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Being cheerful


December arrives, and the excitement starts to build

The airwaves are full of happy songs anticipating the festive holidays

As children it didn’t matter what or where the holiday originated

not really, it was that everyone seemed so happy, and time was made

for decorating, planning and having friends and family over.

It centered around an evergreen tree, if you were lucky  enough to have

one fresh from the farm or farmer’s market, the smell of the freshly cut

tree would permeate the house.

vintage xmas 1

In school, we were told about what Christmas meant to our classmates

and how, the spirit of goodwill to all, was the lesson we should be learning

Mostly we were from different backgrounds, and the teacher would do

his/her best to  show us how in respecting each other’s  differences

we could all enjoy this wonderful holiday together.  Learn from each other

and share in the giving of “loving one another” and working towards

“peace on earth”

vintage xmas 2

We were encouraged to make something special for those we cared about

it was a time where we made time to find something to give our

closest friends and parents something from the “heart”

It wasn’t about the cost, but about showing how that person brought

happiness into our lives by sharing their lives with ours.

Xmas cards were so much fun to make or pick out, each with a message

that was specific to that friend or parent.

vintage xmas 3

There was an innocence, a joy, it felt good to say Merry Christmas.. to one and all

Not for religious reasons, but because it was being respectful, and caring.

Like saying, “have a great day and life”  Almost always it brought a smile for a response.

vintage xmas 4

Yes, the world is changing, and Yes there are now many more cultures that have come together

under one umbrella.  The month of December is the one time that should be Universal in maintaining

the spirit of Christmas.. (Xmas)….. we are all ONE… we all love, hurt, endure,and live one day at a time.

We want health, happiness and longevity for ourselves and our loved ones.  no matter who we are….

let us celebrate this holiday, with the mantra of “goodwill to all”

allow the cheerfulness of the season, to bring glad tidings to all…..

vintage xmas 6



Love makes all things possible

God is love

Namaste      –      Oyashikiri

PL Precept 11  Always be with God

PL Precept # 3   God appears through one’s self.

PL Precept 15    All is a mirror.



Top of the morning !

Ireland,druid trees,enchanted forestDruid Forest, Ireland..  What an enchanting photograph. Today being St. Patrick’s day, I’m sure there will be a lot of wearing of the green today.  I know that my experience has been, Irish or not, many people celebrate the day, and share in the ancient traditions.  Did you know that  the ascending  series of  green- white- red-  formed the favourite symbols of the Egyptians and the Celtic druids, Dante who knew his traditional symbology, had Beatrice appear dressed in green,white and red,  which expressed, hope, faith and charity.  Did you know that green is a colour of antithetical tendencies…. it is the colour of life, (growth) and the colour of death.. Similarly green takes the middle place in the every day scale of colours.  LOL  I’m sure that today you will soon loose count of all the different shades of green you see, not to mention the many creative ways green will be shown, or adorned.

Oshieoya-sama (head minister of the Church of PL, Perfect Liberty) wrote an article (May 12, 1984) which was  reproduced for us and distributed in the Perfect Liberty newsletter  volume 7, issue 1, March 2014, in which he talks about the similarity and the differences in PL and other religions.  He talks of how the objectives of religions are all similar , in that they all strive for World Peace, then goes on to talk about how each religion  has its own unique way of  sharing this with their members.  One of the most important things taught in PL is to put the teachings into practice, on a daily and regular basis. For a copy of this article (it is short one page),i n the States, contact Rev. Takashi  Goto     goto@perfectliberty.ca    In Canada   Rev.Eugene Hayashi       ethayashi@perfectliberty.ca  for other countries, either of these ministers will give you contact information.


Ireland's Cliffs of MoherThese cliffs in Ireland bring tourists from far and wide.  When I saw them I thought of how majestic and beautiful they were, how nature over time had carved out each and every crevice in her own way as only she can do.. each section is a story all of its own, yet together they present the viewer with a formidable challenge, could they be climbed?  I know myself, I would want to study all the nooks and crannies to discover the secrets that they would hold.  while I gazed at the shear beauty of the cliffs, I wondered if the photographer had taken close up shots of any of the different rock compositions, and plant varieties…….  Guess I’ll never know =^_^=  another puzzle, that brings a smile.. Mysteries are so much a part of life when one has a curious active mind…

Irish Erin go Bragh -Ireland Forever” May your blessings outnumber the shamrocks that grow……………and any trouble avoid you, wherever you go “   

smilePencilphotographs – Pinterest – cliffs of Moher, Ireland

Let there be love on Earth



Let there be love on earth and let it begin with me  – Let there be love on earth, the love that was meant to be

With God ever present, family all are we – Let us walk with each other in perfect harmony..

Let Love begin with me, let this be the moment now = With every breath I take, let this be my joyous vow

To take each moment and live each moment in love eternally – Let there be love on earth and let it begin with me!

Song from the Unity Church    www.unity.org 



Good Morning everyone!

