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one liner Wenesday

Listening is an art to be practiced everyday



Wakefield, Quebec, Canada

old Chelsea rd to Wakefield


It was a heavenly day, sunny, bright, the promise of a lazy summer in the air.  We had stopped to explore a property with a for sale sign.  The view was magnificent.  In the summer when the woodlands were dense with foliage, the view would be entirely different.

DSC00340The odd car went by on the old highway, but that aside, the little woodland was quiet.  There were signs that at one time, someone had built, there was firewood neatly stacked waiting to be needed.  The building though was long gone.  All that was left was the remanet of a concrete step.


As we stood in silence taking in the fresh air and the ambiance of the day, we were each in our own thoughts. To Rev. Eisuke, who was born and raised in Japan, then spent the last 6 years assigned to Argentina… I could only imagine what his thought were.  Mine was on the many times I’d driven by, and never seen this slice of heaven  It was a perfect moment. Everything just felt so right.  Nature’s embrace does that.  We both marvelled at the blessings of living with God brings.  PL Precept #11  Always be with  God.

Coming back we took the super-duper new highway that cut through the rugged hillside.  Speeding us back to civilization. Sigh. That is just what life is about.When the moment happens. seize it. Blessings come in many guises.

Namaste      –      Oyashikiri

yes we stopped at a chip wagon, for French Fries and hamburger =^_^=

yes, we found a golf course

and yes. he saw a few  ski runs for next winter.

Province of Quebec


uphill climb

A difficult climb yes, it is rated strenuous, the hike itself to get there and do the full trail is 41 miles (65 km)  and will take approx. 5, 6 days, depending on how you like to “wander”.  It is the Drakensberg the highest mountain range in South Africa.  It is not a defined trail, there is a variety of terrain, and sights to see and experience.  Cascading rivers, waterfalls, along with some prehistoric drawings..



This was my slice of adventure Sunday, when we drove along the river, and found this quarry.  Yes I’d love to climb that  chain ladder, the idea is exhilarating, however, at this moment, I was exploring a part of Quebec, and the rocks here.. they drew me like visual candy…  It was exhilarating to stand in the cool crisp air, make my way as far as I could into the area and  capture the strong character of some of the boulders.

Live in the moment

Enjoy every opportunity that comes your way

So that at the end of the day

you can honestly say

Hurrah, Hooray

It’s been a great day

I lived it my “way”

the PL “Way”


1st pic. from Buzzfeed

going nowhere

Wakefiled 7

Sometimes, we dream of far away places,

Sometimes these events do take place,

Other times, what was, was

and the time comes when

our dreams are shelved.

live with hope in your heart

remember the journeys

the past is what your present is built on

live each moment to the fullest

PL Precept #7  Everything exists in Relativity

discover the true meaning of life

only then will you find true happiness

PL Precept # 16   All thing Progress and Develop

The only constant in life is Change….

Namaste      –      Oyashikiri



near Wakefield, Quebec by Q

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