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Quiet day…

outer space

Some days

there is no other way

to enjoy the waking hours of the day

but to the let mind play

and have its own way

African inland -chris hadfield

With God’s grace

I’m going to slow my pace

and enjoy my space

it is with the utmost sincerity

that I offer you my heartfelt  thanks

for sharing this moment with me

it might be a challenge,

but I am determined that today

will be a quiet day

moonset by Kinoshaman

peace be yours my friend

today and always


Namaste     –     Oyashikiri

*simulations of magnetic field loops on the sun, nasa.gov

** African inland delta – Chris Hadfield (taken from space)

*** white sands national Park, New Mexico (moonset by kinoshaman,flickr)



Last night I had word from a dear and wonderful friend.  I knew her dog had recently been ill and passed on, I had dropped in to see her to offer a hug.  I was with her when she first  got Peppino, and knew how much that dog meant to her and how much he filled her life with love, She was not home when I arrived, so after leaving her a note I went on my way  When she wrote me last nite she told me  how Peppino had met his end.  Rat poison!  He was a small dog, the vet said there was enough in his system to have stopped a horse in his tracks.  I had been oblivious to that bit of information prior to her telling me this last night. What devastation and renewed sense of loss,this time with a searing pain that a life was taken in such a horrible way.


The world is not perfect, and neither are we.  The Universe works in strange ways.  Intellectually we can try to make sense and reason out of world events, but always when we view anything that is outside our own personal world, we are seeing things either through the eyes of a camera or hearing the views and thoughts of others.  If peace begins within, and that is really the only way it can happen, if we are at peace with our selves, then we radiate and share this peace with others.

Life on earth is fragile.  We are here to learn, to grow spiritually and to learn love for one another.  Tolerance and forgiveness are hard lessons. I ask today that we pray for those who are moving on into the Universe, mostly pray for their loved ones who suffer their loss.  Those who pass over into the “cosmic beyond” have been blessed with new beginnings.  No longer are they bound to mortal life.

lotus flower - flickr.com  Bahman Farzad


Namste – Oyashikiri


PL lesson from the 14th

PL lesson from the 14th

Take care of Things One by One as They Come
It is the best timing to do something .. as soon as you notice it..Take action right away without hesitation.

What was I doing that I missed this lesson on the PL calendar yesterday, Ah yes, I was living my day, dealing with the challenges that are currently littering my day to day.

Hmmm how do I feel about that. Let me think .closes eyes and takes time to reflect and think. Leans back in her chair and allows the emotions and thoughts to come forward.

What came to mind? Yesterday was yesterday, and today will be today, I feel stronger today, the changes I’ve been working on making are starting to see results.

I give thanks to all my friends and support system for through all ups and downs, you have been there for me. Especially my husband, wow, he is such a treasure. Most of all, Rev. Eugene and Rev. Goto have helped me stay in touch with the Divine and Universal Healer, GOD/TAO

This next is materialistic, however, it shows that GOD is in every thought and moment in our lives. Being diabetic I have “need to do” things in my everyday, now one is going out regularly to the pharmacy for Blood Pressure monitoring.
With the weather starting to get colder, I no longer should be running around with just my shoes on.
I wanted a pair of low cut boots that had a fur lining or thermal inside so that I can keep my feet warm. I was in and out of the store in less than 20 minutes. A record I think. I saw the boots, tried them, they fit, in fact were perfect for what I wanted. What drew me to the boots, The company logo. On a plain white backing are the words, “for the world you walk in, Love what you wear”

What can I say, they spoke to me =^_^=           I’m going to have a good day, I hope you are too.

Blessings to you, Happiness, Joy, Long life,, abundant, unbounded Blessings, forever and always.

photo above is from SL (Second Life) Q                 photo below is from Pinterest http://media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com/736x/09/99/31/0999311a15f76335ac30b58a2b350ac2.jpg

To Light Your Way


Take my Hand

Good Morning everyone!

Have a grand and wonderful day…..


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