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Creativity begins with an idea, then someone sets out to put the design to paper, from there, they “play” at making it work, how many times, and what number of templates were done before they got the finished product they wanted.  We see the final product, and go… WOW….  Our lives are constantly being blessed because someone came up with an idea, and by themselves or with collaboration,  they developed the idea into a product, idea, or service.

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In PL (Perfect Liberty) the first Precept.   PL Precept #1  Life is Art, is really the foundation of the philosophy we teach and practice.  Begin today and everyday, with a brand new canvas, it will make your daily choices so much more interesting.

This is a YouTube clip that will keep you inspired 

There was a time when we would say “everything worthwhile in life is FREE”   By this we meant, LOVE, Happiness, Sharing, Giving,Caring, a Hug, and so on.  Time spent with a friend was such a blessing and a special time…  It was being with that person, and giving a personal, hand-made gift meant time thinking of your friend, while you made up or wrote them a letter or a note card. There was personal interaction, and exchanges.

Life does get busy, but that special connection, a personal word or visit, goes a long way in making for a stronger bond, or sense of awareness in the other person’s world.  When we reach out and share with a friend, even a stranger, we are rewarded 100 fold.


Yes, I love a beautiful object, and I admire the work, the skill of the crafts person who did it.  I appreciate its beauty, and sometimes I even want to acquire that object.  But the greatest gift of all for me is the sincerity, and genuine love that shines in my life.  Life is LOVE.  Love abounds all around us.  BE ONE with GOD,  share your love, reach out and bring light and joy to someone today!

Namaste       –       Oyashikiri

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