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Colour riot Saturday

October abstract 5

If you haven’t guessed already, I love October, and the energy that seems to gather and explode in the shops around this time of year. I can’t at this moment in time, over haul our living quarters into a stage set, but I can dream about it. So, some of my time today was wandering the shops and taking pictures of items I’d want to collect and bring home, if this was the right time for me to do so.

October 2

How fun to have this at the back door to greet unsuspecting visitors.

October 3

Could it be the colours, the designs, or just the witching fun.

october 6a

Back when I was  really keen on redoing the “home” with such colourful and creative items, we had to make them ourselves.  Now, they are all over in the shops and so available.  I love the black, the way it sets off the bright yellows and glowing oranges.


I have been feeling more creative these days, the top picture is my bedtime activity, some people write in journals, I like to paint.  I have art journals, and junk journals, they are everywhere, so when I feel an urge, I can just pick one up and add to it.  Even the act of preparing a page so that it will take paint, or other medium is joyful.

Ripping up a magazine for the splotches of colour that have caught my eye is very relaxing…. then to see it reborn in a totally “MY ” way  is absolutely satisfying.  Same applies to fabric, wool, threads, cord, ribbon, tapes, the possibilities are endless.

The best part of visual expression, is that it is very personal, subjective, and really only needs to be enjoyed by me, myself and I.  If someone else likes it, that is bonus.

Life is what we make it.  There is an artist in all of us. We all choose to express ourselves differently. What is important is that we do so.

When a challenge looms before us.  How we deal with it, shows are creativity.  We are offered so many possibilities during the day, I am always amazed that not every one gets the  feeling of satisfaction at having a full day.

If you are in Canada, you are well on your way to enjoying a long week-end.  I am looking forward to mine.  It is a daunting task, but I am going to try to rearrange my studio/work area.

PL Precept # 18  Each moment is a turning point.

PL Precept # 19  Begin Once you Perceive

Happy, wonderful and productive Saturday !!  Let the colours shine.


Wordless Wednesday -attitude


a little off center, but.. I did catch it before I bagged it.

Hope you have had a good day… I did.


Xmas in May

2014-05-03 2014-05-03 001 015



That’s right, Xmas, snow, jingle bells, and all that glitters, that is my world the last few days as I start to prepare for the making of holiday cards for seniors and shut ins .  My sister is a long time contributor to various charities and organizations, this year she was able to get my attention, for the cause, and I accepted.  Yes, it is not till later in the year, but as all of you who are card artists and crafters will know, to be done, with access to supplies etc. we start now.

With shops busy with current events, such as weddings, graduations, vacations, winter is far away, and many have their Xmas/winter embellishments and card/paper stock on sale.

In some ways it is easier for me to be creative about a season that is on its way, in months to come, because I get to work in a sun filled studio with the temperature a nice seasonal 60 – 70 something degrees.

With no pressure to get something done, now….. because someone else needs it to do their part.  ie. know what inventory they have so they can know how best to serve their clients.  I can create and play just “chilling”

The picture of the “tree” was taken a few years back when my other sister was up from California, and we toured a “green” area not far from where we were at t he time.

These are the other hikers we met  along the trail.


2014-05-03 2014-05-03 001 016

This is a beautiful time of the year, so much is happening in the woodlands and gardens that are waking after a long winter’s sleep.  We are so fortunate for our abundance.  Today’s lesson on the calendar #23 is  Applaud the Makoto of others (Makoto=sincerity)  When you encounter good faith or kindness in others, make sure that you acknowledge it fully.  

Brinde aplausos al Makoto de las personas.  Cuando recibe cordialidad y amabilidad de los otros, admirelos sin escatimar. 

2014-05-03 2014-05-03 001 003


Namaste         –         Oyashikiri

2014-05-03 2014-05-03 001 001

PL Principle #1   I will live paying careful attention, putting Makoto into all I say and do

2014-05-03 2014-05-03 001 019

Life is good

Happy, sunshine and joyful day to you all

Estrella (Sp.) Star

star. vixyblu.blogspot.ca

Good Morning Everyone =^_^=

Do stars mean anything to you?  I remember back (way back) when we were given a star for good behaviour, etc. in school.  Report cards would  have stars on t hem to show how well you had done in different assignments, or topics.  In school plays we got to wear a star on our  head (on a headband) and a pretty dress to show “good”.   Stars being nocturnal are associated with night.  Stars, the 17th enigma of the Tarot, the representation of the soul uniting spirit with matter (Intercommunication of the different worlds)  As a light shining in the darkness, the star is a symbol of the spirit.  In reference books it is pointed out that the star rarely carries a single meaning, it nearly always alludes to multiplicity.

star, quote

In today’s world, we don’t go around putting stars on our colleagues foreheads, or post it note it to their shoulders, but we can show appreciation by saying thank you, or job well done.  All people have good qualities, focus on the good in others. After years of marriage, my husband still says “thank you” for his dinner/supper or whatever, and tells  me when he enjoys/ likes something that I’ve done.  When we first married, he had to remind me more than once to be more verbal in my appreciation, he was right, I took for granted at time that  he would know how much I appreciated things he did around the house, I saw  them, but I didn’t say anything.  We need to say thank you, and/or recognize the good in others. We sure appreciate the kind words when they come our way.

stars, from Incredible photos bt-images.net

Let’s Find the Good in Others and Praise Them (PL Calendar for day 28)


Top picture – how to make  vixyblu-blogspot.ca.jpg

quote – Pinterest

bottom picture  – http://www.bt-images.net/incredible-universe/




Compassion, generosity,neighbourliness –
Kindness, charity,benevolence
Public spiritedness

2013-10-25 oct.28 008

Quiet, continuity, steadfast, centered

78 degrees under bright blue skies, thoughts of fat scallops, abalone, and king size shrimps, sitting on a bed of fresh Udon noodles, ready to be tossed with a ginger garlic and soy dressing.

