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Kahlil Gibran

In this little treasure of a book I found yesterday, is a quote .. I had not seen this one before from one of Kahlil Gibran’s writings;.

You pray in your distress and in your need;  would that you might pray also in the fullness of your joy and in your days of abundance… Kahlil Gibran



Every day is a new beginning

PL Precept # 11  Always be with God

Ayez une foi sincere en Dieu

Wordless Wednesday -da bug?


*** what bug is this? ****

Today is the 11th day of the month.  Every month on the 11th day, Perfect Liberty performs a ceremony  where we express our gratitude for the love and virtues of our ancestors.

Today and Always, you are in my prayers, even tho’ I may not know your names. I love you, you are part of my life.  Have a safe and productive day.



anger management - www.imfunny.net

Do you get angry?  I have been sitting here thinking about anger.  I react, and I do get ticked off, but do I get angry.  My frustration, or disappointment to a situation is usually short lived.  I tend to blow, verbalize, get it out of my system and move on.  For sure my fuse has gotten longer the older I get.  Plus, I believe that when one appreciates and lives in the moment, anger is a waste of emotion.  Living in the moment, also means that it doesn’t matter what day it is, because every day is a moment and opportunity for something awesome to happen.  Just walking out into the sunshine on the back deck can fill me with the joy of being alive to enjoy that moment.

Togetherness  myspot8

Buddha was asked “What have you gained from meditation? ”   He replied.  “Nothing!    However, let me tell you what I have lost, anger, anxiety,depression, insecurity, fear of old age, and death”

autumn christoph zurbucehn - flickr

Walk softly today, celebrate the day, appreciate the moment..   Travel through space to share this place with me, by simply closing your eyes and hearing the sound of your heart beat.  Colour your day with the blessings of life.  May the blessings of the day fill your heart with gladness, today, tomorrow and always.            Oyashikiri


 Thanksgiving Service is at  7 pm. (Church of Perfect Liberty)


middle picture – Pinterest

bottom picture – by Christoph Zurbuchen on Flickr

Intuition – Awareness


Good Morning Everyone….

For days I have been grappling with my own awareness of a disease called COPD.-  As a member of the ministry I see and speak with a lot of different people from all walks of life.  As a Health Care Professional, I am faced with a lot of anxiety and stress issues over one form of illness or another.  Recently I have had to brush up on my “knowledge” of just what COPD is.  I use the term, I hear the acronym  I even use it.  BUT, not that long ago when asked exactly what the full wording was , I drew a blank.  COPD    Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. 


I have no excuse for not remembering, over the year I have met enough people who live with and manage this challenge.  Being retired, the occassions are less,  Unless we are face to face withe the disease, or have someone in our immediate circle suffering with the disease, it fades into the background.  In the Church of Perfect Liberty, PL ministers are set up to offer personal guidance that respond to problems in our daily lives.  Through consultations you receive personal guidance tailored to your individual character and situation.  Each of us has our own unique personality, lifestyle and challenges, therefore, it is different how each of us will practice the true way, or seek happiness.


If you want more on COPD you can search on Google, there is a ton of information on the disease out there, most importantly IF you think you have any  symptoms of COPD, talk about it with your doctor.  Don’t delay, there is no  known cure, but it can be managed.  Intuition awareness of our own bodies, how we feel, the personal challenges, they are real, we need to speak out, share, and work with health care professionals to overcome the frustrations of dealing with challenges on our own.  Let family know, and friends, so they can share the challenge with you.  Sometimes life becomes restrictive, redirect your energy, find other ways to occupy your time that are as rewarding and fun as your other pastimes were.  Value your intuition.

Music brought COPD back into my life.  A performer whose daily life with COPD has given him the strength and dedication to share music with his friends and followers.  I hear how the disease is affecting  him when he speaks, it isn’t easy for him, yet the music he brings to the world with his genius for pulling together various artists and sounds into a symphony of good vibrations is awesome.  I have no idea what personal pain and challenges he deals with on a daily basis, but I do know his positive energy, it comes out during his sets, he weaves a spell of love through everyone who attends his shows.  This doesn’t happen .. just because… it happens because the man has connected with God, his body gives him “grief” but his soul is flying high with  a Divine love that he wants to share with the world.  To hear and appreciate his artist creations, you can contact his partner  Maryrosella (Butterflyrose) for his schedule inworld, Or for that matter  DJ Sky himself (SkyRider Sicling)

For those of you interested in Gospel, DJ Sky plays gospel for an hour on Sundays, from 11- noon SL time. (Pacific Time)  You want Blues, you want Gospel DJ Sky will serve it up to you big time.

Stroll gently through your day, breathe in the fresh air, and drink in the sweetness of life, no matter the challenges.  Love is all around us. Smile and give the love back twofold.         Oyashikiri



COPD info on Google and Pinterst

Music on YouTube

http://www.secondlife.com – basic  membership is free

Always challenge Yourself With New Things

Always Challenge Yourself With New Things – PL teaching day 17

Life is interesting because we always encounter unknown or new situations that we have never experienced before.  don’t be afraid of failure and proactively challenge each new situation.  Always Challenge Yourself with New Things

When sitting with Rev. Goto today in his office, the rain was falling against the window, giving a steady staccato with various depths of sound as it hit  an overhang and then tumbled downward against the window pane.  It surprised me, and for a second or two it captured my attention.  Then we resumed our conversation, and the musical rain disappeared, my focus was on the  subject matter of our meeting.  My upcoming trip to Japan is a personal challenge for me.  The last time I flew was  several years ago, when I flew into Missoula, Montana.  I vowed I would never travel that distance again, certainly not over mountains in a plane and iffy weather.

That was then and this is now.  I will be in  Japan, (Headquarters Tondabayashi Osaka)  for the annual Founders’ Day Ceremony on August 1.  On this day hundreds of thousands of PL believers from the local churches in Japan, and from distant parts of the world, gather  to appreciate and pray to the First and Second Founders who are still working spiritually for the rapid realization of true world peace.  The ceremony will climax with an hour-long display of the world’s greatest fireworks, “The Art of PL Fireworks”.  How mind-blowing and awesome will that be.

Also on Founder’s Day, August 1, the annual Peace Tower Ceremony is held.  The spirits of all those who have died in war, regardless of race, religion or nationality are enshrined in the altar of the Peace Tower.  In this ceremony we console their spirit and pray for the everlasting peace of mankind.

Visit our websites for more information.  Follow me on my journey, share the joy =^_^=

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