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interlude in Arnprior

With one thought, “the world” will change. changing your way of thinking will make a difference on how you perceive the world.

Perfect Liberty 2021.24

What a joy filled day. A friend came by, she drove, we went to Arnprior, I got to just sit, enjoy and take in the beautiful scenery along the way. There are no words for how much I enjoyed visiting the retreat we went to. There was a private beach that I got to visit and bask in the sunshine while she conducted her business. How far out fantastic was that! No one around, just me and the waves gently rolling into shore. Heavenly!

I will admit the climb back up from the beach to the retreat area.. tested my stamina. Going down was easy, the climb back up, LOL its called exercise….

I am a happy camper.. hope to sleep soundly this evening.

Textures 18

characters of aging

Thinking I’d find some respite from the mosquitos and still get my outdoor and photo fix, I headed out of the city towards a wonderful little cemetery I’d visited before.

I lasted less than 20 minutes – the little beggars come from all directions,

Do everything willingly and joyfully. Your upbeat attitude will make things more cheerful and enjoyable.

Perfect Liberty 2021.18

Short visit but i was able to get more pictures for my “textures” collection. I’ll be back in the fall or winter when I can get different lighting as well.

Give your best effort with a prayerful mind. Even if you’ve given your best effort, you may still have missed something important. Continue to have a prayerful mind even after you have completed the task at hand.

Perfect Liberty 2012.8

Enjoy today, whatever you decide to do, “be true to yourself”.



The past leads to NOW and NOW leads to the future. Life is an accumulation of moments Cherish each one.

Perfect Liberty 2021.11

Found a dreamy little stretch of river that runs through the town of Plantagenet, Ontario.


Mer Bleue

Improve yourself to have a kinder heart. Do what you can to be caring and considerate to make others happy.

Perfect Liberty 2021.3

I started out with the intention of walking around the bog at a very slow pace. I wanted to concentrate on how quietly I could walk. As often happens, the bird calls, the textures of the various plants were distracting for me. I found myself taking pictures (what’s new!!). As I slowly made my way around the trail, I met a couple who were also out for a morning stroll. I think one of the greatest joys is meeting new people who share the love of the land.

In PL, we believe that PL #18 Each moment is a turning point.. how true, the pleasant visit, the exchange of ideas and information left me with lots of possibilities to put on my “to do” list. Places I have not been to in a long time, they reminded me of in telling me of their experiences. I feel a happy anticipation, a couple of the places they brought to my attention, I used to visit when my husband and I traveled the backroads.

We are heading into a new week – lets in following the teachings of PL, remember that .. PL # 15 All is a Mirror We should try to start each day with a smile .. PL Precept # 2 To live is to express One’s Self. If we are smiling and happy, people around us, will feel the positive energy…

Energy Springs from your smile. A smile makes you and others cheerful and energetic.

Perfect Liberty 2021.4

To all my American readers.. have a wonderful celebration today.. enjoy, make memories.. stay safe..

I want to also thank each and everyone of you who drop in and visit, share your comments, thoughts, visit with me along the trails, and in all areas in my life.. I love the energy you bring into my life.. you all contribute, by being YOU. Thank YOU.

Till Soon!


when love is gone

I was heart broken today when I went to visit a wonderful old “lady”.. a charming homestead on a back road that I drove by many many times. I met a young man while I* was waiting for my car the other day.. surprise we had common interests and memories.. He told me how a home he’d known for years had been vandalized, because it had stood vacant, and a blogger wrote about it .. giving its location.. This brought unwanted attention, windows were broken beautiful old doors were smashed, anything that could be taken was stolen. I felt a shudder when he told me about it, and wondered if we were talking about the same “grand lady”… Today I found out we were.

All around there are new houses going in.. I took pictures around the grounds, even tho’ the house has suffered the disrespect of looters, the family home and out buildings still hold the charm of yesteryear. It was quiet, I could imagine what it would have been like when children ran and played on the spacious lawns. Animals would have been lingering and enjoying the wonderful country sounds. Farm workers would have been tending the fields (in the back of the house) I could even imagine the smell of fresh baking wafting from the open kitchen windows.

