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whimsy in outer space

Star 1

star bright, starlight,

I’m going to come to you tonight

I will close my eyes and take an astral flight

up up I’ll float into the night

the higher I go

the more immense the galaxy

I no longer need to navigate

I need only to let go

star milky way and Venus rise in the Valley , Nevada

star bright, starlight

from here on high, the world  is so small

help me find the milky way

I’ve heard it said

when I travel light,

 I’ll finally get  to visit Mars

where I’ll  see the stars in  a very different light

oh my, look, is that me sleeping

in my chair

earth and mars

no wait that can’t be me

we just landed on  Mars

oh dear little star, you’re showing me

that no matter where I go

I’ll always be me.


Happy me, I’m floating in space, and see, you are with me.

each and every one of you! =^_^=

Namaste   Oyashikiri



Feeling the stress?

Feeling the stress?

Have a good balance between mind and body. Being overly concerned about things, or overexerting yourself physically
will cause you to be off balance mentally and physically. Be careful not to overdo things.

Have a great week-end you all, May your week-end be filled with fun, laughter and activities that will bring lasting memories in the years ahead.

Blessings – now and always!

photo-  whippet doing what he does best =^_^=    by Q

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