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Good Humour

Pippa is a whippet I met Instagram
her owner always posted such happy pictures of her. It was so appreciated a the time, this was back in 2017 /2018, at a time when a smile and someone’s creativity brought me many smiles whenever she posted a new picture of Pippa. We never “always” know when something we do, brings a smile to others. (permission was given to share these photos)

Be creative today, find ways to bring happiness to someone else (others).

Always be cheerful, happy and good-humoured. When you make effort to be cheerful and happy, you will naturally begin to feel that way.

Perfect Liberty 2020.12


Pig fun

pig fun

well here I am

stuck in a cup

I simply pop up

offering you some fun

cuz I am bored

stuck in this cup

waiting for someone to finish

lunch or whatever

to come back and play

pig 2 fun

 I am sure if you colour me in

my smile will get broader

no one will notice

the tea is laced with gin

Valer eeee, valour aaaa ahahaha

I am a silly little piglet

sitting in tea

popping in

to peak at your chin


Happy Thursday to me

no reason, no rhyme

justtttt me


if you are feeling just as silly colour piglet in…

he/she is a piglet in need, indeed   !!!

raw nature

Australian wilderness.a wandering memory

When we (a good majority of us) think of spending some time in the wilderness, we envision lush, rugged, environments, the pictures I use of sunsets and magical evenings under the stars, or calm waters on colourful fall days with the sun or moon reflecting of the crystal clear waters.  Ahhhhh yes… such themes make us feel warm, fuzzy maybe, for sure they are a for of eye candy…   The photographers have captured a still moment of beauty.

How about living near this location in Australia, where temperatures can be + 40 – 50 degrees centigrade (hot) and there is a lack of water.  Extreme weather can happen here, it is  wild country where  civilisation where it does exist, has to contend with the challenges every day.

Sitting in the comfort of an air climate controlled office with my morning super tall glass of ice coffee, I can admire the artist view that the photographer, took (awanderingmemory.com).  David and his wife travel all over the world visiting places they feel will enrich their lives with new experiences.  Through  his travels and his photography, we get to see place such as this that we wouldn’t otherwise see.

Australia the-endless-road

This is the endless highway that takes tourists and visitors through the Australian desert. David talks about some of what he felt was being missed by those who just drive through and not stop to explore. ”  It offers silence, true silence,” +”.. endless roads, dramatic sunsets, huge salt-pans, aboriginal heritage sites, hidden wildlife and clarity… ”

Have any of the above been on one of your “want” lists.  No of course we don’t have to travel over seas.. or for thousands of miles to find “true silence”… but we do have to make time to find what we want. AND to be in the moment, to always be aware of just what it  is we are “seeing” hearing” and “taking in”

silly smile

What can I say, there is silly in all of us… I’ve been living with a whippet far too long.. This pictures simply make me giggle and smile..  So… dearest readers.. who share these pages with me…. endure this moment with me…  S M I L E

Forget everything but the warmth of a smile  and enjoy a “silly”

much love to each and every one of  you..

I treasure you all.

namaste      –       oyashikiri

LOL… how many of you will see what I see in the above picture…. gosh you guys are so special…. xxxoo



57790c8d7355efd0d2080a24799870c6This is a wonderful time of year

get to wear the autumn gear

like vests and boots

high boots, calf boots, low boots
one thing about October 31st is that always

in so, so many ways

what people come up can be such a hoot


It is incredible how much creativity comes out when it comes to food

even I was spooked at this next treat I’m offering up


Halloween, the holiday that has overtaken many others

and leaves the untethered imagination of all who craft

a way to express their creative flair with ideas that blast

out and crash with ooohss and ahs that

wake the ghosts of years past


parties, get togethers, gatherings

oh the fun, people shopping for costumes, makeup

and all that is weird, wonderful and spoooooky

from Atilla the hun to Casper the ghost
anything is possible on Hallows Eve**


I hope the night is dark

that your car is parked

safe and sound

and that you are ever ready

for the adventures of the coming party


the trick will be, to stay away

from all the visitors, the ghosts and goblins

that will appear out of the night on you this day

you can’t even run away

the spirit of Halloween is everywhere


the only place you’ll be safe

is in your bed….

LOL guess it depends on who slides into bed with you..



Halloween is All-Hallows‘-Eve which is the night-before-All-Saints’- Day.


Good morning everyone – a smile to start the day

Jazz great Dane is not too eager to start her day, how many of us, can relate to days like this.. Found on the Internet today by Jeff Hutchinson CTV AM morning

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