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Feliz domingo

fireworks 2015 MG_3540

Happy Mothers day to one and all.  There is no longer a clear line between Mothers and Fathers, in todays world, many single parent wears both hats.  I salute you dear parent.

cup of peace

This photo was taken from the Brazilian PL FB page on Facebook – obrigada




what was

waku,Japan 2016

Sterling, handsome young man, caught in a suit.  Would we think this was the norm…  we could, he carries it so well. Confident, charming, years from now, this will be what was in 2016 on the day that picture was taken, it will not reflect anything else, but that moment in time.  We are often reminded of what was back in … pick  a year, any year…  What we discover is, that what was back then, although still part of our “make up” is in no way where we are in the “now”

Mamoru 2015

Will this young man remember the day he was off to play golf and was caught in the moment.  Maybe.  Life is filled with so many wonderful adventures, and we get to live each and every one.  I am often asked if I remember something that happened some many years ago.  My honest answer, is probably not.  If the person is able to give me enough information, I might catch a glimpse of what that person is remembering,  however often my memory is not the same as theirs.

rensei 2016 c

People come together for a reason, strangers meet and become friends, or not..    But the encounter is one that often leaves a lasting impression, sometimes, it is felt right away, and other times not till sometime yet to come.  When you live in the NOW (present) you are living in the moment, and that moment will be with you forever.  Even if you are lost in thoughts of the past, what is happening to you in the present, is still happening, you simply are missing the moment, and that is too bad, why, because you can never get it back.


Like the exhilaration of fireworks,  they happen, then they are gone.  It is our decision whether or not we go forward, or try to hold on to the past. Whether you want it  to or not, life will continue to flow in and around you.  One season will roll into the next, enjoy  the changes, you will blossom and with each season, your blooms will change.

Life IS Art  (PL Precept #1)

PL Precept #2 –  To live is to Express One’s  Self


Wordless Wednesday – Japan Founder’s Day celebration

Rensei 2016 J

Rensei 2016 h

Celebration of life in the night time sky



photographer -Kelly Nakano

PL Japan 2016

this and that=love


found on the side of a road in Japan.

sometimes near a park , sometimes not


what can I say

two wild and crazy guys

traveling with us in Japan


a shop along the way


a place to pray and meditate


seen from the window of the bullet train

as we flew by on tracks of iron


as if it was yesterday

the energy and drive

remains with me today


we came from lands far away

to learn and to pray

what I found most amazing

was that these teachers spoke not one word of English

The majority of the listeners

spoke (Brazilian)Portuguese, Spanish and a very few of us English


we gathered to pray for World Peace

to this day

the energy from this last visit

drives me to work harder every day

to become a better person

one who can dedicate and focus on

living in a way to bring about

World Peace


In  Japan while there, it was hot the vegetation was lush

it was growing everywhere

where ever there was space

the green buds would push their way towards the light

LOVE is what nurtures growth

LOVE is what will see us through

LOVE should be part of everything we do


LOVE is beautiful


PL Precept # 11  Always be with God


Our friend Ana from Spain send me this e-mail, and I thought to share it with you.


Querida maestra y amiga Maria del Carmen, quiero compartir contigo y con los demás miembros de PL la felicitación del Año Nuevo que me ha mandado Dymoon desde Canada. Es tan bonita y tiene un mensaje tan poderoso que me emocioné al verlo el día de ayer y por esta razón os lo envío pues es mi mensaje también para todos vosotros, pues tu me has enseñado que compartir hace crecer lo que uno recibe.
Me traslade viendo este vídeo a un momento único y sublime que tuvimos la suerte y la gentileza divina de ver contigo algunos de tus miembros de España en el Rensei de Japón 2013 :)))))))
Aquellos fuegos artificiales fueron los más bellos jamás vistos por nosotros, creados con la ayuda de Dios, la pirotécnica y el ARTE del hombre de PL fueron capaces de realizar esta obra de arte en el cielo para hacer sonreír y emocionar a millones de personas en el mundo y trasladar el mensaje de que con el dinero uno puede destruir o construir la PAZ en el MUNDO. ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡Que grandeza y que humildad!!!!!

You can view your card here.

