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Sometimes I am at a loss

Sometimes I am at a loss

the words will not come forward     9e419a34c708b9f212d55495df1ead08

to be released, spoken and heard

Instead, I feel the emotion

start in my head, and work its way down

to the soles of my feet..

They say the eyes can often

be the window to one’s soul

Yet, I know when I am not angry

the sparks that glitter from my eyes

are not a reflection

of what I feel inside

NO, of course I’m not hiding

it is only that what I feel

and what I want to say

get lost inside my head

I feel the pull, I feel the need

but to feel is not to comprehend

there are times when what is said

is not what is really in my head

Like i say, sometimes, I’m simply at a loss…

has my ability to speak died, am I dead

of course not.. it is merely that at times

it is not what is said, but rather, the actions

of the moment, like when you fall out of bed


when the world says wake up…

and you still want to lie in bed

sometimes that can’t be done

it just happens that way

one minute you are alone

and the next…. someone else

has stepped into your head

and now

the words that come unbidden

to the conscious mind

leave you at a loss.


** Helix,nebula,cosmos

*** a turbulent mix of gas,dust, and cold gas in the galaxy


… look beyond the fear of the unknown…

93ed939dd2e5b1073bc9d3b379838049the Universe is vast

NGC 6302 is a bipolar planetary nebula in the constellation Scorpius

mean anything to you, no not really

but it does exist, and it is part of our galaxy

look into my eyes, really look

what do you see, can you see beyond the eyes looking back at you

can you feel the invisible web that is weaving

and binding us closer and closer

do you see beyond the fear of the unknown

…we can speculate all we want…

the Universe is vast

and nothing in our past

will give explanation

to what is happening now

you and I, are endowed, we are

 part of the spectrum of life

energies bound together by

similar wavelengths

our frequencies in tune

…we hum in harmony…

is there a real need

to know why?



God is everything, to see TAO in everything,

makes life the greatest adventure there is.

a loop ofo plasma 4x size of earth, erupts from the sun, from BuzzFeed

Estrella (Sp.) Star

star. vixyblu.blogspot.ca

Good Morning Everyone =^_^=

Do stars mean anything to you?  I remember back (way back) when we were given a star for good behaviour, etc. in school.  Report cards would  have stars on t hem to show how well you had done in different assignments, or topics.  In school plays we got to wear a star on our  head (on a headband) and a pretty dress to show “good”.   Stars being nocturnal are associated with night.  Stars, the 17th enigma of the Tarot, the representation of the soul uniting spirit with matter (Intercommunication of the different worlds)  As a light shining in the darkness, the star is a symbol of the spirit.  In reference books it is pointed out that the star rarely carries a single meaning, it nearly always alludes to multiplicity.

star, quote

In today’s world, we don’t go around putting stars on our colleagues foreheads, or post it note it to their shoulders, but we can show appreciation by saying thank you, or job well done.  All people have good qualities, focus on the good in others. After years of marriage, my husband still says “thank you” for his dinner/supper or whatever, and tells  me when he enjoys/ likes something that I’ve done.  When we first married, he had to remind me more than once to be more verbal in my appreciation, he was right, I took for granted at time that  he would know how much I appreciated things he did around the house, I saw  them, but I didn’t say anything.  We need to say thank you, and/or recognize the good in others. We sure appreciate the kind words when they come our way.

stars, from Incredible photos bt-images.net

Let’s Find the Good in Others and Praise Them (PL Calendar for day 28)


Top picture – how to make  vixyblu-blogspot.ca.jpg

quote – Pinterest

bottom picture  – http://www.bt-images.net/incredible-universe/

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