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This and that.

I have been a couple of years trying to find out the name of the bird(s) that I would see driving down the dead end road to one of the woodland areas I go to. Finally … Dan Cadieux, (Wildlife photographer) who you’ve met on this site gave me the name of the bird. I was at the site where he had just seen one, and was patiently waiting for it to come back, it had come and scared off the smaller birds. He did finally get a picture later that morning, I hope to share it with you soon. This was just down from where I would usually see them “hanging out”… when I looked the bird up.. YES .. I recognized it right away. Patience ..!

Use money and things usefully and enthusiastically. Money and things are materials for self expression. Use them joyfully with appreciation.

Perfect Liberty 2022.25

If you charge it, it will shine someday. Was it a mistake that your cell phone ran out of charge at an important time? We must never run out of the charge of dedication. Let’s make our individuality shine by using the steadily piled up charging of effort for the sake of the world.

translated in Japan, to English.. 2022,01.24

snow dusting

Even if you have done it many times before, put your full heart into it. When we are doing something, especially if its a small or easy task, we tend to get sloppy. Let’s put our whole heart into everything we do, even if its something as simple as pushing a button.

Perfect Liberty 2014.14

I have no likes or dislikes Even for those who say “I’ll have anything” there are things that I love ” I don’t see many people getting sick without eating what they don’t like, but I often see people getting sick from eating too much of what they like. The same goes for hobbies. It is a human path that doesn’t touch and stay.

translated in Japan to English.. 2022.01.14

PL Precept # 20 Live maintaining equilibrium between mind and matter.

Think of the timing before you say …”but” When stating your opinion, make sure you are being respectful of others’ opinions. Be mindful of this when you speak.

PL 2022.14


Being Thursday I realized it was Thursday Doors, this year I thought to maybe explore a door that grabbed my attention and discover why it did. Doors are needed to enter and leave a building but for me they also add character to the site/location. This door was off a main street of a small tourist town, I was taken by the owner’s use of natural woods to use in the window box in front of the big picture window. Decorative it allows light in, but gives privacy to the occupants inside. The door is an old wooden door with decorative trim, blending in with the other décor used on the façade… simplicity at its best.

Think of the timing before you say “but…” When stating your opinion, make sure you are being respectful of others’ opinions. Be mindful of this when you speak.

Perfect Liberty 2022.14

If you enjoy doors, you may want to visit https://nofacilities.com/2022/01/13/from-a-small-seed/ this link will take you to Dan’s site No Facilities, host of this “event”

You can only change yourself. Before you start telling people how they should do things, think of how you can be more flexible.

Perfect Liberty 2022.13

Every day we evolve, every day we face new opportunities, every day we get to make a decision on how we spend our time. What we want to do to accomplish this moment in time…is our decision… make it worthwhile.

for example — I ask myself why I only spend 5, 10 minutes with the crows, when I am on my own time table, they are giving me pleasure, why do I rush away.? Silly thought, random moment.. but there you have it.. caw caw caw….

and that is fact!


Recently went looking for Santa, in days of “old” at this time of year, people were searching out Christmas cheer. Merchants had their shops brimming with decorations and seasonal goodies, Xmas parades were happening, social get togethers were planned, even the church basements were being decorated for members to enjoy when they gathered for coffee and cake (social hour)

In touring around, I see or saw little of this merriment that once would just have been part of the day. Yes there are homes with decorations, and some of the stores have put up holiday decorations, but I’m not feeling the vibe. “Jolly Santa” and his crew of woodland creatures and elves seem to have faded into “never never land”

Instead of the spirit of the holidays being shared and delighted in, if you turn on the radio or watch the telly, the air is blue, gray and black. Yes there are patches of magic here and there, but it is not everywhere.

taxi to Christmas at the North Pole http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/StormWind/151/13/1730

A little fantasy is good for everyone.. let’s try to recapture some of the magic of the holidays, in spite of what “some’ would have us think and do.

Make Today a different day. Instead of doing the same old thing, be creative and do things to improve your day.

Perfect Liberty 2021.17
outfit DeVil Delight-Rejuves raggs by the talented artist Christiane rmanii (rejuvejoyce) (Second Life)

Picture take on location at Nat’s Jazz Club in Detroit City (SL) where you will experience fine dining, dancing and super fantastic entertainers like Trow Boa on Sax, and DJ’s like Speelo Snook, all hosted by the wonderful Linda Sautereau. If you have not experienced the magic and wonder of a virtual world, now might be the time to recapture the Holiday Magic ..https://secondlife.com/

If you are already a member, this is the link to Nat’s Jazz Club to get you started . http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Detroit%20City/67/192/22

remember Make Today a different day!

