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Saturday Haunting

Are we ever ready for the changing seasons… Do we ever get all we want to get done in time for the change in the weather and the changes in our lives that we know will happen…. Animals live in the moment, they accept what is happening and deal with it. They have no choice but to interact with the moment when it happens. We on the other hand, have too much going on in our gray matter, we think too much. Or in some cases, we don’t think at all, we miss “it” all together.

Multitasking reduces your joy by half. When doing something give it your all. There is joy in everything.

Perfect Liberty 2021.23
Till soon

Tuesday 19th.

It’s OK! God is watching over you. Things turn out for the best. Don’t be captured by momentary troubles but continue doing everything with sincerity.

Perfect Liberty 2021.19

First I want to thank everyone for their prayers and good wishes.. I certainly appreciated hearing from you knowing my well being was being assisted by your prayers .. I can’t promise that I won’t try to take down another dead tree on my own… but I will exercise more awareness when I hear my knee snap and my leg give a whimper to PAY ATTENTION… and not try to “finish up what I started”

This will be a quickie since I can’t sit for any length of time.. the affected muscles etc. run up into my buttock.. I’ve been provided with a set of crutches which I need to even get off the bed. And friends are coming by to ensure that I “behave”, eat, etc. the dogs are being wonderful.. carefully staying out of the way when I try to manoeuvre from the bedroom to the bathroom. I’m afraid I might have to spent more time reclining with the leg up.. for another 24 hours. (sigh I’m a terrible patient, I want to find a way to get back into the woods to finish what I started!) (Ducks as Awen readies to whop me with a fish)

OK OK I promise I’ll be good (for this morning anyway ) All the medication yesterday is still making its way through my system. Later I’ll catch up on your adventures and drink in the wonderful visual presentations.

Take care everyone! Enjoy the crisp fall weather..

btw. anyone else, have WP change the font etc. on them?


Silent Sunday

Make today a different day. Instead of doing the same old thing be creative and do things to improve your day.

Perfect Liberty 2021.17
Life is Art!

Wednesday 13th.

Into the night my heart sang… you read my heart like an open book… wish I may, wish I might … we begin another day … stay safe everyone Share your smile.. make someone’s day that much brighter..

We are all wonderful in our own way. Although results are important, your effort is what is truly precious.

Perfect Liberty 2021.13

Monday 11th.

The past leads to Now and Now leads to the Future. Life is an accumulation of moments Cherish each one.

Perfect Liberty 2021.11

Saturday 9th.

photo by Anne Girard http://photoanne.ca

Good morning, this being the Canadian Thanksgiving, I wanted to feature a wild turkey, I tried on my own, but … you all know the little varmints eluded me. Anne graciously let me browse her pictures on her site, I found this wonderful portrait of a Wild Turkey. So ladies and gents! a wild Turkey!!

You can feely express yourself within the rules. Consider rules as a canvas on which to express your specialty artistically.

Perfect Liberty 2021.9

Tell yourself “things happen” Even if something is inconvenient, once you accept it you’ll be able to move onto the next step.

Perfect Liberty 2021.8

Reminder, this is Thanksgiving week-end, pray for those who need our support that they will have the strength to work through whatever they are going through.. and show gratitude for all the blessings we have had this past year.

Sunday 10th. service 10:a.m.

Monday the 11th Service at 10:a.m.

love my new camera

I’m sure the more I use it, the more I play around with it, the more enthralled I’ll be.

PL Precept #2 To live is to express One’s self.. A vida do homen e auto-expressao


Monday Monday

Days are getting shorter, the weather is dipping into what I call, “cooler”. I love it.

Energy springs from your smile. A smile makes you and others cheerful and energetic.

Perfect Liberty 2021.4

1st of October

the blush of change

Depending on where you are in the city and surrounding areas, the colours are beginning to deepen .. In some areas, there is a rainbow of colour, yet you drive out west of the downtown core and the greens are still dominant. Change is on its way, you can feel it in the air, smell it on the breeze that brings a chill and hovers before drifting off. The Robins are being social, coming out and being more present around us when we are on the trails. Every day I hear the sound of the crows as they inspect and search out their winter “resorts”… yesterday another photographer was patiently waiting for a “big” as she called it, wood pecker that had been frequenting the feeder area.

PL Precept 7 Everything exists in relativity….

PL Precept # 16 All things progress and develop.

Today being the 1st, in PL it is when the PL ceremony for Peace is performed – today at 10 a.m. if you can’t make it to church, please take a moment to pray for world peace. Remember to show appreciation and give thanks for yesterday, and NOW.

Each person’s peace leads to world peace. First of all, you have to be happy. That happiness will spread and be the foundation of World Peace.

Perfect Liberty 2021.1

You have the opportunity every day to start a new canvas..

I appreciate YOU.

a door

instant memories of another time

another place, what was this for

inside looking ever so forlorn

an old Bell telephone

pay phone…..

I have memories of such phones

there was a time

when you could make a call for a dime

you would drop your coin into the slot

wait for dial tone, then dial

the number of the party you were trying to call

Can you recall the number of times

you stood in the cold,

it could rain or be full sunshine

but if there was a call box with a door

it was such a pleasure to be inside

for your call …. we didn’t linger on the phone

we made our call, then moved on,

the call box was a sight to behold

when you were stranded in the cold

and needed to connect with a friend

or call for help. A door on a call box

also meant the conversations you had

could be discreet, personal and if

you’d called for a cab, a place to wait

sheltered from the day/night

always remember to say thank you

to a door.

Do things joyfully instead of taking it easy. Enthusiastically engage with what’s in front of you. You’ll enjoy it more.

Perfect Liberty 2021.30

for more posts with featuring doors please visit Dan’s site No facilities https://nofacilities.com/2021/09/30/duluth-union-station/

Till soon – Oyashikiri

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