Good Morning everyone!

Finding our own happiness…is a lifelong opportunity to live a life of ” Art.”…
We each have our own unique personalities and lifestyles. Therefore,the path and journey is different for each one of us.

PL Precept # 2.. To live is to express One’s Self.
PL Precept #11 Always be with God/Tao


Church – Prayer-Meditation

church - prayer

What church you attend, and how you pray, this is very personal. Only something you can decide. What is important is that you pray. That communication with the Divine/Universe is a constant part of your life on a daily basis.
Always be open to the words/direction/guidance of God/TAO

nov.29_002Call it meditation, call it prayer, call it anything you want, but make the time every day to keep in touch with your “inner voice”  Whether you believe it or not, you are connected to the Universe, in all you say, do, everything.

nov.29_001Some of us pray in a formal church, and many of us, have our own private places where we find our quiet and calm.  The formality of a church can be daunting, and to some boring.  In life I have found that no matter where I’ve gone, or what the circumstances, the people/souls I’ve connected with, no matter the outer appearance, were spiritual in their own way.  ie. in SL, behind every avatar is a human being with a heart that lives and breathes.  In life, everyone we meet has a heart that beats, they live with feelings, hurts and bruises, and have loved and lost just like you and I.

A.nov 30_002

This church in SL is open to everyone.  It is run by a church in the States.  when you arrive at the church, you can obtain a notecard that gives you the information on the how and why of the church.  I’ve cut and paste the first part of the note card for you.

“I hope that you will find sweet kindness here. My SL name is Pelagius Friend (see the note on Pelagius at the bottom of this notecard). My RL name is Benhardt Fraumann and I am a Presbyterian Minister who serves a RL church just outside New York City. My RL website…if you ever want to hear a homily is http://www.communitypc.org. ”   He then goes on to explain the concept of the church and talk about Monk represented in their build, it is very interesting.   Pelagius (350-418 A.D. Approximate)

This is not the only church to provide a place for the many thousands of players in SL. ( PL is also present in SL along with many many others)

Offer sincere words and demonstrate acts of kindness, today and always.  Live with World Peace in your hearts. Blessings today, tomorrow and always.nov.29_003http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Born/178/63/29

photos-Second Life,Church of the Dawntreader, Q

A Testimony from Spain

This is the” voice” of a PL member in Spain,  I have left her words her own, I hope it touches you as much as it touched me to read what she has to day.  Today at church, I talked of appreciation, and now this evening I have her email, that reaffirms to me how valuable living in Perfect Liberty is.


 Ana Pedrosa

Church Madrid


 I entered in PL the 24th of October of 2009, thanks to a fellow worker and great friend Maria del Carmen Larios, who had returned to Spain her country after 15 years in Argentina. I net Maria del Carmen because she gave me classes of how develop better my business in Madrid, every class I observed her the way she moves and talks and how she acts doing things very different from the others, with a full philosophy of attitude, with love, generosity, being useful to the others  never waiting anything back from others. 

That power, that big example called totally my attention, besides other leaders from our company never taught us so big and so splendid, they always expect something back from us.   She always told us to be better to the society, taking a message of hope, harmony, well-being and she always taught us that everything is possible if it is done with “Art”.

I remember that many afternoons I asked her about her philosophy of life and talk about PL for hours, she said to me that it was thanks to the practice of a Japanese religion, call PL.

I astonished myself reading the prayers book and the newspapers she showed me those days. She started to share with me the PL lessons and principles.    Thanks to PL I have been able to totally understand, experience  the FAITH, because I come from a catholic religious education  and even I always have faith I could not understand it the way I do it now.

 After some months Maria del Carmen started to spread the PL religion with other colleagues and we all love it, she has done it so strongly and with so much affection that we all have began to have a better life practicing this religion.  We meet once a week in our office to pray and to receive knowledge of PL. Maria del Carmen is a big example and she shares her art with us.

Thanks to PL I am much happier in life, I always love life but during the last 3 years I got divorced and it was hard to handle because my divorce has being traumatic, long process and painful.   My 8 years old son is also a PL member  and thanks to PL we are going through this process with love and hope. Both of us feel the Oshieoya-sama blessings every day.

 I have being  in Japan this summer for the Rensei and it has being the more extraordinary experience I have ever had in life.  I have no words to explain the experience but definitively every member of PL should have the dream and bless of being once there. It has being the first time in PL history that a caravan of 6 Spanish people go to Seichi Japan.  These has being possible thanks to Maria del Carmen´s and Sensei Mizunoe blessings and effort.  Thank you to all members of PL for your prayers and well doing.

Thank you Ana for sharing your “heart” with us.  Thank Maria and say hello to everyone in Spain for us.  I hope to get to see you in the new year.



Friday 13th Everybody! Hurrah!!

Friday the 13th Everybody! Hurrah!!