The reality of the moment came crashing down around me when I heard a car driving down a road that was not too far from the driveway to the farm. Change is evident, we can’t stop progress, but I hope that a time will come when respect for the world around us, will eliminate the kind of unnecessary damages that were done to this fine old home. Not to mention the heartache to the family who have had this homestead in their lives for years.

Each person’s peace leads to world peace. First of all you have to be happy. That happiness will spread and be the foundation of World Peace.

Perfect Liberty 2021.1

If you are in Canada, this is Canada Day… (July 1.) have a great day of celebration, smile and spread the joy.

For more doors, please visit Dan’s No Facilities… https://nofacilities.com/2021/07/01/amos-bull-house-pulaski-mall

be safe


a quiet meditation

An early morning hike into the woods to see if i could catch a glimpse of reported wildlife in the P23 sector. It was uneventful as far as meeting up with a four legged creature of any height and size. I stopped several times to just sit and listen. The next picture is a log I sit on, I can see down the steep incline to the water, and behind me you can see easily between the trees.

It was later than I wanted it to be, but I didn’t get as early a start as I would have liked. I was grappling with internet issues with access to accounts etc. Man made discoveries and inventions are so often just a plain “pain” .. thank goodness we don’t require a password or an account to access the wonderful world of Nature. I have found that a good layer of bug repellant works wonders.. I don’t care what I look like, I prepare carefully for my sojourn into the depths of the woods. I have a scarf that by now must be saturated with spray remnants from previous outings and has been coated with a fresh layer.. Same can be said of the long sleeve pullover that I find works well, not being to heavy or too light, sleeves when pulled down are over my hands. It too has been liberally sprayed with bug repellant from the tips of the sleeves well up the arms.

One item that is key to my “outfit” is my hat.. It has been sprayed all over the exterior and on the underside of the brim as well. Not one to ever like wearing a hat of any kind. since my woodland journeys are almost a daily happening, the hat since mosquito season began is de rigour! By the time I’m making my way back, the mosquitos are able to get closer to me.. note to self, next time, put the small repellant spray bottle back in your vest or cargo pocket. What one must remember to do is make sure you shower and get off all the deet and other sprays off your skin as soon as you can. In doing so, I’m happy to say, my allergies have been kept at bay and although not eliminated, considering I spent a lot of time outdoors these days.. I am not on 24 hour antihistamines ..


PL Precept # 1 Life is Art

Morris Island in the rain

Good morning, it was dreary when I looked out, but not raining, I thought, good day to go to Mud Lake, it was early enough, shortly after six.. however by the time I did a bit of this and that it was now going on 7:30.. still have time, I grabbed my coffee and headed for the door. My route to Mud Lake took me to an entry access to the 417 going West. By golly I was in the turning lane, I was going to either have to take the entry onto the 417 or get over a lane. =^_^=

It was one of those easy no brainers, I was on the 417 headed out towards Fitzroy Harbour and Morris Island. By now it was a steady downpour, no changing lanes on the Queensway, the morning traffic was heavy, so I just let it happen. I will tell you what you all know, overcast, humid, rain, is of no matter to the bugs and mosquitos. When I got out of the car to get a closer look at anything, I was mercilessly swarmed. I persevered it will be a trip for another day, if I have my way, a fall day. I did get to the parking lot, and had a brief look around, there were no other cars in sight.

Allow me to share some helpful information with you.. the little building is the loo, Female door is the one you see, the Male entrance is at the rear. It is very DARK inside, there are not signs on how to turn on the lights, they do not come on automatically, there is a box on the left as you enter, that if you look at it closely there is a small button, press that before you close the door otherwise you will be in complete darkness. There is a park fee of $6.00 you park and pay at the machines you see above.

The park guidelines are well outlined and posted .. please read up on what is and what is not permitted . Dogs are to be leashed at all times. I will return for sure.. but today’s trip has shown me that I will do so well after the mosquito season. ugh. The terrain, the landscape, the possibilities are endless for those wanting a hike, and outdoor experience. I of course heard a ton of wildlife, birds etc. that I have yet to identify.. didn’t miss the crows and raven calls tho’.. they are still my favourites.

