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This is my fantasy – that like a dog, I could just shake off all the negatives, worries and distractions with one good body shake.
Oh, it would feel soooo good.
Let everything fly out and away from me…
Then start fresh… not everything will cut loose, but everything
will displace and what settles back down can be viewed with
a new perspective.

Hey, we all have our dreams, ideas and creative hiccups.  When I watch our dogs come out of the water and give themselves a good shake, it always looks like it such a feel good thing to do.  I thought of doing a head stand, seeing if that would dislodge and toss some of my gray matter around, but I wasn’t successful at getting into that position, never mind staying in it long enough to enjoy the moment.

I am an artist who loves to day dream and consider possibilities.  I can get very excited finding the strangest things along the roadway or down a long forgotten trail or path.  I grew up at a time where it was encouraged that we give our imaginations full range.  Given a pencil and paper with a box full of jumbled thread, discarded what nots and old catalogues, WOW I’d be lost in my own world for hours.

Today you go into a store and there is sticker, cut out or stamp for almost everything. How hand made or scrap cards today?  Ok not the time to go into my tirade on now vs. the good “old” days.  The dog shaking off the water that has bogged him/her down makes me smile. The fur/hair needs to be wrung out, simple, shake and shake again.  It’s done.  AND its off we go to play again.

Nature is wonderful isn’t it.  Simplicity is soooo Positive.

Where’s my dog I want a cuddle..  Hugs everyone….

Comments on: "shaking off negatives" (3)

  1. amplitudejoy said:

    I can just imagine you doing a hand stand. Please don’t do anything foolish. I can go and ruffle your feathers if it can help, Enjoy the week Christianne

  2. I agree…nature is awesome!

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