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into the mist

Xsa on the beach_003

So tired, I found a place to lay my head

slowly I felt the tension  ease away

the world was quiet, yes there were sounds

but somehow, I knew that they were not part of me

I was safe in my space, this warm welcoming embrace

mist 1 flickr

I am set adrift

like the quiet days at the cottage

when I could paddle on the lake while the mist still danced

along the water and the soft sounds of nature

filled my head with joys of solitude

when I was ONE with nature

and my heart, body and soul

found peace

mist 2

on warm summer days I made my way

through the trees, to the cottage on the cliff

the sun would shine through the trees,

the rough path to get there

always familiar to my feet

I’d climbed it since my youth

now, love and faith

draws me home

mist 3

ahead there is a light

I know my loved ones wait for me there

its been a good life

can you hear me God

I’m coming home


Namaste   –    Oyashikiri 

Quiet day…

outer space

Some days

there is no other way

to enjoy the waking hours of the day

but to the let mind play

and have its own way

African inland -chris hadfield

With God’s grace

I’m going to slow my pace

and enjoy my space

it is with the utmost sincerity

that I offer you my heartfelt  thanks

for sharing this moment with me

it might be a challenge,

but I am determined that today

will be a quiet day

moonset by Kinoshaman

peace be yours my friend

today and always


Namaste     –     Oyashikiri

*simulations of magnetic field loops on the sun, nasa.gov

** African inland delta – Chris Hadfield (taken from space)

*** white sands national Park, New Mexico (moonset by kinoshaman,flickr)

solitude in crowded busy places


We have all at one time or another been in such a place, either an airport, train station, bus station, exhibition grounds, it could be anywhere. There is a constant flow of activity around you. You need to unwind, slow down, chill. what do you do?


For me, I turn off, I zone out. This skill didn’t come to me overnight, it is a life long practice that is akin to prayer and meditation.  I close my eyes and turn inward to the quiet within me. Serenity,peace, joy… these are inner qualities of “self”.  Our connection to God/Tao… Life.  PL Precept # 3, God appears through One’s Self... We can’t always travel to distant lands to meditate and pray in temples and at shrines.  There are countries where the churches and temples are open for those who wish to pray and communicate with “the Divine”.  In North America this is not always possible except at given times and days.

When we learn to meditate/pray in a way that connects to our inner “Self”, then no matter where we are, even in a crowded room. we can connect to the quiet and peace within. we rejuvenate, energize and mend the tired/shattered psyche .. giving us that needed extra boost to get on with creativity of our day/night.  PL Precept #21  – Live in Perfect Liberty


Namaste – Oyashikiri



pictures 1 & 2 Japan,  #1 tokyo airport #2, Kenroku-en gardens, Kanazawa

#3 lotus flowr macro by Bahman Farzad on flickr

Come sta? How are YOU today.. giovedi?

cabin, turner lake,Juneau Alaska

How often are you asked how you are, and find that before you can even formulate an answer, the person talking with you has moved on and is chatting away about this or that in their lives.  Is it something you are sometimes guilty of yourself?  Why do you think this happens?  When I was still actively working in Health Care, I would often ask the client, “what do you think causes this/these  “symptom(s)?”  Almost 90% of the time, the answer related to a stress of some kind, and more often then not, there were more then one stress factors in that person’s life.

Q – “what do you think could be a solution”

answer – “time away, getting away”  were two of the most stated forms of  actions required for relief sought ..

Ah that elusive cabin in the woods, that dream of peace and quiet that would be achieved if only we could get away from the daily grind and get out of the city.  Those of you who live in the country and have seen city types come out to live in the quiet rural communities, only to realize in a short period of time that all the conveniences of city living don’t exist … One friend said..”they want to be in the country, but live like they did in the city”.   The grass is always greener on the other side.  We’ve all heard that saying before.

When we live in the moment, every moment is an opportunity for that ” oh wow feels sooo  good”  time in space.

cabin, in the woods bathroom suite.Serafini Amelia

Whether it is sinking into a refreshing sudsy bath after a long day of activity, or you are floating along on the Bayou, be present in all you do, that way, when someone says “how are you today”, if they don’t allow you to answer, it won’t matter, you will know they need you to “listen”..   The “Quiet” is missing from their lives at that moment in time.Bayou swamp-Louisiana  Michelle Morris

So…..  how are you today? ………….. where do you want to be …………….. wherever it is, be HAPPY

The Quiet resides in us all




* cabin spotted Turner Lake, Juneau Alaska (Nora Stengrim) Pinterest

** Pinterest -Seafini Amelia, Grand by Design bathroom Suite

***On the Bayou (Louisiana) by Michelle Morris on Fivehundredpx

Bom dia, good morning everyone!

temple entrance,Kamakura,Kanagawa Prefecture,Japan  by Hanbi via flickr.

Where ever you footsteps take you today, may the day be one of many blessings.  Each day, a new door opens, and often another will close.  Nothing is forever, trying  to hold back the ongoing changes that are the essence of life.  Church, (temple) is where you find your spiritual calm, your inner Self,  Some find it in the quiet communion with the Universe while they wander the sea-shore, or kayak into isolated bays.  Other’s feel it the moment they walk into their favourite place of worship.

temple garden by Teruhide Tomori on flickr

Transform your day today, visit your quiet place, experience the true happiness of connecting with the Divine Energy that is life.  Strive each day to improve yourself.  Sincere prayer and meditation is a gift we give ourselves.  Rewards are one hundredfold

temple landscape by eiji Murakami on flicker


* Temple entrance,Kamakura,Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan by hanabi.on Flickr

**Garden by Teruhide Tomori on Flickr

*** by Eliji Murakami on Flickr

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