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Happy Mother’s Day!

photo = Shirley Keen, Nz
Photo Shirley Keen, Nz.

Your smile energizes the people around you. A smile has the abiity to put others at ease and give them energy. Strive to be the first to offer a smile each day to those around you.

Perfect Liberty 2020 5

Be thankful at the beginning and end of each day. Each and everyone of your actions can inspire peace within your family, your community and the world around you. This peace will eventually help ead to World Peace.

Perfect Lilberty 2020.21


Wednesday 4th.

Some forever moments require standing still

Your feelings of appreciation become real when you express them. Express your feelings of appreciation by actually saying.. “thank you” out loud or by doing something to show how you feel. Not only will the person you are thanking feel good, but you will too, leading to better things in the future.

Perfect Liberty 2014.21

Have you heard the expression… not my monkey, not my zoo -this is what kept going through my head last night, I even wrote out several times in a journal page, something I have not done in a long time. “It is none of my business, let it go…”

Take action without thinking too hard. No matter how hard you try to foresee the future, you really don’t know how things will turn out. Do your best and see how it plays out.

Perfect Liberty 2022.4

Today is another day… PL Precept # 1 Life is Art..


Sunday find

Yesterday a little weasel ran across my path.. never stopped to say hello, just kept on going, what it had in its mouth, I didn’t want to know anyway… they move fast. Usually I see them in the winter when they are wearing their winter coats.. this one yesterday was dark, and darker at the tail, they are sleek, and mean. The other picture Dan had of this little fellow was one of the weasel and his capture. they are not only fast, they have powerful jaws. -(reminder >> never judge a book by its cover)

Use money and things usefully and enthusiastically. Money and things are materials for self expression Use them joyfully with appreciation.

Perfect Liberty 2022.25

woodland warrior

Welcome – I give you safe passage

When you get stuck, take a step back… When you are able to see things objectively, your viewpoint will change and you will receive new wisdom.

Perfect Liberty 2022.23

I pass this warrior almost daily… Some days he is on duty, other days if he is there I don’t see him, yet obviously he is always there. In life, that happens often, maybe too often. Working towards being aware, is a full time occupation. With time, the many MUST see/do that occur in one’s life fade, or take on a different priority.

Being a diabetic, there are steps I should take every day. Do I? The honest answer is NO… do I realize that I am in the process of major changes.. that life for me has taken on a different hue, shading if you will, yes .. in the background there is still that AAA personality.. that need to “do”.. to “act” … but with time, there has also been another “voice” that has risen from within.. a gentler voice, a quieter voice, but one that needs hearing non-the-less. By no one else, but me.. I need to listen and let it be heard.

Like the warrior, all the elements of nature that have wrapped or woven energy around me over time, have shaped and left scars, some I can see, and others I may no longer see, but I feel the wound as if it was yesterday.

The ancient tree can no longer return to life as a sapling, his gnarled existence is who and what he is. His many years of life he wears proudly, his scars and open wounds are badges of honour he wears openly for all to see. I a human, can I do the same…?


hello spring…

The woodland floor is starting to send out lovely green beauties… I discovered a patch in the sunlight the other day when walking around a water logged area .. that needed to be avoided… =^_^= always something fun to find when on a discovery walk.

The ribs are still angry with me from my foray yesterday. So today I will refrain from picking up large/medium,, long pieces of fallen trees to build my little “wood stands” along the trails. The other day I met a racoon, saw a hawk, what will I find today =^_^=… I will have to leave the camera .. it will be too heavy for me with my ribs being so “tender” (yes even with my “cotton” vest that supports the weight)


Reminder… on the 21st. Thanksgiving/day of Appreciation service will be at 7 pm. for those that can attend.

Bom dia

Start today with a fresh mind. Even though people and situation may look the same, they are constantly changing. Start each day with a fresh mind.

