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Friday moment

Have a prayerful mind to love yourself and others. Open up your heart fully when praying to God. It will help you sort out your feelings .

Perfect Liberty 2022.31

wonders we miss

Good Morning, since it is freezing rain and cold outside, I took to the virtual world to grab a few photos the other day. I posted the lying down resting by an open fire one on Instagram the other day. Just looking at the avatar chilling… squeezed a big sigh out of me… The one on the left is the avatar taking timealong her journey of discovery to dance. The opportunity was there so she took it.

Discover something new today. Have a willingness and an interest, and start your day with excitement.

Perfect Liberty 2023.22

Dancing is an activity that we do that it is all about the journey .. it is an opportunity to stretch our bodies, lift our arms to the sky, give space to areas in our bodies that have been dormant. It is healthy for us to be active. We get up and move, not to get somewhere but to enjoy the feeling of movement and reconnect with our bodies.

Chilling, taking time to be quiet, allow contemplation (in this example) gaze at the sky, listen to the fire crackling, watch clouds drift by, is that water in the distance, can you hear the sound of a waterfall, are the birds singing, a bee buzzing, allow the mind to drift, wander, if thoughts come, acknowledge them and then let them go… Chilling is making time for YOU.

Explore new thoughts, places, be open to the wonders around you. Do everything willingly and joyfully…

virtual photography on location http://www.secondlife.com

and then

Strive to live with a positive outlook everyday. Put your whole heart into whatever you do. With motivation, you will feel joy and excitement.

Perfect Liberty 2017.20

Move forward with confidence. Experiences you have acquired through efforts so far are wonderful. give it all you’ve got.

Perfect Liberty 2023.20

Tomorrow is thanksgiving (in the PL world) or day of Gratitude and Appreciation.. service will be at 7 pm if you are unable to attend the service, please spent a moment in prayer/meditation .. expressing your appreciation and gratitude for life and its blessings.

photo Shirley Keen, NZ

love calling

Good morning world. I didn’t jump out of bed this morning, but at least I was motivated to get up .. yesterdays “happy moment” with my turkey friends.. has given me the nudge needed to leave my warm bed and sleeping companions (whippets) to get ready for an early departure for the woods.

We’ve had a bit of a return of a cold snap. When I got to the area yesterday, I again was a shade late, they were on their way back into the wooded area, I could see their tail ends sauntering through the trees, picking their way over the snow. (the picture above is from last fall). There were at lest 5 of them, I reacted, I called out to them like I did last year.. a beckoning call I used… (sweet talk) with coaxing and air kisses.. darned if two of them didn’t stop in their tracks.. to listen. I was encouraged, my heart may have even sped up a bit…

“Come to me, come on… look what I have for you…” (bribery pure and simple) the two that had stopped, actually began to run back towards me… they had to have been from the group that I fed last fall. The happiness and joy they gave me by responding to me and coming right up close .. after months of being away from me… tugged at my heart…. I couldn’t have loved them more…

I will always marvel at how Nature has a way of showing us that we are all part of the Universe and kindness and pure intent (sincerity) (makoto) are what will bring about positive results/moments in our lives.

Make the best use of materials and money. You can do different things as materials and money play t heir roles. How to make them work is important.

Perfect Liberty 2023.16

Do everything willingly and joyfully. Your upbeat attitude will make things more cheerful and enjoyable.

Perfect Liberty 2021.18

Ancestors’ day

This was last year, but I saw three yesterday when I drove in at P22, Yahoooo

For readers who are interested in birds and live in my part of the globe.. I have been watching for the nuthatch, always a visitor to the various feeders, I have found them absent these past months. I have not seen one for at least a couple of months.. The past two winters they were always around, and I did hear them early in the season.. but not lately. If you come across one/two .. please drop me a line. Thanks.

I saw a headline the other day, “the age free life” it s not about a number, it is about energy, balance and joy. I had to ask myself how old the author of that article was, flipping through the pages, I saw that the oldest group they mentioned was 50’s. Checking the cover of the magazine I saw it was from 2016. Here we are in 2023, and not much has changed, except that the writer would now be 7 years old. In my own circle of friends I have seen the difference a few years make in not only their health, (my own included) but in their stamina and outlook on life.

Today being Ancestors day at the church, we celebrate what was, and look at what is, and we express our gratitude. In the magazine I was mentioning there was a challenge… It read, enter the gratitude challenge! what are you thankful for… I thought to send out this challenge to you, how many times do you say thank you in a day. Are you thankful for ???? what comes to mind?

Quote – “Every day you’re alive and someone loves you is a miracle” Rita Mae Brown.

Quote – ” I would maintain that Thanks are the highest form of thought and that Gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.” G.K. Chesterton.

