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a memory

Once upon a time, I had a jewelers bench, it was set up for me and the way I worked, a small anvil, vise, my bench block, and a must for me was the fluorescent incandescent bench lamp. I had a big window but it faced south. A northern window would have been preferred since the light would have been more constant.  It is the little things you learn that help long-term in more than one project.  I had a flexible shaft controlled by a foot rheostat.. it was indispensable for the kind of work that interested me, it was suspended over my table so I could easily access it for my various needs.  The different types of chucks available accommodated the various sizes of drills, burs, grinding stones and polishing


To this day I hang a flexible shaft outfit from my office window, over one of my work tables, even though my Foredom gave up the ghost long ago, I still kept all the parts, just in case…   Since I no longer work in precious and semi precious metals, I replaced my need for doing smaller projects with a Dremel.  That I could use when I was sculpting with Apoxie medium, or wood.  I’m an artist with a need to express my visual pieces with depth, and texture that can be and hopefully is tactile.


The Foredom was and is probably the tool that I most enjoyed having over the years, I can carve small rocks with the Dremel, and it does do a lot of what I could do with the Foredom, but it is what we get used to and what we use while learning and feeling our way with a new skill that adds to the dimension of our work.  I think so anyway.


Jewelry whether we are making it or wearing it, is an art form.  What we wear, how we wear it, speaks of our way of expressing a visual statement. n’est pas?  Errr no that web piece is not something I would make or wear, but I appreciate the work that went into it, the detail, the patience .. and even more I would applaud the woman or male who would wear it.


“Everything old is new again”  The fashion mags are showing the “Hobo” look,  vintage 70’s Hippie style  jewelry is back. hmmm I  sigh and turn the page, I no longer want to  have the  gold, platinum, best stones, and classic pieces, I never did.. I like my gemstones uncut, and the metal thick and sculpted,   that was the reason I started making my own….. but….. I’m attracted to the semi precious stones that were worn in biblical times, and during wiccan ceremonies.  I prefer pieces that speak to me, because someone wanted to express themselves by doing something different.  Not something that is manufactured and spit out by the gross.


I’ve taken to searching out thrift shops and pawn shops looking for unique pieces that still have their past owners energy and history on them, so that they have a “voice” that can be heard by the person willing to listen… these are the treasures that I enjoy the most.  LOL this musing all because  I looked at my Dremel this morning, and thought of my long gone Foredom.

I found an amazing piece today, I don’t think a picture would do it justice, but if I find a way to show it to you, I will… meanwhile… thanks for meandering down memory lane with me.  From me to you…


Namaste      –       Oyashikiri

photos from Pinterest

Estrella (Sp.) Star

star. vixyblu.blogspot.ca

Good Morning Everyone =^_^=

Do stars mean anything to you?  I remember back (way back) when we were given a star for good behaviour, etc. in school.  Report cards would  have stars on t hem to show how well you had done in different assignments, or topics.  In school plays we got to wear a star on our  head (on a headband) and a pretty dress to show “good”.   Stars being nocturnal are associated with night.  Stars, the 17th enigma of the Tarot, the representation of the soul uniting spirit with matter (Intercommunication of the different worlds)  As a light shining in the darkness, the star is a symbol of the spirit.  In reference books it is pointed out that the star rarely carries a single meaning, it nearly always alludes to multiplicity.

star, quote

In today’s world, we don’t go around putting stars on our colleagues foreheads, or post it note it to their shoulders, but we can show appreciation by saying thank you, or job well done.  All people have good qualities, focus on the good in others. After years of marriage, my husband still says “thank you” for his dinner/supper or whatever, and tells  me when he enjoys/ likes something that I’ve done.  When we first married, he had to remind me more than once to be more verbal in my appreciation, he was right, I took for granted at time that  he would know how much I appreciated things he did around the house, I saw  them, but I didn’t say anything.  We need to say thank you, and/or recognize the good in others. We sure appreciate the kind words when they come our way.

stars, from Incredible photos bt-images.net

Let’s Find the Good in Others and Praise Them (PL Calendar for day 28)


Top picture – how to make  vixyblu-blogspot.ca.jpg

quote – Pinterest

bottom picture  – http://www.bt-images.net/incredible-universe/

Ciao .. come sta? Hello!

