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just out of bed …… the sky was so red I couldn’t let it happen and not take action captured on my cell ….. it was so dark so intense……. yet when transferred to my hard drive, the red was already fading into the morning clouds …. but… that is what life is…. a lifetime can disappear in the blink of an eye. …. change is an opportunity for growth… .hmmm well said!

It is not fun to be stuck in One place. Instead of being captured by what’s in front of you, strive to broaden your horizons.

Perfect Liberty 2022.28

Sunday 23rd

Photo Dave Renz

In going through a file, I found this stashed in a folder all by its lonesome. You know my fascination with wild turkeys these days.. this lone bird caught my eye. Wondering what he/she is doing? When I saw today’s lesson (PL Calendar) I thought it perfect for my visual today. Anyone out there recognize this bird?

When you get stuck take a step back….. When you are able to see things objectively, your viewpoint will change and you will receive new wisdom.

Perfect Liberty 2022.23

Be creative in your efforts.


Service this morning is at 10 a.m.

Hello Fall

Yesterday as I drove down the road to the entrance to Mer Bleue I slowed to look over the valley beyond the trees that border the road and saw … fall colours… the whole line of trees along the far side of the valley were crimson and golds… Yikes… it is still September … I didn’t have the Nikon with me and the cell would have limited range for me to capture that colour. BUT it was there.!!! Good thing fall is my favourite season.. I L O V E IT….

Be cheerful and friendly with those around you. Other people can sense how you are feeling … So, be cheerful.

Perfect Liberty 2022.24

Today I will be a smart puppy .. I will layer and bring out the warm vest. could not do my walk around the bog yesterday the wind was too cutting and temperatures were in the single digits. (Celsius).


Please pray for those who are in need of our support and prayers.


I love this piece… (my own work)

I wrote yesterday – hiding in plain sight – little did I know. The body is wonderful, when you over do or are in danger of causing serious damage to yourself… it shuts down.. In my case, it presented me with a problem I could not ignore. a whopper of migraine. So severe I had no choice but to lie down and let it fade and believe me, it was not going to make it an easy fix.

You can only change yourself. Before you start telling people how they should do things, think of how you can be more flexible.

Perfect Liberty 2022.13

If you have never had a migraine or suffer from headaches.. you will not understand or know that there is only one way what works, cuz your laid out, completely incapacitated…It is the body’s way of saying STOP you haven’t been listening. I encourage you all, if you are running from one “task/chore” to another and not taking the needed time for YOU… don’t fall into the trap.. Nothing is more important than YOUR peace of mind and making time for SELF CARE.



When we are constantly doing something… when the day seems to disappear and you are still doodling, there seems to be no end in sight to the “this and that” that are on your “to do ” list.

Are you overdoing things? Not only do you harm yourself when you overdo things, but you may be imposing on others as well.

Perfect Liberty 2022.29

When we are mindful, we appear to process information with our full bodies rather than simply the mind.

always and forever

into the beyond

photo Nick Vrtis

Sometimes prayers are answered in a way that you don’t expect. Life has been busy, so busy that until it took its toll on me and I simply had no choice but to stop and unwind… I had no idea how brain fogged I was getting. We get busy, and we get into a routine of “doing” .. it is not until a friend mentions to you that you are always on the go. A friend actually was telling me that her friends were always telling her she was always traveling, and she didn’t necessarily see it that way, she saw herself as a stay at home person.

hmmmm. a little “bell” went off in my head. I was one of her friends who IF I thought of it, would think she did travel a lot. So when another friend said to me, “you are always on the go” I actually heard him, it wasn’t just words coming at me from across a room.

So… when a friend send me a link to pictures taken while he and his wife were on a travel vacation, I innocently opened up the files and WOW… OMG… this picture caught my attention, it literally screamed at me… if I was to visualize my inner thoughts and what was or has been going on in my gray matter, this picture said it all. Why? I don’t know.. it just drew me in, it captured my attention.

From my head to my toes, this picture could be an abstract picture of my emotions – all consuming yet not tangible. My life is so full in some ways, so content, so rich, so vibrant, yet… there is a part of me that seems to be simmering waiting to erupt.

Nick and Mel traveled through some very majestic territory.. they were exploring Yellowstone National Park… Some of Nick’s pictures were just too much to take in, I think it was the impression of the vast geography that they were experiencing, it was something that would be so totally mind blowing first hand. Thank you Nick for sharing, you gave me something that opened doors to possibilities.. more for me to think about .. LOL as always your sharing brings happiness and a smile

Make Today a memorable day. Let’s try to put our whole heart into whatever we say or do. as our unique signature.

Perfect Liberty 2022.26

Why I am so pulled in by this photo.. I have many thoughts on that… one of the PL Precepts is

# 15 All is a Mirror

Is this a dragon in the mist?

last photo was also one of Nick’s.


photo.Heather T.

Rain is cleansing, calming … yet … can be relentless and create anxiety

because it is said – does this make it a truth

Make today a memorable day. Let’s try to put our whole heart into whatever we say or do, as our unique signature.

Perfect Liberty 2022.26

Always live with a kind and generous heart. Show love and embrace others’ good points, and be willing to overlook their faults. One who has a generous heart can live a fulfilled life.

Perfect Liberty 2022.17

7.7.22 Tanabata

Think “now is the time” Instead of “it’s no use now” Don’t give up by thinking it’s too late. Tell yourself that there is more that can be done.

Perfect Liberty 2022.7

Thursday Doors taken by good friend Nick Vrtis who was travelling in Germany recently, Grey door is the Cathedral in St. Ola, and the brow doorway is Kirkwall. Thank you Nick…! For more doors, please visit the Thursday Doors posts on Dan’s site. No Facilities https://nofacilities.com/2022/07/07/june-leftovers/

Tanabata is based on the legendary meeting of two stars, Hikoboshi and Orihime, which are represented by Altair and Vega, respectively. After his marriage to Orihime, Hikoboshi idled away and didn’t work. An angry god split Hikoboshi and Orihime apart from the two banks of the Milky Way. However the god permitted Hikoboshi and Orihime to reunite once a year on July 7. So Tanabata is held on that day every year, and it is said to be the day lovers can reunite. (translated from Japanese to English in Japan)

The romantic in me loves that there is a day set aside for “lost love/s/ers” There is always a place in my heart for someone who has brought me pleasure, shown me kindness, taken time to get to know me, spend time with me. In today’s “throw away” society/culture, we often forget that each moment we live/experience life… that moment is etched in our “being”. To know sadness, we have had to have experienced happiness. Love is in every breath we take, it is like the air we breathe. Unseen but ever present.

Always and Forever


quiet reflection

You can be with God by having a prayerful mind. Let’s pray for World Peace. We are all one big family. Let’s start by praying for the happiness of those around us.

Perfect Liberty 2022.11

Find compassion with others by thinking of things you have in common: ” Just like me, this person wishes to be well and happy” Then take a moment to send them some kind wishes.

a quide to mindfulness 3..22.

the night is dark, my thoughts simple

In the quiet as I sit in the evening shadow

I know the light in the room is You

I need only close my eyes to feel your presence

with gratitude and appreciation I allow the night to draw me in

There is a calm that wrapes like a balm around my restless heart

When I allow my mind to clear of all that is shallow/unnecessary

and simply listen


virtual photography (Second Life) Q

Wild Turkey

finally- meet my new friend

Have a joyful day by being a little more creative You will enjoy your day more by adding a little creativity to your daily activities.

Perfect Liberty 2022.16

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