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Do you get angry?  I have been sitting here thinking about anger.  I react, and I do get ticked off, but do I get angry.  My frustration, or disappointment to a situation is usually short lived.  I tend to blow, verbalize, get it out of my system and move on.  For sure my fuse has gotten longer the older I get.  Plus, I believe that when one appreciates and lives in the moment, anger is a waste of emotion.  Living in the moment, also means that it doesn’t matter what day it is, because every day is a moment and opportunity for something awesome to happen.  Just walking out into the sunshine on the back deck can fill me with the joy of being alive to enjoy that moment.

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Buddha was asked “What have you gained from meditation? ”   He replied.  “Nothing!    However, let me tell you what I have lost, anger, anxiety,depression, insecurity, fear of old age, and death”

autumn christoph zurbucehn - flickr

Walk softly today, celebrate the day, appreciate the moment..   Travel through space to share this place with me, by simply closing your eyes and hearing the sound of your heart beat.  Colour your day with the blessings of life.  May the blessings of the day fill your heart with gladness, today, tomorrow and always.            Oyashikiri


 Thanksgiving Service is at  7 pm. (Church of Perfect Liberty)


middle picture – Pinterest

bottom picture – by Christoph Zurbuchen on Flickr

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  1. Good thoughts here Q. My fuse is much longer but I also don’t store anger either. I release it in a productive way. I get out in the forest on one of the trails and within minutes the anger evaporates as my mind focuses on flora and fauna around me.

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