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awesome place -PinterestSometimes I just have to share with you some of my finds.

Sometimes I find a photograph that leaves me without words to express what I am thinking, or the wonder that fills my mind,  Is it real,  how did it happen or come to be…   It was posted on Pinterest by a Nathan Eames. (Poole,UK)

Every day I have such moments in my life.  Moments where I am simply overcome with an emotion that carries me away.  It could be something as  simple as walking outside with one of the dogs and seeing a squirrel run across the hydro or telephone line as easily as I walk along a sidewalk.  The other day I noticed a small purple violet peaking out from a small clump of freshly unfurled moss green leaves.  There are crumbling pieces of broken concrete from a weather worn bird bath that somehow seem to give character to the  sprawling juniper.  If I look even harder I see the faces of long forgotten art dolls looking out at me wondering if I’ve forgotten them.  I have.  There is just so much to see, explore and experience right here at home, yet when I see the finds of others. like the picture above.  I truly am amazed.   Isn’t technology wonderful. How blessed we are to live in an age of “social media” where artists can share their works, visual and otherwise by simply posting it for others to see.

awesome moon - via Jane Abernathy Hahn


Value your time here, actually see the world around you, listen to the sounds of life that fill your day. Most of all, appreciate the true worth of those around you.  Family, friends, tell someone you care, don’t assume they know.  We all need to know we matter in someone else’s world.

No matter how big or small the part we play, we are all ONE under the moon/stars/sun.    Blessings…      Oyashikiri

bear hugs


bottom photo via Jane Abernathy Hahn -Pinterest


Comments on: "Guten Tag ! Buongiorno!" (2)

  1. We matter and you matter in the grand web of relationships and self expression. You give your all Q and make your world and us your close ones stop and value the beauty around us. Thank you
    Christianne, Ottawa PL church member and SL resident

  2. Thanks Q. We really are all one. Life is enriched infinitely with imagination and perception.

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