Be thankful at the beginning and end of each day. Each and every one of your actions can inspire peace with your family, your community and the world around you. This peace will eventually help lead to World Peace.

Perfect Liberty 2020.21

NB I did show you the one place they posted for putting your canoe in the water, there are other places you can slide a kayak in too. On the road leading to the parking area, there are signs, they do not want parking along the roadway.

a hidden jewel

Was it a dream, no it was real………..

What started out as a routine search and find mission, ( looking for a launching place for a kayak adventure), I found the conservation area, and decided to explore. It seemed that it was one “OH wow” after another. What is that expression, “seek and you shall find”. I didn’t go to the very end of the trail, I doubled back when I got to the Vimy bridge, it was a good 5K by the time I finished my exploring.

Make today a different day. Instead of doing the same old thing, be creative and do things to improve your day.

Perfect Liberty 2021.17

Turtle. my first

Today’s walk in the rain, I had just started down the trail when I spied what I thought was a turtle at the base of a sign. Yes, it was a turtle, he/she looked at me, I looked back.. after deciding I was of no danger, it went on with its back and forth movement of its hind legs. I didn’t want to get too close, after all, it was there first and it was in the middle of doing something. When I came back after my walk around the bog, I found what was left of where it had been, no sign of the turtle. Anyone know what he/she was up to?

Rain obviously is not a deterrent to wildlife, they just proceed with what ever it is they are doing. I didn’t see a lot of birds today, but I could hear them .. I concentrated today on taking my time, measuring my steps, being conscious of how my foot fall sounded on the boards, I actually sat, even tho’ it was raining on one of the benches and just closed my eyes to let the moment engulf me. I actually was glad I had my walking stick to lean on, it was so peaceful, the quiet so unique, cuz of course it wasn’t “quiet”, there were sounds, but natural sounds of the ambience that surrounded me.

I felt and heard the rain drops as they landed and disappeared. The fragrance of the wet leaves, and the heady floral scent of the tundra plants as they soaked in the wet droplets. All very special. In my mind I started to compose a poem .. then realized that there would be no words that could translate what I was feeling, it was just too awesome, too humbling… I was so grateful and appreciative that I was alive at the moment in time, I could see no other living being, but I knew I was not alone -I understand the sentiment, when people say, I found God… The wonder of the Universe and the endless divinity and diversity, transcends all that I “know”…. Oyashikiri

life IS

What is “normal” is different for each individual. Everyone has a different way of thinking and doing. It’s important to understand others’ feelings.

Perfect Liberty 2021.16

I really truly feel very blessed that I am able to experience and spend time in Nature, I know I’m a city gal at heart, and I love my central air, and the amenities that come with living in the city. But my time spent in the woodlands, is such a joy and a balm to my “soul”, I encourage anyone who can and has the time to spend time outdoors in/with nature to do so… It is a natural remedy for many many man made ills.


Many of us have had a lot of time alone this past year an a half, not that we are or were lonely, simply life changed. Now there is another change, school is out no more on and off switch there, restaurants have started to reopen, mostly patios are ramped up, I see many restaurants have now got patios where there was only a nod to one before, a few have actually built decks the length of their restaurant (where they could do so) Others have roped off a section of the parking lot.

Everyone is trying to recapture what was lost. (When and even IF they can) Reality check, we can’t go back to relive what was. Even if our physical surroundings change .. Our friends, neighbours, co-workers, ALL have been affected in some way by the adjustments we ALL have had to make over the many months, weeks and days. We ourselves if we look objectively at what our lives have been like and our thoughts over the past months. Many of us … have discovered or rediscovered a part of us (our inner most thoughts) – Once you’ve gone through a door, what was behind that door, it is no longer a mystery.

Perceiving equals doing. Each time you notice something, it is a gift from God. Don’t miss this opportunity to act.

Perfect Liberty 2021.15

Let’s find the joy in everything – Busque las cosas alegres

Everyday is a new beginning!

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