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Happy Monday everyone

Enjoy the happy sounds of Ernie Haase and singers, rocking your day. song is Happy Rhythm.
Be Happy! Make this a day you’ll remember from now till forever.


Take my Hand

Good Morning everyone!

Have a grand and wonderful day…..



Maintain a good balance in life

Sometimes we just have to STOP
Sit back … close our eyes… and allow our gray matter to “chill”

Enjoy a musical interlude.
Take time today to give yourself some R & R

One more…  thanks to my Mother’s love of gospel music, I have been blessed with an appreciation for gospel, this is one song I truly enjoy!

photo (10)

Blessings, now and always.

YouTube clips

photo – Q


Good Morning World

Wake up and have a great day!
Everyday is a new beginning…
For me it is off to church to receive Oshieoya-sama’s blessings and to deepen my faith in PL…
Sharing in community is rejuvenating. PL faith grows not only through intellectual understanding but also through actively participating in PL activities.
It is a way of life. One I embrace with all my BEING

LOVE and BLESSINGS where ever you are ENJOY your day, fill it with meaningful moments! You will smile in your sleep all night =^_^=

song is Com Quem Contar (Ana Maria Miranda Coelho Rios)    Who To Trust      (song is sung in Brazilian Portuguese)

The translation of the song, the English words don’t fit the melody so much but this is the songs wording in English.

I was unhappy – Not knowing what to live for  – I knew not how to smile.   Life just wasn’t worthwhile – not knowing what I could do –  Not knowing who to trust.   **** I sought, I sough, At last I found – Oshieoya-sama, Oshieoya-sama *** chorus (twice)

Now I know – realizing what life is for – I always live with a smile.  – Life is no longer a trial.  I now know who to trust, Oshieoya-sama – ***chorus four times ***


Monday morning sunshine

Sometimes I need to  listen to something different. Why? because I want to enjoy and appreciate the vocal styling, the emotions of the singer(s) and the music that haunts and weaves a musical thread through my dreams.

We all have our own preferences when it comes to music, when I need to refresh my “tuner” I use music that soothes and takes me out of my day to day..  -photo- needle felted bear sits in your hand – made by Q

FLT bear 2 E

Like music, we all have different ways of thinking and seeing the world. People have different thoughts and opinions,what ever differences you encounter today, I hope you will listen and take advantage of seeing /hearing a different perspective.

PL Principle #3  i will live with a mind of appreciation towards others and things.j

ditch the commercial, the clip is good, did you see the movie?  It puts a smile on your face.  Happy Day everyone!


shaking off negatives

This is my fantasy – that like a dog, I could just shake off all the negatives, worries and distractions with one good body shake.
Oh, it would feel soooo good.
Let everything fly out and away from me…
Then start fresh… not everything will cut loose, but everything
will displace and what settles back down can be viewed with
a new perspective.

Hey, we all have our dreams, ideas and creative hiccups.  When I watch our dogs come out of the water and give themselves a good shake, it always looks like it such a feel good thing to do.  I thought of doing a head stand, seeing if that would dislodge and toss some of my gray matter around, but I wasn’t successful at getting into that position, never mind staying in it long enough to enjoy the moment.

I am an artist who loves to day dream and consider possibilities.  I can get very excited finding the strangest things along the roadway or down a long forgotten trail or path.  I grew up at a time where it was encouraged that we give our imaginations full range.  Given a pencil and paper with a box full of jumbled thread, discarded what nots and old catalogues, WOW I’d be lost in my own world for hours.

Today you go into a store and there is sticker, cut out or stamp for almost everything. How hand made or scrap cards today?  Ok not the time to go into my tirade on now vs. the good “old” days.  The dog shaking off the water that has bogged him/her down makes me smile. The fur/hair needs to be wrung out, simple, shake and shake again.  It’s done.  AND its off we go to play again.

Nature is wonderful isn’t it.  Simplicity is soooo Positive.

Where’s my dog I want a cuddle..  Hugs everyone….


Treat today as if it is your first time around

Just because you succeeded in the past it doesn’t guarantee that things will go as smoothly this time around. Every day each moment, there is a new challenge to face.

Don’t be captured by the past. Live in the Now.

Blessings … as the blessing moves across my lips, I feel both energized and serene. I wish and pray for you, health, peace and well being. My soul celebrates with the joy of sharing.

music-round midnight >Junko Onishi Trio

the above clip didn’t work, this is the song done by Miles hopefully it will play for you.


In the still of the night

Written in the 50’s in the basement of a church.

Close your eyes, and let the song,the singers transport you to another dimension, another time, another place.
Access a place of calm.
Clear your mind and relax your body.
As you become still and listen
God’s presence at the core of your being will fill you with divine understanding.
PL’s unique “way” is always there to guide you
day and night.

When things don’t work out as I had planned, I don’t become discouraged. Open to divine inspiration, I know that new,creative ideas are always available to me.


Don’t worry be Happy

Happy Tuesday everyone….
Start your day with a smile.
Never worry while you clock the miles
Traveling from here to there
Know that everyone, everywhere
Is wearing the Happy S M I L E
Why, because it feels good to smile…..
See you later!!!

Blessings to carry you through the day.


work by Vorobyoff Productions

It speaks for itself, I hope I have done this right and it plays for you Please take a moment to watch this. You will be glad you did. Peace and Love =^_^=

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