Perfect Liberty 2022/ 17

Wonderful Wednesday

an early morning by the water

Good Morning… ordinarily I would have cropped this picture,, I was interested in the fallen tree when i stopped to grab the picture – but when I saw it on the screen I was loath to cut away the quiet flowing water.. it was so beckoning. stretching its shimmer across to the distant shoreline. I left it. LOL my choice.

You can only change yourself. Before you start telling people how they should do things, think of how you can be more flexible.

Perfect Liberty 2022.13
Same moment, different way of recounting the moment.

spread your wings

photo by Shirley Keen NZ

Overwhelmed – exhausted – Irritable – oh dear… sound familiar if I look back over the last couple of days, I’d say that those adjectives resonate with me. I have had a feeling that nags at me, what is it you may ask, but I cannot put A word to it. It just lingers, asked if it is negativity … I’d say no.

Happen to you? Know the feeling? I decided it was time to turn roadblocks into resources. It is OK to be tired, especially if you are on the go for hours at a time… it is OK to get annoyed, BUT it is not ok if you start wearing this irritability day in and day out.

Today’s lesson…

Express yourself clearly so others can understand you. When you can’t communicate clearly, it can lead to problems, always express yourself carefully to avoid any misunderstanding.

Perfect Liberty 2022.9

Hello! this applies not only to how we are with others, but how we communicate and listen to ourselves! Yes, be aware of YOU. I was often darn right “ugly” in my interactions with a few people the last couple of days.. Having the car banged up, upset me, having to go through all the admin stuff, calling the insurance, arranging for an estimate etc. I let my unproductive negativity affect me. Time for me to give myself a “time out”… LOL no I didn’t go sit in the corner to sit staring at a blank wall.. altho’ the people that had to deal with me and my bad mood, and terrible behaviour.. probably would have loved to shut the door on me or slam down the phone.

It was time to put the struggling behind, admit to being less than a joy to be around, and do some serious “meditation/reflection” – I was starting to see every curve ball as a crisis… a challenge instead of an opportunity.

Today’s lesson for me, is to understand my own behavior, to listen and pay attention to my own inner grumblings and do something about it. LOL yes.. that is why I went looking for wings.. time to soar into space. allow the negative debris to fall away. Clear my mind .. enjoy the vastness of the myriad possibilities today will bring.


allo! it’s Friday

how many masks do we wear during a day

recognize your thoughts and feelings.

Allow your thoughts and feelings – recognize them

investigate and ask yourself “what is the story here? am I being honest with myself?

observe but try to not get caught up in it

Processing difficult emotions can be tricky… especially when they are unpleasant .. it can overwhelm the mind. … your thoughts and feelings will come and go.. they are constantly changing all the time, like the weather. Clouds, wind, rain (weather) it is constantly changing they are happening, but they are not the sky… allow for the moment, and let it go. ie. like a cloud dissolves in the sky. Let your mind rest!

Start by thinking “Let’s do it” Once you decide to do something and put your whole heart into it, things will start moving forward.

Perfect Liberty 2022.8
Till soon – Oyashikiri

Thursday Doors

somewhere down under – (photo Shirley Keen)

I had a day yesterday that didn’t start out well. I got hit by a taxi backing out of the lane across from where I live. Smacked right into the passenger side of my car. NOT happy. The driver had two children in the car, I heard her calling in to her dispatch, she looked both ways, she didn’t know where I came from?? hello… that is why cars have rear view mirrors … I had come out of my laneway and was on the road, ready to drive away. Because she was at fault, my insurance is handling all the details, but I will have to take the car for an estimate etc. blaaaaaa…..

Having said that, I wanted an escape.. I remembered this picture that Shirley had taken, with the red door, isn’t it the perfect little get-away… hmmm hope it has running water and electricity.. LOL I might like to escape, but I do love my creature comforts.

Think “Now is the time” instead of “it’s no use now” Don’t give up by thinking its too late. Tell yourself that there is more that can be done.

Perfect Liberty 2022.7

For more doors, drop in to Dan’s site, No Facilities https://nofacilities.com/2022/04/07/random-hartford-doors/

Till Soon

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