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Wordless Wednesday -tranquility

shadednear Sharon Springs NY.USA

sometimes in dreams


To achieve a quiet heart, so that we can live in greater harmony with the world around us, takes an effort.  In life, when we are balanced, grounded, we are capable of better decisions, and more effective results to our actions.

If we are active, when we should be at rest, then when it is time to act, we are often ill prepared.  We can miss opportunities that had we been rested and ready, would have been easy to deal with.

For the last many days I have been living with a sinus infection.  Ok it is not the end of the world, however, when the symptoms gang up on me, I really do find myself leaning towards,a complaining mind. (that is not the right way/direction to go)

Like a hamster in a cage, running, running on my wheel, running and getting nowhere.  After chasing around looking for a clinic that was open today, I finally gave up and came home.  I will take the time to reflect on just why this physical annoyance is giving me grief.

It is said, that the “superior” person, first achieves quiet heart, and then acts.   Hmmmmp I have some serious winding down to do, 1st step, when my body says rest, I need to listen.

PL Precept # 18  Each moment is a turning Point

PL Precept #17  Grasp what is most essential

a quiet walk


learning to walk with God

to be aware that every step you take

every movement you make

any direction you  decide to follow

will bring you closer to your goal

what goal? maybe you are not aware

that you even have one


but somewhere, buried deep

in the recesses of your inner Being

there is a solid reason

why, even in the crowded streets

or busy by ways

you feel a longing, even a need

at times, for a quiet moment,

a time where you say, please..

give me one moment to myself


we must sincerely apply our hearts to understanding

that God is the air we breathe, the life the flows within our veins

no matter you disbelieve, you are alive,

therefore you ARE..

Accepting and nurturing the person you ARE

that is a challenge we face

Till from this earth we part, with just a trace

of a memory by those who walked along

beside or with us on our journey


the day will come

when our days and nights become one

we will ride the mighty dragon

far into the Universe

our quiet walk

will have begun

Namaste     –      Oyashikiri


celebrate life

embrace love

Happiness is 



we are


Hydrating – hydratant


I, am but a thought in your mind

I am, are two words we use a lot

I’m so busy, I am late, I am not feeling well, I am hot

when do we stop

and think about exactly who/what is I

in the I am,

do we live our lives out of a can

are we ready made

we eat fast foods, and drive in cars

is the life we live really ours


I challenge YOU today

to hydrate your mind, stop what you are doing

to take 60 seconds, 1 minute

for each picture. allowing the quiet of your mind

to take in what you see


feel the sound, and the pull of the waves

listen to the sound of silence in the world around

feel the stillness that begins to unfold

your breathing will automatically  be deeper,

your shoulders will relax


each drop that falls

creates a ripples

… that ripple … slowly …spreads out

wrapping you in the sunshine

that warms and calms your busy mind


60 seconds on each picture…… 60 seconds! …… if you took the challenge,

you just hydrated your mind with a short meditation  ……how hard was that!

save this page…… use it again ….. whenever you need to unwind…… recharge

send it to a friend …….   share the quiet …….

know when you say   “: I am ”  …… you really are!

Namaste     –     Oyashikiri

photos -ba-bamail.

text -Q

into the mist

Xsa on the beach_003

So tired, I found a place to lay my head

slowly I felt the tension  ease away

the world was quiet, yes there were sounds

but somehow, I knew that they were not part of me

I was safe in my space, this warm welcoming embrace

mist 1 flickr

I am set adrift

like the quiet days at the cottage

when I could paddle on the lake while the mist still danced

along the water and the soft sounds of nature

filled my head with joys of solitude

when I was ONE with nature

and my heart, body and soul

found peace

mist 2

on warm summer days I made my way

through the trees, to the cottage on the cliff

the sun would shine through the trees,

the rough path to get there

always familiar to my feet

I’d climbed it since my youth

now, love and faith

draws me home

mist 3

ahead there is a light

I know my loved ones wait for me there

its been a good life

can you hear me God

I’m coming home


Namaste   –    Oyashikiri 

Quiet day…

outer space

Some days

there is no other way

to enjoy the waking hours of the day

but to the let mind play

and have its own way

African inland -chris hadfield

With God’s grace

I’m going to slow my pace

and enjoy my space

it is with the utmost sincerity

that I offer you my heartfelt  thanks

for sharing this moment with me

it might be a challenge,

but I am determined that today

will be a quiet day

moonset by Kinoshaman

peace be yours my friend

today and always


Namaste     –     Oyashikiri

*simulations of magnetic field loops on the sun, nasa.gov

** African inland delta – Chris Hadfield (taken from space)

*** white sands national Park, New Mexico (moonset by kinoshaman,flickr)

solitude in crowded busy places


We have all at one time or another been in such a place, either an airport, train station, bus station, exhibition grounds, it could be anywhere. There is a constant flow of activity around you. You need to unwind, slow down, chill. what do you do?


For me, I turn off, I zone out. This skill didn’t come to me overnight, it is a life long practice that is akin to prayer and meditation.  I close my eyes and turn inward to the quiet within me. Serenity,peace, joy… these are inner qualities of “self”.  Our connection to God/Tao… Life.  PL Precept # 3, God appears through One’s Self... We can’t always travel to distant lands to meditate and pray in temples and at shrines.  There are countries where the churches and temples are open for those who wish to pray and communicate with “the Divine”.  In North America this is not always possible except at given times and days.

When we learn to meditate/pray in a way that connects to our inner “Self”, then no matter where we are, even in a crowded room. we can connect to the quiet and peace within. we rejuvenate, energize and mend the tired/shattered psyche .. giving us that needed extra boost to get on with creativity of our day/night.  PL Precept #21  – Live in Perfect Liberty


Namaste – Oyashikiri



pictures 1 & 2 Japan,  #1 tokyo airport #2, Kenroku-en gardens, Kanazawa

#3 lotus flowr macro by Bahman Farzad on flickr

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