This little guy is getting ready to go to the church with me to set up for tomorrow’s Garage Sale. Been sorting and pricing for days, jewelry,crafts,scrapbook supplies, the stuff still left to take in. There is more at the church that I will be getting at later today. We have a crew coming in later in the day to help.
Tomorrow, bright and early we will be ready for you.  Come share the fun with us.
A big thank you, to those of you who are so kind to write and/or give likes, I love hearing from you.
Yes I do have a Pinterest page- check Dymoon Canaille,

NOW.. tell me about you, how are you doing today?
Do you have a full day ahead of you, or in a different time zone, How has your day been so far?

In PL we believe GOD resides in your prayerful mind. When we make a heartfelt and continuous effort, The Universe responds to our Makoto (sincerity).

Have you ever read any of the works of Wayne W. Dyer?
He wrote “ While God represents the one power and does not recognize any other power, your mind is something quiet different. Your mind has both the power of evil and the power of good. As long as you use this power for the purpose of creating harmony in yourself and others you are consistent with the one Power of spirit. Spirit is the one unifying force in the Universe”

No effort is ever wasted. No matter how small your efforts, your Makoto will always be rewarded.

Smile dearest reader,really I ask you right this moment to smile with me, aaaahhhh a smile feels so good.  A nice wide smile, eyes closed. YES it just feels soooo darn good!  Your inner smile is ALWAYS with you. Use it.

Feel the love and joy being sent to you today. God/TAO resides in your prayerful Mind.
Now and Always. amen

Always challenge Yourself With New Things

Always Challenge Yourself With New Things – PL teaching day 17

Life is interesting because we always encounter unknown or new situations that we have never experienced before.  don’t be afraid of failure and proactively challenge each new situation.  Always Challenge Yourself with New Things

When sitting with Rev. Goto today in his office, the rain was falling against the window, giving a steady staccato with various depths of sound as it hit  an overhang and then tumbled downward against the window pane.  It surprised me, and for a second or two it captured my attention.  Then we resumed our conversation, and the musical rain disappeared, my focus was on the  subject matter of our meeting.  My upcoming trip to Japan is a personal challenge for me.  The last time I flew was  several years ago, when I flew into Missoula, Montana.  I vowed I would never travel that distance again, certainly not over mountains in a plane and iffy weather.

That was then and this is now.  I will be in  Japan, (Headquarters Tondabayashi Osaka)  for the annual Founders’ Day Ceremony on August 1.  On this day hundreds of thousands of PL believers from the local churches in Japan, and from distant parts of the world, gather  to appreciate and pray to the First and Second Founders who are still working spiritually for the rapid realization of true world peace.  The ceremony will climax with an hour-long display of the world’s greatest fireworks, “The Art of PL Fireworks”.  How mind-blowing and awesome will that be.

Also on Founder’s Day, August 1, the annual Peace Tower Ceremony is held.  The spirits of all those who have died in war, regardless of race, religion or nationality are enshrined in the altar of the Peace Tower.  In this ceremony we console their spirit and pray for the everlasting peace of mankind.

Visit our websites for more information.  Follow me on my journey, share the joy =^_^=

Jan 19 pm_001

God Resides in Your Prayerful Mind

PL teaching for day 13 – God Resides in your Prayerful Mind. In addition to making heartfelt and continuous effort, let’s pray to God. God will surely respond to your Makoto (sincerity)

I would like to share with you a couple of sentences from the chapter Life is Art from our PL member’s guide ” Your Artist Expressions Are what Makes Your Life a Work of Art” . As a living person, you interact with the people and things around in order to express your feelings. your life is shaped by the way you express yourself each and every day. Through your daily artistic expressions, you can create your one and only life.”
I have found since becoming a member of PL that I am soaking in the writings of other members who have put together booklets to help new members understand what the Church of Perfect Liberty is all about. I love sharing our faith -(such sharing is called Shingei) . Each day is a new canvas,  just when I think I couldn’t be happier, I read more of the teachings and “life”: gets even better
PL teaching for day 13 – God Resides in your Prayerful Mind.

Thank you for sharing this moment with me. Oshieoya-sama teaches us that the surest way to be blessed is to appreciate all the blessing we have received. Living in Perfect Liberty I feel very blessed.

Don’t let Yourself Think “It’s too hard” Just give it a Try

PL Teaching for day 12.  Don’t let Yourself think “It’s too Hard”  Just Give It a Try.

Always look at things that appear before you with a can do attitude and accomplish your goals with strong conviction.

At the end of July I will head to Japan to continue my training, as the time draws closer, the anticipation is wonderful, my smile broadens.  I will be there for the PL Founders’ Day festival and learn more about this religion that rose from the ashes of war torn Japan (after the dawn of the Nuclear Age). To know more of PL, Church of Perfect Liberty, visit  http://www.perfectliberty.ca  and or http://www.perfectliberty.org

I will be sharing my journey as it unfolds. =^_^=

Blessed be

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