Israel,Jerusalem, Olive tree

My day began at the foot of this ancient olive tree in Jerusalem.  I began my meditations there because I had been reading about symbols surrounding eating, and how they often reflect the sanctity associated with the basic human experience of eating.  One thing led to another and I found myself gazing on this amazing photograph of a tree so old it must have been around since the days when  early prophets walked the earth.  The mother trunk reminded me of my visit to Japan and the PL Peace Tower.


Inside the Peace Tower there is an elevator that takes us up to one of the higher floors where we can look down and view the land around, PL headquarters, the town,valley, farm lands. and far beyond.  It is  a spectacular sight, one orchestrated by man.  There are no modern features to the Olive Tree it stands there in all its natural glory and is a living monument to time and Mother Nature’s constant presence. The Olive Tree carries the same symbolic significance in many oriental and European countries. It is the symbol of Peace.

The 1st day of each month, in Perfect Liberty we celebrate  – Day of Peace –  Through a ceremony, we pray for World Peace and dediiate ourselves to live as peaceful human beings in our own worlds which includes our home, school, work and community.  Join with us today in spreading love beyond  our borders and out into the entire world.  Pray for happiness and peace – everywhere, for everyone.

floral, Tibetan blue popppy

Tibetan Blue Poppy

The Answer > by Lowell Fillmore ..

When for a purpose I had prayed and prayed and prayed………Until my words seemed worn and bare with arduous use,

And I knocked and asked and knocked and asked again,   And all my fervor and persistence brought no hope,

I paused to give my weary brain a rest……….. And ceased my anxious human cry.

In that still moment,  After self had tried and failed ……. There came a glorious vision of God’s power.

And, lo, my prayer was answered in that hour.                                                                         Oyashikiri

photographs – 1,3 Pinterest      2 PL member from Spain


Buen dia, Happy Happy Wednesday!

tulips, parrot papintingA cheerful bouquet of  flowers for you dear readers.

Different flowers usually have separate meanings – flower symbolism is broadly characterized by two essentially different considerations – essence and shape..  By its nature it speaks of transition – the process or period of changing from one state or condition to another. We anticipate their beauty, we appreciate their fragrance, marvel at their delicate petals and intricate throats, veins and petals.  We even share the beauty and pleasure they give with those we love and use them to express our love and feelings.  when as Nature does, they fade and pass on, we treasure the time spent, the memory of the moment, and we move on, happy with the shared moment tucked away in our hearts.  Yellow in symbolism when it comes to flowers, usually represents the sun/sunshine – it is very yang. (I Ching)  Egyptians would put  flowers on a table as a reminder of the realities of death, and the joys and pleasures in life.  The painter of this picture, used a blue that speaks to me of the heavens.  Blue the colour of rarefied atmosphere, clear blue skies..   In symbolism, blue often represents “thinking’  (thoughts)………..

Today’s PL lesson is about becoming a better person.  If we are content with the status quo, our progress will stop, we are encouraged to always look for ways to improve and become more in tune with the Universe.  To continue our journey in life, moving forward.  Praying every day that our journey will bring us closer to a Divine State of Being.… one step at a time, mindful of the present….. let love in…. let love motivate your actions, and your thoughts.  Allow love to colour your world today.    May the blessings from above  rain down like a cleansing and refreshing spring shower to feed your soul….That the flower that is you, will be nourished and grow stronger this day……. so your beauty will shine for all the world to see.  Love is to be shared, not squandered ………S M I L E …… Oyashikiri

Big Sur,CA by Greg Clure photography


Photos – Pinterest, bottom photo was taken at Big Sur, CA. by photographer, Creg Clure.



