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turkey charm

Be big hearted. In fact, what you are concerned about might be something you don’t need to be concerned about. Interact with people without worrying too much.

Perfect Liberty 2023.2

Life is… no more..no less…



Discover something new today. Have a willingness and an interest, … start your day with excitement

Perfect Liberty 2023.22


Life is fragile at the best of times.. Ever since I found the Merlin and got to admire the beauty of her markings and her head I have been haunted by the experience. A small member of the falcon family she often hunts on the fly, catching her prey in mid flight. Today while at the feeders I could hear the crows going ballistic in another part of the woods, I attempted to follow the “noise”.. looking up as I took to the trail. I have never been able to use binoculars without getting a headache.. thinking I might try again with these newer and lighter models. I gave up as the noise grew louder but seemed to be moving further away from the area I was in. I didn’t have my camera with the powerful lens, I wouldn’t be able to see the bird if it was high up in the trees.

What I learned from this incident was that I “knew” and thought it was a Merlin when I saw her lying peacefully on the snow.. but when someone else told me no it was something else, I doubted my knowledge. I have since found out, I was right, this /that angel was a Merlin. I am unhappy with myself that I didn’t 1. take a picture, and 2. take better care in burying her. In PL one of our lessons in life is to learn to trust our inner voices. Here is an example of my not following my instincts, and then living with the consequences. Every life is important.. /has value.

Why am I finding it so hard to shake this little bird’s demise. I don’t know..I can only guess, it was a loss of life and I was privy to the passing on, of this life, Thankfully I didn’t settle for an answer that I got that I felt in my heart was wrong. Every life should be recognized and acknowledged. I have since said a prayer for her little spirit..

Discover something new today. Have a willingness and an interest to start your day with excitement.

Perfect Liberty 2023.22

I have to practice – letting go.. The little bird is at peace, now I have to find mine. Wishing and hoping won’t bring her back.

Feb 3

PL Precept # 2 To live is to express One’s Self. – Each day is a new beginning.

“Is there anything I can help with?” Enjoy a feeling of happiness to contribute to those around you. It will give you confidence that you have something you can do for others.

Perfect Liberty 2023.3


You are the result of your daily efforts. Put your whole heart into everything you do in your daily life. Your true self will shine through.

Perfect Liberty 2022.20

This picture of an Evening Grosbeak was taken by Peter De Gannes a nature/wildlife photographer and graphic artist https://www.instagram.com/peterdegannes/ he also has his graphics design website… please have a look at his work there too… Peter is an amazing talent. https://peterdegannesdesign.com/

I wanted to share a picture of the Evening Grosbeak with you, these darlings warm my heart every morning with their antics.

Have a wonderful day everyone… Smile, be kind… enjoy the season. Oyashikiri – Blessings !!

PL Precept #10 Love yourself and others.


Alone, adrift, lazily following the current, ….. no…. if I were to pan out you would see my companions and fellow nature lovers…. we are all ONE, sometimes we need only raise our heads and look around.

Don’t let circumstances sway your decision. It does not help to overthink things. sometimes we just need to make up our minds and move forward.

Perfect Liberty 2022.6

Wednesday 6-22

When a professional guide takes you fishing to “just that spot” there are no guarantees, but if/ when you catch and bring in a fighter… that is an experience you will remember.

We each have our own way of experiencing “NOW”, I like the mindful walking in nature, someone else will enjoy the solitude of a lazy day on the water. Someone else will get lost in their garden, whatever it is you like to do that makes you feel an “inner joy/pleasure”.. make the time.. take the time .. put aside a block of space.. just for YOU. So often we are so busy doing, we forget to “stop and smell the roses”

Today’s calendar reminds us to

Be in Tune with the feelings of others. Let’s start by trying to understand other peoples’ feelings.

Perfect Liberty 2022.22

I want to add… it is important to be mindful of our own thoughts and feelings.. It is easy to gloss over our personal reactions… in lieu of… when we do that… it will come back to haunt us.. maybe not immediately but it will.



These little gems are delighting the viewers by peaking up along the trails between all the many shades and hues of greens/browns/grays that are in view as I amble along the trail looking for wood to carve. I am searching out smaller pieces of wood that I can use on the “storm art ” I am visualizing and want to put on canvas.

After the storm there are twigs, branches, all kinds of debris to sort through.. the need is to slow my pace and explore each side of the trail as I make my way slowly along. Everyday I walk (sometimes the same trail) and every day it is always different.

***** Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful ****

Take action without thinking too hard. No matter how hard you try to foresee the future, you really don’t know how things will turn out. Do your best and see how it plays out.

Perfect Liberty 2022.4

**** Dwell in possibility****

Happy Mother’s Day!

photo = Shirley Keen, Nz
Photo Shirley Keen, Nz.

Your smile energizes the people around you. A smile has the abiity to put others at ease and give them energy. Strive to be the first to offer a smile each day to those around you.

Perfect Liberty 2020 5

Be thankful at the beginning and end of each day. Each and everyone of your actions can inspire peace within your family, your community and the world around you. This peace will eventually help ead to World Peace.

Perfect Lilberty 2020.21


Friday 25th.

Arrived at an empty parking lot and was greeted by the sound of a busy woodpecker. In the distance I could hear the honking of Canada Geese. I got to the water’s edge in time to see them taking off from an open patch of water on the distant shore. It was cool enough, I tried to find the porcupine that used to bide his time up one of the very old and tall evergreens near by, but if he was there, he was well out of sight.

Use Money and things usefully and enthusiastically. Money and things are materials for self expression. Use them joyfully with appreciation.

Perfect Liberty 2022.25

I came across a video the other night on YouTube… it was a woman talking about her life experiences and how at over the age of 60 – life was different, her thoughts were different and she was offering advice on things that one should never do after the age of 60. Curious I hit play to see what would be so different. She did offer a couple of good suggestions (I only listened for a few minutes) DON’T LIVE IN THE PAST was her first offering, Personally I don’t see this as wisdom to be practiced only after you reach 60. Your thoughts?

Overcast and gloomy here, but.. I don’t care. I’m off to the woods. Till soon.


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