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when I fly

October is when we can take to the skies
oh yes my pretty day or night

If you look high in the sky, you will see me in flight

Sisters and warlocks, we criss cross the skies,

searching for the pumpkins that have been gathered for displays

Yes mortal beings, we love what you do,

For years now we have watched as the festivities blossom

we no longer celebrate one night a year… No No my lovelies

by the time all Hallows Eve has arrived

you have been celebrating “our world” for weeks on end

we have been rewarded time and time again

as we watch with delight, your shows that showcase menus

that are deliciously frightful and wonderfully ghoulish

ghosts, goblins, skeletons abound

we feast on pumpkin pies, and desserts that are so devilishly sinful

mortals, elves, witches and healers shriek in pleasure all through the night

have a BOOOOtiful day/night… I’m hovering near by


skull floral 2Bom dia, Happy Friday dear my dears

Whooooo is getting ready for the witching month.

Whooooo has gathered her friends to discuss the possibilities

Me, that’s whoooooo!

The possibilities are endless of course, and I have changed my mind 1000 times at least.  Think about it, isn’t one of the joys in life, anticipation.  When we were children the excitement of special holidays, or time away from routine was always so exciting. Some included gifts, others trips, time for getting together with friends, and just plain old. play time.

As an adult, yes, now I can really say I am an adult…LOL  no questions asked… for sure I am seen by many as something very different from how I see myself.  That is something we call come face to face with.  Life has it is seen by the different generations.

However .. the fall is the time of year where my creative juices really get charged. I know I am not alone, just visit any shop in any town, city or  hollow, and you will see a different palette than the one earlier in the year. Colours are vibrant with jewel tones, the air is crisp, the apples crackle, pumpkins spill out everywhere.

If you haven’t had the small pie pumpkin as a veggie,you are missing a treat.

Today being the 21st. of the month, in PL, we are celebrating Thanksgiving, where we pay special attention, to giving thanks for our blessings of the past weeks, and pray for the continued blessings of the Universe.  Recognizing that we, and we alone are responsisble for our actions.  Love/peace begins in our hearts.

Being happy within ourSelves makes for a much more fulfilling life, don’t just exist, have the passion to BE.  Share a smile!


Service will be at 7pm.


Chop Suey Tuesday


With the goings on in the world today, I’m never sure what will greet me when I first listen to the news after a lovely night of sleep.

I first wrote this little poem back in the fall of 2007, I made a few changes, to share it with you now…. have fun, let your imagination flow.

How eerie the night

when everyone looks for a fright

carved pumpkin heads

leer with evil delight

their eyes bleary and red

their lopsided grin

sends a chill from within

children cheer with delight

when ghosts go bump in the night

So tuck yourself in

don’t let the news of the day,

scare your good sense away.

Once upon a time, October came once a year

Now it seems, every day is one the speaks of fear.

Really, let’s think on this, do we want to live this way

I pray each day, that our friendships

will flow and grow

till each and every one of us

in reaching out, will overtake

the negativity spread by “others”

and put pumpkins back on the table

 in tasty pies that we will gladly share

with everyone, for they will be filled with

 thanksgiving, love. friendship and appreciation,

stock ingredients of  our every day.



PL Precept # 11  Always be with God.





57790c8d7355efd0d2080a24799870c6This is a wonderful time of year

get to wear the autumn gear

like vests and boots

high boots, calf boots, low boots
one thing about October 31st is that always

in so, so many ways

what people come up can be such a hoot


It is incredible how much creativity comes out when it comes to food

even I was spooked at this next treat I’m offering up


Halloween, the holiday that has overtaken many others

and leaves the untethered imagination of all who craft

a way to express their creative flair with ideas that blast

out and crash with ooohss and ahs that

wake the ghosts of years past


parties, get togethers, gatherings

oh the fun, people shopping for costumes, makeup

and all that is weird, wonderful and spoooooky

from Atilla the hun to Casper the ghost
anything is possible on Hallows Eve**


I hope the night is dark

that your car is parked

safe and sound

and that you are ever ready

for the adventures of the coming party


the trick will be, to stay away

from all the visitors, the ghosts and goblins

that will appear out of the night on you this day

you can’t even run away

the spirit of Halloween is everywhere


the only place you’ll be safe

is in your bed….

LOL guess it depends on who slides into bed with you..



Halloween is All-Hallows‘-Eve which is the night-before-All-Saints’- Day.

Happy Wednesday everyone


What is it that attracts me to old trucks, cars, motorcycles, and bikes?  I haven’t a clue.  In recent years I’ve noticed that more and more I am drawn to pictures where one or more are featured.  Driving along hwy 37 in NY State past farms with old barns, I found myself searching for sight of a rusted out car.  More in the States than along the highways here, I’m rewarded by vintage vehicles being driven or for sale.  Some are covered in rust and barely standing, yet they have an allure for me.


Be still my heart, how this rusted decaying, bucket of metal can stir my emotions, I’ll never know.  But how I love to look at it.. the vibrant colours that takes place as it goes through its changes.  the way nature welcomes it back into her embrace.  So far I’ve only been able to gaze in wonder at the wonderful pictures I’ve found posted on Pinterest or other social media sites.


These are the colours I want to wear this fall.  In redoing my fall/winter wardrobe, I am searching out these colours.  There is something rich and satisfying about this palette, in the States I have been able to acquire a pair of old faded and worn, army fatigue pants and the matching long sleeve lite. jacket/shirt.  Obviously I can’t wear then at the same time, I look ridiculous since, I’m obviously not of an age that I would be in service, but the blended colours are soothing to the eye, and calming when worn with colours that harmonize. (mixed casual attire)  So, I’m eccentric, I’m happy =^_^=.


I am not alone with this old truck/car passion, there is an abundant source of art pictures that capture the beauty of the aged vehicles. Enjoy whatever makes you happy today and everyday.  When we do something we enjoy with Makoto (sincerity) we reap the rewards 100 fold.  Have you thought about the colours you wear and why you wear them?



Challenge yourself with New things.

Challenge yourself with New things.

Choose to be loving, positive and affirmative.
Allow yourself to feel and express spontaneously the love of God that dwells within you
Life is interesting, we are always encountering unknown or new situations.
Don’t be afraid of failure, proactively challenge each new situation. Give complete awareness to “Divine” direction.

Realize the perfection that is within you, give expression to it as faith, hope,wisdom and understanding. Know that God is directing you, healing and enriching your life in a myriad of ways.

Claim your freedom by knowing that through God’s spirit within you, you will have the strength and wisdom to live a life where you can proactively meet each new situation with confidence.

Practice being spiritually aware.

In our travels yesterday we discovered this pumpkin farm,  It was unexpected and a delight to explore.  Let  your unique SELF shine through.  Bring colour into your world, enjoy the diversity and challenges life throws our way,Allow your Creativity to radiate the potential that is on stand-by, waiting to be utilized, expresss yourself.  LIFE IS ART…

AND have one of your best days ever. humming “love is in the air” =^_^=   GOOD MORNING everyone!

2013-03-22 9.9.2013 fall is coming 001

photos – local colour -Q

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