2013-10-25 oct.28 006

School house needs to be cleaned out and ready for the winter feedings.

photo 2 (7)

Reminder to myself. > need to pick up a drill bit for my dremel so that I can drill holes when making little people.  Little people and  “happy cards” are ambassadors for the ‘share a smile ” campaign I’m doing.

2013-05-14 rice seasoning 001

Which seasoning to use in my morning bowl of veggies, mushroom and egg?  Then now that the car is back, I guess I run errands, Yup, if I can time it right, Costco will be on the list.  Oh hum….its Friday…  let me share one more moment with you.  I met this man back in the late 70’s, backstage after a show at the then Montreal Forum, I enjoyed his energy then, and today, he still has me wanting to dance.  Funky Friday everyone, Shake it.


Share the LOVE, share a SMILE,  Make each and every moment count.  Love you all.  Blessings, big and small =^_^=


Artist and Holidays

Artist and Holidays

It is September right. If you are a craft person, or an artist, what are you doing right now? working on Halloween or Xmas? If like me your passion to create has you sewing, making, baking, pickling, sculpting, painting your studio/craft room has got to be one big jumble of on the go projects.
Some of my friends are very organized, I myself am a clutter pro, don’t touch my “mess” cuz I know where everything is. Sign at door should say, “enter at your own risk”.

Why am I telling you all this you ask? Because I know that many of you out there are my mirror image.. we tidy, get everything organized when we are in non productive mode.. but, once we start on our projects, there is no stopping us, time disappears, and the ideas are coming fast and furious.

If we stop to look around, we could get discouraged, however, **The key to success is to continue without giving up ** You need to continue and persevere to make your wishes and goals come true. Once you start something, see it through to the end.** this is a PL teaching that works for me every time. Sometimes I need to read it again, when I hit a lull, but by practicing PL every day, I get a lot more done.

I go to bed smiling and feel the smile in my sleep, Life is good.. and I’m here to share it with you. Creativity makes the world go round, when we accomplish something, we feel good, and our smiles work their magic for miles around us.

Smile, today is the start of a brand new day. Loving Blessings to you all!


shaking off negatives

This is my fantasy – that like a dog, I could just shake off all the negatives, worries and distractions with one good body shake.
Oh, it would feel soooo good.
Let everything fly out and away from me…
Then start fresh… not everything will cut loose, but everything
will displace and what settles back down can be viewed with
a new perspective.

Hey, we all have our dreams, ideas and creative hiccups.  When I watch our dogs come out of the water and give themselves a good shake, it always looks like it such a feel good thing to do.  I thought of doing a head stand, seeing if that would dislodge and toss some of my gray matter around, but I wasn’t successful at getting into that position, never mind staying in it long enough to enjoy the moment.

I am an artist who loves to day dream and consider possibilities.  I can get very excited finding the strangest things along the roadway or down a long forgotten trail or path.  I grew up at a time where it was encouraged that we give our imaginations full range.  Given a pencil and paper with a box full of jumbled thread, discarded what nots and old catalogues, WOW I’d be lost in my own world for hours.

Today you go into a store and there is sticker, cut out or stamp for almost everything. How hand made or scrap cards today?  Ok not the time to go into my tirade on now vs. the good “old” days.  The dog shaking off the water that has bogged him/her down makes me smile. The fur/hair needs to be wrung out, simple, shake and shake again.  It’s done.  AND its off we go to play again.

Nature is wonderful isn’t it.  Simplicity is soooo Positive.

Where’s my dog I want a cuddle..  Hugs everyone….

Changing Seasons

I love this time of year.  It energizes and gets me into a creative mood.  October for me is a month of having fun.  I love the crisp mornings, and the way the day just seems to flow from one activity to the next.  Time to work with my various “tools”  I can’t decide should I sew, felt, write, make cards.  I love love love the fall.  A friend on Facebook, sent out a challenge, she posted a picture of a corner in her workshop.  Asked who would follow suit.  Oh my, I am a fan of Sherry’s, she is not only a talented artist/craftsperson, she is a fabulous teacher.  I met her through the CDAA (Canadian Doll Artist  Association) (artist who designed one of a kind dolls/characters)  Ohhh I looked around my work space.  Could I do it?  While I was contemplating her “challenge” she posted another picture of another area , one that looked much like parts of mine, it made me feel so good that I was not alone in my artistic fuddle, I got out my camera.

LOL it is now early November, and I found this draft with a picture of what my studio looked like the,  I’ve since cleared out that corner and put in shelving I found at at a closing out sale at a department store.  Hmm let me see if I got a picture to show you of what it looks like now.  No.. so I just took one to share with you, and then I’ll post this draft otherwise, it will stay hidden here till…??  note the new addition to my “tools” a Singer Ultralock 14u32, anyone out there give me some help setting it up with tension etc.

(I started this post Oct. 12)  Sigh… but I did get back to it.. and I am following through a posting the picture of my studio corner… only now ..=^_^= you get an after shot to go with it.

Also my http://longdashstudio.blogspot.com that was until recently focused mainly on the diva fashions of the “biggie” virtual world of SL (Second Life) will now expand to include the many delights of Second Life, the landscaping, architecture and all the creative “stuff” I love about virtual building,design/ART.

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