The tree

ec90095ea978e96e9a3ed4124392357eThe tree is one of the most essential of traditional symbols.  the oak was sacred to the Celts; the ash to the Scandinavians, the lime tree Germany, the fig tree India, etc.  Trees express an selective correspondence, symbolism of the tree denotes the life of the cosmos, its consistence, growth, proliferation, generative and regenerative process.  It stands for inexhaustible life.  The tree with its roots in the ground and its branches reaching towards the sky, symbolizes and upward trend, which it relates to other symbolism as well.

The above picture for me reminded me so much of a passage written by Kahlil Gibran, that i went in search of it to share it with you today.

“Let there be spaces in your togetherness, And let the winds of the heavens dance between you. Love one another but make not a bond of love: Let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls. Fill each other’s cup but drink not from one cup. Give one another of your bread but eat not from the same loaf. Sing and dance together and be joyous, but let each one of you be alone, Even as the strings of a lute are alone though they quiver with the same music. Give your hearts, but not into each other’s keeping. For only the hand of Life can contain your hearts. And stand together, yet not too near together: For the pillars of the temple stand apart, And the oak tree and the cypress grow not in each other’s shadow.” 
― Kahlil GibranThe Prophet

Read and take in his words today…. let it fill your meditation, find how it applies to your life/circumstances today.  Respect and courtesy are reflections of how much we value others. ” Pay particular attention to the continuing development of your character, you have the Potential Energy for an enlightened insight that could change your life.”   Tao.

“that which holds you back.. in fact can be helping in your growth” Q                                            Oyashikiri

fig tree strangling host treea fig tree strangling its host

pictures-Pinterest                            smilePencil


What colour are you today?

What colour are you today?

What colour is your world today? Have you ever been asked that before. It was a popular question back in the days when I was still working at the hospital. In Psychology colour testing, and rating was the newest topic of discussion. In the world of Fashion, the colours you liked to wear, or leaned to, gave expression to.. are you fall? spring> winter? each season of course had a rainbow of colours that went with them.

Colour symbolism is one of the most universal of types of symbolism and has been consciously used in the liturgy in heraldry, alchemy, art and literature. If you were to make yourself a “talisman” today, what colour would it be? I remember giving an art class one day where the participants decided it would be fun to do a good luck talisman as their challenge of that day, Their first choice was what the object would be, and the second was what colours they wanted to use.

Personally over the years, I have gravitated to “earth” tones, but suddenly I would take a nose dive into the brighter gemstone colours, for some reason, though I love these bright cheerful colours, I prefer to wear more subtle and darker colours. With the aging process, that has fluctuated but only in small degrees. I fell in love with a pair of a capris that were a beautiful jewel tone of amethyst, fit like a dream and are super comfortable. I’ve worn them maybe once, but I won’t pass them on, my hand will linger on them when dressing, but when push comes to shove, the familiar, stand by me, faded jeans, or worn gray win out.
In life, situations and people drift in and out of our daily waking lives, often much like the colour palette we all seem to have in one form or another in our lives, and how we interact, or “see” these “visitors” actually colours are days/nights.

**note to readers ** a glimpse behind the scenes the software of this website, just dropped the last 15 minutes of my visit with you…. I saw shades of black, then red…. sigh.. now I’m back to a neutral zone, since I feel reconnected.  computers, what to do with them.. rhetorical question of course. *** end of insert


Here we go.  I’ve added some colour,  Ahhh… that’s better.. lighter, pastel, muted… still colour.  this is what life is all about isn’t it.  We chose what colour to present ourselves with when we dress, and we “chose” how to respond to situations in our lives.  Some get passionate responses, bright vivid colours… other times, we are accepting, life flows along, when a bump or detour happens, we can be colorful or very dark, depending on the situation.  When we hurt, colours don’t harmonize, they clash.  If we get sick, we can look completely washed out.

Lets start our colour palette with a smile….  that always works…. Be Happy today and always.  Let’s create a rainbow day!


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