glass, to view an insect on a persimmon.  The carving is 1.5 inches.

There had to be no compromise nor hesitation of the artists hands while he/she worked.  I can only imagine the concentration and focus that went into this wonderful work of art.  Our lives are works of art, how often are you called upon to compromise, or when dealing with another, you find yourself hesitating because you simply are not on the same page and paragraph of the person you are interacting with.

Japan, 2

When we find ourselves rethinking, or pausing in our actions, then it is time to take a break and think about what is meaningful to us.  What is important to us, if we compromise, or not speak up on what we really feel, matters will only become more complicated…………. Always be true to yourself!…………….

Namaste     –     Oyashikiri



*Asakusa,Tokyo (explored) by stuckinseoul on Flickr

** artfact.com

***red bridge, Ogunijinja Shrine, Shizuoka ;ref. Janap

**** Tofuku-ji (Kaoru N)

Good Morning everyone!



There are more quotes, sayings and motivational posters out there then one can count or keep track of.  The bottom line, and the simplicity of life is that we, and we alone, are the masters of our own destiny. Own your life, take responsibility for what you’re faced with, deal with it, no one else can do it for you.

Happiness is a state of “Being” and that is where I like to be.  When I find that for whatever reason, I’m drifting from that “state” I’ve learned that I am the only one who can reclaim my inner smile.

Happiness is a habit I’m not willing to give up!


Namaste      –      Oyashikiri


** catarinaregina.blogspot.com.br

* & 3 files

You live where?

Switzerland, Vals

I’ve heard the expression, it’s just “a hole in the wall”, but this house in Vals, Switzerlannd, is certainly different.  For sure you are not in view of your neighbours, and you are not disrupting the surrounding landscape.  I also wondered what the view out was…

house,upside down trassenheide Germany

This house is in Trassenheide, Germany, and if you think that it is a stand alone, it isn’t.  There are many more such homes in other parts of the world.  Why anyone would like to live in a house that appears to be upside down, I don’t know, but if you  research it, there are such homes, and people do love them, live in them and enjoy them.

This next picture has nothing to do with houses/architecture, but it is an interesting find.  don’t scroll down right away … see if you know what it is.

body snatching prevention 18th 19th centuries Scotland

The above is called a mortdsafe and is a unique Scottish invention.  It came about in the 18th and 19th centuries to prevent grave robbing.  Scotland  was rampant with body snatching,  thus a way to crate and deter.  Examples have been found close to Scottish medical schools.!!

home, small Japan,Tokyo

This delightful build in Tokyo, Japan, is by architect Yasuhiro Yamashita,crowded cities, with small lots means that creativity is a must.  Home is where the heart is, home is what you make it.  No matter where you live or how you live, it is what or where you chose to be … or why are you there.  We can enjoy other landscapes, we can travel the world, we can fly, take boat cruises, there is a lot to see when we venture outside our familiar environments.  In the end though, no matter where we land, we are always still ourSELVES. No physical distances or weird and unique inventions will take away the fact, that you are who you are.  How you adorn your life, is of no matter, when you look in the mirror, it is YOU, you will see.

Mountains,Tianzi, used to filn Avatar

Tianzi Mountain, so uniquely tall and thin, they were used by James Cameron in the filming of the movie “Avatar”.  Some of the columns of stone pillars have reached over 4,000 feet above sea level.100e3b47ad44526ead38f80036de9140

Be at peace

Wherever you may be

For it is only in loving me

The me inside of you

that you will find inner peace.

Namaste      –      Oyashikiri





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v- Swiftcurrent Lake,Glacier National Park USA (stunningcorner.blogspot.com)

self expression

Your environment and the things that happen to us and around us, are the materials/tools of our self-expression.  In living the PL “way” we  learn that it is with God’s blessings that we are able to freely express ourselves using these materials.

4fead84ae78e442b65208bc3535b2d14By doing our best to live a life that is filled with happiness and good health, we have to begin with the basics in life. We have to believe and trust that our connection to the Universe is a constant force in all we say and do.  We need to strive to maintain, respect and acceptance of the  difference in others,  And, to recognize that hardships are the challenges in life that give us strength and character.


There is only one you, individual, unique and very special.  You are the “artist” who creates the story lines in your “book”  Make them joyful and meaningful.


Live each day to the fullest, never regret what was, celebrate the experience and move on.  The photographer who saw this moment in time, captured it for us, what a beautiful sharing. From the state of mind of being one with God, we learn the path to happiness, how to progress and elevate ourselves to find true freedom in our lives, based on the truth, ” Life is Art”

Namaste   –    Oyashikiri

* Epic house, TNW, the nextweb.com

**buzzfeed.com  Barios,Ecuador

*** amongraf.ro  Jacaranda trees in bloom, Pretoria South Africa

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