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so .. laugh

The other day I had to take my pc in for a health check up.  I’d already had a home visit and the problem couldn’t be solved here.  There many of you out there .. that know the void of being without your regular PC.. Sure I have a totally freaking almost new laptop.  But it isn’t my PC where all my files, pictures etc. are.

Ironton Cabin 1 by nicholsphotos on Flickr

I sat at my desk when I got home and felt.. lost… abandoned. I had to set up the Asus to work with.  Not just have it for when we travel etc. Nothing is simple.  It has Win.8 so as soon as I fired her up, she wanted to be updated to Win 10. Ok made sense my PC is Win 10 so I thought I’ll just do the upgrade.   An hour later, I was still waiting for the upgrade to finish and do reinstall etc.

abandoned, country farm house

Time for seasons to change, clock kept ticking away, I wasn’t getting to my “work”..  Oh did I mention that one of the reason’s the PC was being fixed, was that Norton had disappeared off my machine.. and weird things kept happening in almost all the programs.

When I tried to used google on the laptop (my fav search engine and where I got my mail etc.) (Norton works on the laptop) a BIG warning with red X dangerous do not open, and of course it just wouldn’t let me use it. hmmm how else to get my mail, the icon that the tech had put on when my laptop was set up, was deemed an enemy.  I tried all kinds of ways to access it and all were blocked.

abandoned, tumblr

By now my creativity level had dropped significantly, the cobwebs in the gray matter were getting tangled.  Oh look, hello I think it is all updated and ready to go.. Look Look, see Jane run….no icon for my mail, and there doesn’t appear to be a browser.

outer space

I am now ready for the blotter, a small corner will be fine.  Really it was time to tune out.. and forget that the internet age is even in my office.  I thought I should get out my craft supplies and make a card. Certainly I was not in sync with my  technology.  Finally thru a virtual connection, I got a link  to download Internet Explorer.

abandoned doll

Needless to say.. it was a worn and weary little doll who wen to bed last night.  I thought I would summarize this experience with a Snoopy cartoon I found through another blogger.


Thanks for listening, it always helps to be able to babble to friends.

Penguin with flowers

PL Precept  1     Life is Art

Namaste     –      Oyashikiri



Feel the heat, know the hunger

that mixes with the wonder

of discovering that Nature can be so beautiful

yet, so complex, and full of mysteries

an ice cave, inside a volcano

could this really be

yes deep down inside under the crust of the earth

Nature’s awesome wonders

continue to be a fascination

that are forever bending and challenging

my understanding and appreciation

of what IS

china,red beach

because it isn’t in my immediate reality

does not mean it does not exist

or that it isn’t so…

it simply means I have not been there yet

or the experience is one I have not had


Love is much like the above

we tend to want to categorize and romanticize love

yet time and time again

we learn, that only in letting go of preconceived ideas of what it should be

do we discover that it wasn’t that at all

when we allow love/God into our lives,

we thrive

no matter who we are, where we are, ” what” we are

all living entities/beings, respond to love

kindness, understanding towards one another

can change the world

when we explore what is beyond our known reality

we discovers the wonders, the glorious, the unfathomable

star forming,hubble

Love transcends our realities

be open to the wonders of life


PL Precept # 21      Live in Perfect Liberty

  • Russia (admin.seepicz)
  • China,Red Beach (admin.seepicz)
  • Mars.atmosphere on (admins.seepicz)
  • a star forming,Hubble Space Telescope

Sometimes I am at a loss

Sometimes I am at a loss

the words will not come forward     9e419a34c708b9f212d55495df1ead08

to be released, spoken and heard

Instead, I feel the emotion

start in my head, and work its way down

to the soles of my feet..

They say the eyes can often

be the window to one’s soul

Yet, I know when I am not angry

the sparks that glitter from my eyes

are not a reflection

of what I feel inside

NO, of course I’m not hiding

it is only that what I feel

and what I want to say

get lost inside my head

I feel the pull, I feel the need

but to feel is not to comprehend

there are times when what is said

is not what is really in my head

Like i say, sometimes, I’m simply at a loss…

has my ability to speak died, am I dead

of course not.. it is merely that at times

it is not what is said, but rather, the actions

of the moment, like when you fall out of bed


when the world says wake up…

and you still want to lie in bed

sometimes that can’t be done

it just happens that way

one minute you are alone

and the next…. someone else

has stepped into your head

and now

the words that come unbidden

to the conscious mind

leave you at a loss.


** Helix,nebula,cosmos

*** a turbulent mix of gas,dust, and cold gas in the galaxy

In Canada by Chris Hatfield and his brother Dave

written by Dave Hatfield

perfomred by both Dave and Chris.

————— This is Chris Hatfield, for those who are not familiar with who he is

Namaste     –      Oyashikiri

Time – space

Outer space


sin aferrarse al pasado, comience de ahora en adelante



The past is the past, whether it be failures or successes.  It is what you do from today, the present, that counts.

Start each day with a fresh out look

Yesterday a friend and I took a long drive, we left the house shortly after nine and didn’t return till about 12 hours later.  We did nothing that could be called exciting, we simply did what we felt like doing, ate when we were hungry and enjoyed time together.  We took back country roads, letting the  countryside roll past us like beautiful wall paper scenery.  We were not in front of our computers, we were actually seeing the landscapes for ourselves.   The day was sunny, the skies were blue, a tad on the chilly side if we were in the shade too long, and walking around a corner, or into the wind was =^_^=  let’s say, refreshing.

Even towards the end of the day, we were both tired, but it was a good tired.  We were able to end the day each in our own homes, with a contentment that took us into the evening, with a positive glow to our energy.

Del sentimiento de gratitud nace la felicidad

When we truly appreciate,  we will find Happiness

My prayer today is that  each and every one of you, has a happy and rewarding day.

Namaste     –     Oyashikiri

Pics from darkmatterspace.wordpress.com

whimsy in outer space

Star 1

star bright, starlight,

I’m going to come to you tonight

I will close my eyes and take an astral flight

up up I’ll float into the night

the higher I go

the more immense the galaxy

I no longer need to navigate

I need only to let go

star milky way and Venus rise in the Valley , Nevada

star bright, starlight

from here on high, the world  is so small

help me find the milky way

I’ve heard it said

when I travel light,

 I’ll finally get  to visit Mars

where I’ll  see the stars in  a very different light

oh my, look, is that me sleeping

in my chair

earth and mars

no wait that can’t be me

we just landed on  Mars

oh dear little star, you’re showing me

that no matter where I go

I’ll always be me.


Happy me, I’m floating in space, and see, you are with me.

each and every one of you! =^_^=

Namaste   Oyashikiri


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