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Xmas in May

2014-05-03 2014-05-03 001 015



That’s right, Xmas, snow, jingle bells, and all that glitters, that is my world the last few days as I start to prepare for the making of holiday cards for seniors and shut ins .  My sister is a long time contributor to various charities and organizations, this year she was able to get my attention, for the cause, and I accepted.  Yes, it is not till later in the year, but as all of you who are card artists and crafters will know, to be done, with access to supplies etc. we start now.

With shops busy with current events, such as weddings, graduations, vacations, winter is far away, and many have their Xmas/winter embellishments and card/paper stock on sale.

In some ways it is easier for me to be creative about a season that is on its way, in months to come, because I get to work in a sun filled studio with the temperature a nice seasonal 60 – 70 something degrees.

With no pressure to get something done, now….. because someone else needs it to do their part.  ie. know what inventory they have so they can know how best to serve their clients.  I can create and play just “chilling”

The picture of the “tree” was taken a few years back when my other sister was up from California, and we toured a “green” area not far from where we were at t he time.

These are the other hikers we met  along the trail.


2014-05-03 2014-05-03 001 016

This is a beautiful time of the year, so much is happening in the woodlands and gardens that are waking after a long winter’s sleep.  We are so fortunate for our abundance.  Today’s lesson on the calendar #23 is  Applaud the Makoto of others (Makoto=sincerity)  When you encounter good faith or kindness in others, make sure that you acknowledge it fully.  

Brinde aplausos al Makoto de las personas.  Cuando recibe cordialidad y amabilidad de los otros, admirelos sin escatimar. 

2014-05-03 2014-05-03 001 003


Namaste         –         Oyashikiri

2014-05-03 2014-05-03 001 001

PL Principle #1   I will live paying careful attention, putting Makoto into all I say and do

2014-05-03 2014-05-03 001 019

Life is good

Happy, sunshine and joyful day to you all


uphill climb

A difficult climb yes, it is rated strenuous, the hike itself to get there and do the full trail is 41 miles (65 km)  and will take approx. 5, 6 days, depending on how you like to “wander”.  It is the Drakensberg the highest mountain range in South Africa.  It is not a defined trail, there is a variety of terrain, and sights to see and experience.  Cascading rivers, waterfalls, along with some prehistoric drawings..



This was my slice of adventure Sunday, when we drove along the river, and found this quarry.  Yes I’d love to climb that  chain ladder, the idea is exhilarating, however, at this moment, I was exploring a part of Quebec, and the rocks here.. they drew me like visual candy…  It was exhilarating to stand in the cool crisp air, make my way as far as I could into the area and  capture the strong character of some of the boulders.

Live in the moment

Enjoy every opportunity that comes your way

So that at the end of the day

you can honestly say

Hurrah, Hooray

It’s been a great day

I lived it my “way”

the PL “Way”


1st pic. from Buzzfeed

same to you

china, heaven's gate

This is Tianmen Mountain in China, the road leading to it is often called the road to Heaven, Tianmen Mountain, Zhangiajie is in northwestern, Hunan Province.  It is long and winding, the view is amazing, one can only imagine the work and the planning that went into putting this road through the national park.  Each worker, visitor to this unique part of the world has to be caught up in the wonder of it all.

China rioad to heaven's gate

There is a hike/climb  of approximately 7 miles one can do, to reach the gate itself, (1st picture) if you make that journey the Chinese say, it i the “closest Earth Landmark to God”

China, Tianmen Mountain, heaven's gateThe natural beauty of the place has an almost ethereal feel…. I can only imagine what it must be like to actually be there.In taking in the celestial ambiance of the area, I feel myself slowing down, and letting my thoughts drift into the mist.  Yet to some the hike is among the 10 top adrenaline pumping hiking trails there is.

China, heaven gate hhiking trail

And yes, depending on circumstances, and the people I was with, I would consider doing this hike.  I mean, wow, what an adventure and a heart thumping beyond words experience it would be. We really never know what tomorrow will bring, or where we will be.  Just because we plan something, doesn’t mean it will happen.  I often think of the many times I hear “have a good day” and the automatic response, is  “same to you”.  Do we mean it? and if we do, what are we really saying, a good day to me, might not be a good day to someone else.

Just like these pictures invoke in me a sense of pure delight, they are temptations for my imagination and I longed to share them with you.  But…they may not be your cup of tea, however I can hope that you will  happily indulge me and enjoy my absolute fascination with this place.

China, Tianmen National ParkMy heart was lifted to a smiling place while sharing this with you. I feel transported to a magical place, where all is peaceful and well….  and…. dear reader, my virtual friend, I sincerely wish the same to you.

Namaste     –     Oyashikiri


China travel

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