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This photo sparked a lot of comments and not always pleasant back and forth between persons with various backgrounds arguing  about evolution, theory, science etc.  The picture itself was found on flavorchemist.livejournal.com.  LOL I did read a good many of the comments, and have to applaud each and everyone of the readers because they were really into it. EAchd held strong views, no one wanted to back down, and each was determined to make his/her point.  One picture, one issue, one statement  can illicit so many different reactions.  Applaud the differences, praise TAO  that you are blessed with a mind to focus on what is right for you, appreciate the blessings you have in your life, /Evolve spiritually on a daily basis.

Do we always have to have just one right-wrong.  In Tao, there cannot be one without the other.  There is not only one side to a coin.  We can only look OUT from with IN.




As long as one has 3 square feet of space

one can take a trip to paradise

You need only close your eyes

and follow your breathing to inner peace.


Smiles and wishes you all a very  happy day!



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Estrella (Sp.) Star

star. vixyblu.blogspot.ca

Good Morning Everyone =^_^=

Do stars mean anything to you?  I remember back (way back) when we were given a star for good behaviour, etc. in school.  Report cards would  have stars on t hem to show how well you had done in different assignments, or topics.  In school plays we got to wear a star on our  head (on a headband) and a pretty dress to show “good”.   Stars being nocturnal are associated with night.  Stars, the 17th enigma of the Tarot, the representation of the soul uniting spirit with matter (Intercommunication of the different worlds)  As a light shining in the darkness, the star is a symbol of the spirit.  In reference books it is pointed out that the star rarely carries a single meaning, it nearly always alludes to multiplicity.

star, quote

In today’s world, we don’t go around putting stars on our colleagues foreheads, or post it note it to their shoulders, but we can show appreciation by saying thank you, or job well done.  All people have good qualities, focus on the good in others. After years of marriage, my husband still says “thank you” for his dinner/supper or whatever, and tells  me when he enjoys/ likes something that I’ve done.  When we first married, he had to remind me more than once to be more verbal in my appreciation, he was right, I took for granted at time that  he would know how much I appreciated things he did around the house, I saw  them, but I didn’t say anything.  We need to say thank you, and/or recognize the good in others. We sure appreciate the kind words when they come our way.

stars, from Incredible photos bt-images.net

Let’s Find the Good in Others and Praise Them (PL Calendar for day 28)


Top picture – how to make  vixyblu-blogspot.ca.jpg

quote – Pinterest

bottom picture  – http://www.bt-images.net/incredible-universe/

It is Wednesday – Happy day everyone!

This song has been playing over and over in my head, even though I now have the CD, I at this time have not been able to figure out how to insert the actual song into this blog.  I will persevere. The song is sung in Portuguese in the church, I have given you here the English translation.  Com Quem Contar (Ana Maria Miranda Coelho Rios)                 in English…… Who to Trust        The melody is happy and upbeat   Always has me smiling!

I was unhappy

Not knowing what to live for,

I knew not how to smile.

Life just wasn’t worthwhile

Not knowing what I could do

Not knowing who to trust.

I sought. I sought …………At last I found ………….   (.Oshieoya-sama, Oshieoya-sama   (Andei, andei ….E encontrie ….Oshieoya-sama, Oshieoya-sama )  Chorus 2X

Now I know

Realizing what life is for

I always live with a smile

Life is no longer a trial

I now know who to trust


I sought, I sought…………….At last I found ………….Oshieoya-sama, Oshieoya-sama     (repeated 2x)

From the  Church of Perfect Liberty Song Book


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