Till soon


Good morning everyone. I’m hearing more and more about how the weather is affecting our moods. It is not even the darkest of days yet… and already there is moaning about the lack of sunshine and the shorter days. Yesterday was the 21st. in another month, the days will start getting longer again. Besides it is not the daylight that determines if we are having a good day or not, it is your mind set.

Things come about when they are meant to happen. Enjoy the moment while you wait. Think of what you can do for the time being, and don’t rush the outcome.

Perfect Liberty 2020.10

Free yourself from being overly attached. Overthinking hinders ideas and actions.

Perfect Liberty 2021.22

Wednesday- PL WAY

PL Peace Tower -Japan

Your life is your very own unique work of art. If you cut corners or miss important details, you will not be able to live up to your fullest potential. If you fail to see what is important or miss a vital step, the value of your artistic life will be declined. It is important to put your heart into even the smallest of matters reminding yourself that each small amount accumulates into the whole of your artistic life.

PL Members’ Guide

Life is Art

PL Precept # 1

To Live is to express One’s Self

PL Precept # 2

Did you know that the first founder of PL, Rev. Tokuharu Miki, was formerly a buddhis priest> In 1912, he met Rev Tkumitsu Kanada who instantly cured his chronic asthma through the “Sacred rite of Ofurikae” So profoundly affected was Rev. Tokubaru Miki he became his disciple. At that time in Japan, tuberculosis was one of the deadliest diseases, Rev Miki wanted to apply his learning and the principles of Rev. Kanada’s teachings in helping the young/old deal with this deadly disease that was taking so many lives.

There is much to learn from knowing our history, and appreciating the lessons learned by our ancestors. Tomorrow, the 11th. in all PL churches there will be a 10:a.m. service honoring our Ancestors’. Ancestors’ Day – the 11th of each month -a ceremony where we express our gratitude for the love and virtues of our ancestors and ask for their protection and guidance so we can continue to live the PL WAY.


this and a little of that

You can freely express yourself within the rules. Consider rules as a canvas on which to express your specialty artistically

Perfect Liberty 2021.9

Monday blues/jazz

Good morning everyone.. last night ensuring I stayed off my leg so that I can safely go out this morning for an appointment, I treated myself to an evening of “tunes”.. like in the “old days” when I loved just kicking back and listening to music. Now with the internet and YouTube we can browse to our hearts content and find the musicians and music we want in as many flavours as we want. Here are two videos you can listen to if you are in the mood for some good sax…. =^_^=

Tell yourself “things happen” Even if something is inconvenient once you accept it, you’ll be able to move onto the next step

Perfect Liberty 2021.8

May the joy of living fill your hearts with the simplicity of love and sharing… when we live with sincerity in our hearts.. and a genuine caring for those we share our lives with. Life is Good.

Till soon

Sunday -strolling thru

Because (update) I had a bit of a set back yesterday, I will be off my leg for another while. I was thrilled when I saw Num had posted the above pictures, this is where I want to be.. I so much want to be back wandering the woodlands..Sooooo I am being good, and practicing patience as best I can to ensure the leg heals. My new camera is heavy, and the terrain I like to wander is on the rugged side.. current mantra is patience girl, patience.

With one thought “The world” will change. Changing your way of thinking will make a difference on how you perceive the world.

Perfect Liberty 2021.24

I will be doing a blog on the Sax on the Beach venue I attended (virtually) later today or tomorrow to show you some of the talent I got to see and enjoy, I will post to my Virtual news 8 blog, SEE LINK. Please subscribe to it for news on the event and other venues and entertainment news from SL (Second Life) It is an opportunity for you to enjoy and get to know about people from all over the world through their creativity and talents. All from the comfort of your home. https://virtualnws8.ca/

My friend Shirley in NZ visited the most wonderful attraction in Denniston of an old coal mine. I’m going to share some of her pictures here for you to enjoy.

Where ever you are in the world, this is a wonderful time of the year, the cooler air is exciting, it brings with it the winds of change, and therefore we have new discoveries to explore. Through the adventures of my friends who like myself like to wander and explore, through my blog I try to share with you the awesome world we live in. In Shirley’s pictures I could envision how the coalfields must have looked back when it was operational, the hive of activity, the human energy it required to function.

We (as a people) have come such a long way, the history of our past, the trials, the hardships, the joys and the new discoveries are all part of what we have to thank for, where we are today.

With the new season soon to be with us, let’s strive to be better at being open to new ideas, new possibilities, and remember to give thanks for where we have been, and the people/ancestors who paved the way for us.

With one thought “the World” will change, it begins with US.

Love you all. Till soon

link to my other blog https://virtualnws8.ca/

Let’s do it

Have “let’s do it attitude” Even if a task is difficult, keep in mind it is given by God and accomplish it

Perfect Liberty 2021.14

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