La vie est belle – Life is beautiful.. and one of the reasons it is, is because YOU, yes you are in it. I may not know you, and you and I may never cross paths, but you are reading this post and sharing this moment with me.. For this.. I thank YOU.

Make today a “give back day” We can live our daily lives owing to our ancestors, our elders, and the work of our predecessors. Above all, kindness for others is the best way to give back.

Perfect Liberty 2023. 11

Hello Bom dia!

Give importance to listening, looking, thinking, doing and speaking. Look and listen carefully before making a judgement. Assumptions and hasty conclusions can lead to misunderstandings.

Perfect Liberty 2023.7

Presence of mind

Always have presence of mind. if you overexert yourself, you will get easily swayed by emotion. Always put the best Makoto with presence of mind.

Perfect Liberty 2023.25

Sometimes we try to retain or do too much. We can be over achievers. Seems a good idea at the time, but suddenly it dawns on us… “we are not where we want to be” …………… that is a message from your inner voice… We are .. and can be … stubborn without realizing we are …

Free yourself from being overly attached. Overthinking hinders ideas and actions.

Perfect Liberty 2021.22

doors open in/out

Make the best use of materials and money. you can do different things as materials and money play their roles. How to make them work is important.

Perfect Liberty 2023.16

Today being Thursday I pulled some photos of doorways that I hope will give you pause for a moment. Which way you go through the doors, will make a difference. Will you be going through them .. to go in… or to leave… Depending on how you encounter some doors, what their purpose will be to you in your life… will certainly give pause for thought.

Same applies to how we view the opportunities/challenges that come our way.

Start by doing the things you notice. it is impossible to do two things at once. Let your intuition guide you and start with what you can take on now.

Perfect Liberty 2017.16

This being Thursday, you can click on the above link it will take you to Dan’s No Facilities site and the post this week on doors.

The wonderful pictures showing doors in an ambience that demonstrates the thought I am presenting for you to ponder today were taken by Ian Mitchell (photographer/traveler) on one of their (family) holiday destinations.

Thank you dear friends, without you in my life… life would be so boring. I appreciate each and every one of you Near or far, you are beautiful energies. Oyashikiri

Mon. 13th.

Kevin Baldelli is a nature photographer who I met several years back, who has moved from still photography to getting pictures of the animals in their natural environment. He has put together clips from his films taken in 2022. Thought you might enjoy spending some time with the animals in their habitat. This is the link to the video I’ve taken a screen shot from. https://youtu.be/cs3ZsPL6KkE

View your difficulties as a chance to make rapid progress. You grow by overcoming the obstacles in front of you, one by one, look at your problems as opportunities for growth and make the best of your situation.

Perfect Liberty 2014.9

Others are others … I am I. If you force your values about anything on others, it can be self-righteous. don’t be overeager and haves a sense of “others are others. I am I”

Perfect Liberty 2023.13

In life we face many challenges. Yesterday I started out with my usual routine, I went into the woods to feed the birds.. enjoyed the fresh air, the time with the wildlife and headed back into the city to attend a service at church. Two of my fellow hokyoshi’s are back in Brazil for a holiday, even though I had been in on Saturday I thought to go in and make sure all was well. It was a lovely sunny day, I had time to make a stop at the Asian supermarket, so I did a quick in and out (only place I know I can get my garlic stems)… On leaving I saw the door to the Time Foot Bar was open http://www.timefootbar.ca/

Need I say more…. I went in for a reflexology session, I didn’t think much about it, I drove over to that end of the parking lot, got out, walked in, and…… the rest is history … I did not go to church … I booked a session, fell into a light sleep while there, left. came home and went to bed. Sometimes the best laid plans go awry …. the rest of the day was spent in a bit of a trance.. I had not ambition to do anything, not even watch the telly. When the body needs to relax, it reaches a point of no return… and I had hit the zone. I did go out and try to clear some more snow off the deck.. so I got more fresh air.. but then I came back in… and you guessed it… my need took me back to bed. I listened to a Simon Brett talking book and slept again.

I could beat myself up for missing church. But that is not the PL WAY. I obviously needed the “time out” … Sometimes we have to listen to our “inner voice” if we continue to force activity when we are overtired, overextended, we suffer the consequences. Be honest with yourself, when was the last time you did something called “nothing”


Do you like being on your own, can you remember when the last time was you did something for no reason at all but because you felt like it…….

Feb. 1

Let’s Pray for world Peace. The path to World Peace will open up with each person’s prayer for peace.

Perfect Liberty 2023.1

Let’s look at and listen to Others with an Open Mind. your judgement becomes clouded when you look at a situation or person with preconceived notions. Observe them for what they actually are.

Perfect Liberty 2012.27

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