Mensaje que dice a continuación en inglés traducción literal:
Perfecta Libertad el 1 de cada mes 
celebra la Paz del Mundo.
Especialmente el 1 de Enero es una de las ceremonias
importantes para PL.
Marca el comienzo de un nuevo año.
Todos tenemos la oportunidad de un nuevo comienzo
de una vida artística siguiendo las enseñanzas de PL.
Para cada uno de vosotros que ha tocado mi vida, os deseo
salud, felicidad y éxito, hoy y siempre.

Temple in Japan


Could I travel back in time… I can close my eyes and imagine standing outside this temple gate when it was still new on the earth.  How big was the original foot print, would the daily activities of the monks have been so public to tourists and strangers.  Japan is a land of history and that history contains many temples.  There was an activity in the part of the temple that I would really have loved to explore, alas, it was not to be.  To get to this temple, my friends took me through a restored and maintained part of “old Japan”


Yes, I’m back in Canada, but a part of me is still in Japan.


The doorway beckons, there is more for me to explore and discover.  If you missed it last time, this is one of the things that I am really missing, the great abundance of good food.

I’m sure there are great Japanese restaurants here in Canada, but they are few where I live.  My version of what I’d like is no where close to what is available in the many many restaurants in Japan.

I was so busy living the moment and taking in all the sights and sounds, that my camera was dormant in my purse.  Eat, take a picture, the eating won out. =^_^=   Choices, we all have to make them, they are a constant in our lives.  We are still preparing for winter here, Husband has scheduled the car for the changing over to winter tires, and the car tune up, we are thinking of getting our flu shots, and on it goes,


Like fireworks dazzling across the night time sky, I send out loving blessings to each and everyone of you.

Have a great Tuesday!


quinta-ferian todo mundo- Thursday hola!

quinta-ferian todo mundo- Thursday hola!

Now this was exciting.  I’ve been to fireworks before, we are lucky that here in Canada’s capital area there is a big casino that hosts International firework competitions every summer. Countries come from all over the world to compete, the shows are mind boggling.

However dear readers, this humble picture taken with my smart phone was one of many I took trying to capture the thrill and excitement of being  right under  the captivating spell of a dazzling display of fireworks (in Japan) that lasted about 45 minutes. One magnificent show of colour and artistry after another. You really had to be there. (I have been promised pictures from other members who had cameras, video cams etc. I’ll share when they arrive)

That is pretty much what life is like isn’t it. We can be spectators to what is going on around us, or we can be participants. Pl encourages us to Challenge everything with enthusiasm
Get in there… be the star of your own moment….
You will be rewarded with joy and new encounters that will give long lasting happy memories.

Oh Boy! It’s Thursday.. wow where has the week gone..
Isn’t life a blast. (am I dating myself again!)  =^_^=

Double blessings.. why, because you deserve it.. life is good and you are part of it. I hold you all so dear in my heart.

Always challenge Yourself With New Things

Always Challenge Yourself With New Things – PL teaching day 17

Life is interesting because we always encounter unknown or new situations that we have never experienced before.  don’t be afraid of failure and proactively challenge each new situation.  Always Challenge Yourself with New Things

When sitting with Rev. Goto today in his office, the rain was falling against the window, giving a steady staccato with various depths of sound as it hit  an overhang and then tumbled downward against the window pane.  It surprised me, and for a second or two it captured my attention.  Then we resumed our conversation, and the musical rain disappeared, my focus was on the  subject matter of our meeting.  My upcoming trip to Japan is a personal challenge for me.  The last time I flew was  several years ago, when I flew into Missoula, Montana.  I vowed I would never travel that distance again, certainly not over mountains in a plane and iffy weather.

That was then and this is now.  I will be in  Japan, (Headquarters Tondabayashi Osaka)  for the annual Founders’ Day Ceremony on August 1.  On this day hundreds of thousands of PL believers from the local churches in Japan, and from distant parts of the world, gather  to appreciate and pray to the First and Second Founders who are still working spiritually for the rapid realization of true world peace.  The ceremony will climax with an hour-long display of the world’s greatest fireworks, “The Art of PL Fireworks”.  How mind-blowing and awesome will that be.

Also on Founder’s Day, August 1, the annual Peace Tower Ceremony is held.  The spirits of all those who have died in war, regardless of race, religion or nationality are enshrined in the altar of the Peace Tower.  In this ceremony we console their spirit and pray for the everlasting peace of mankind.

Visit our websites for more information.  Follow me on my journey, share the joy =^_^=

Jan 19 pm_001

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